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  1. I am working on my first ever Nosferatu character, never played one in the old vampire game, so I thought it was time to give it a go. My character will be a she and the idea is that the embrace has twisted her body in some way but so far I can't decide on what kind of physical deformities I want.. I am looking for ideas for deformities that is horrifying, repulsive or unsettling but that she can cover them up.. So nothing on her hands, legs or face. That said I would love for some twisted and horrifying deformity on her body. The idea for the character so far is a young unbound who is struggling to adapt to unlife and her monstrosity. Reason her deformity is important is because I am playing with the idea that the fact she is a Nosferatu, and the effect of the embrace, is playing big part for her struggle with accepting her new condition and clinging to what remains of her humanity. ..So got any horrifying, repulsive or unsettling physical deformities ideas?
  2. We Have A

    *Chuckles hearing the oldtimer and takes a sip in his honor* Just come back to us in once piece,Bob. Once again, Happy 21th birthday!!