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  1. I think Love Fool is a great song to describe somone using presence..............
  2. Mav

    Back again

    not a fan of discord tbh, sad to see old nessie so dead.
  3. Mav

    Back again

    Hello all(?) I have been here in one form or another for far too long, any OWOD types still around?
  4. Too much faith in his explanations, CC all the way!
  5. Prob on my calf. Currently have the Nocker symbol as part of a half sleeve (will be when complete) on my right upper arm. thank you.
  6. My pointed eared peers, I am seeking inspiration for a new tattoo, pref a simple pen and ink drawing of either a Nocker or a Troll. I was sure I saw a steam punk Nocker image here years ago, it was like Tank Girl crossed with a WoW Servitor. But all ideas welcome
  7. The rough plan right now is.............. Run the Change as the start of the story, where they are cast into the forest by a disembodied voice claiming to want to help them........ In the forrest there is a cottage made of sweets and things to entice them. So basically Hansel and Gretel but finding the way home is getting out of the dreaming, I will obviously throw in all number of animals and things that will all offer advice of one kind or another (many for ill). They have decided they want to be a Rabbit Pooka (my youngest) and my Oldest has in a totally non vain way declared sh
  8. One night ultimate werewolf is excellent! I have many many games, but my faves right now are Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo and Jamaica. Check out the web show tabletop - some of them are amazing!
  9. Sounds good, scale it back so it is just them trying to figure it out? I likey...........
  10. Anyone else play modern board games? if so what ya got?
  11. Mav


    belated HNY all.
  12. My daughters have on and off spoken to me about wanting to "play" changeling, I woud love to but am unsure just what and how much to scale back to do so. Any ideas? (they are 10 and 8)
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