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  1. Modern Board games anyone?

    One night ultimate werewolf is excellent! I have many many games, but my faves right now are Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo and Jamaica. Check out the web show tabletop - some of them are amazing!
  2. Modern Board games anyone?

    Anyone else play modern board games? if so what ya got?
  3. The Great Hiatus

    Is all well dude?
  4. 2015

    belated HNY all.
  5. Wii U - 3DS Friends?

    A fair few, MH3 could be a gigle in multiplayer sometime!
  6. Battle.net friends

    I am there for D3 only. badger dot of dot doom at gmail dot com
  7. Wii U - 3DS Friends?

    What do you have on the WiiU?
  8. UK Games Expo 2015.

    I have attended this event a couple of times now and it is amazing! As well as many board games there are organised RPG's being run usually a WoD game run by the Gentleman gamer too. If any one is going then it would be good to say hi.
  9. Spikey is no longer with us

    A sad loss indeed.
  10. Wii U - 3DS Friends?

    Anyone else here on a upto date Nintendo machine? I am there under username mav-i-am feel free to add me!
  11. Planning a simplyfied game of Mage with my kids, can't wait!

    1. zeroninja
    2. zeroninja


      I've been teaching my best friends kids Magic the Gathering.

  12. Whatcha listenin' to?

    Royal blood and lots and lots of board game pod casts.......
  13. Stand by your beds.

    After a long absense I am back and almost at the point of feeling up to playing RPG's again.
  14. Spark RPG now on Kickstarter!

    I am either going to go for the digital or the plain book. dependant on funds. have you spoken to the Darker Days Radio lot? got to be worth a plug or 3!
  15. Spark RPG now on Kickstarter!

    how much would it cost for a physical copy for someone in the UK? I am presuming as it is set in dollars it is US.