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  1. Werewolves And Malhim

    ("wise fwom youw gwaves...") I've been toying with a new Demon chronicle, and thinking about how the various other splats could be tied into Demon lore. Mages are easy. Changelings can be made to work. Vampires... just require deciding what creation myth is "true." But Fera gave me pause. Not that I couldn't make them work, but it seemed to me that it would be like putting steak in a smoothie. Doable, but not a satisfying thing as a steak or a smoothie. I happened to be looking at the Storyteller's guide, and saw in the contents that it does actually talk about werewolves, curious, I paged over and took a look at what it said about them, and found the mention of the Malhim. I was curious what more I could find about the Malhim, googled it, and lo and behold, I was given a page from a forum I haven't posted on for fifteen years. The idea of the fera being the malhim is interesting, and finding the malhim tidbit helped me sort of solidify one of the ideas I had for how the fera could fit into Demon's lore. So, let's, for a moment, take at face value that the fera are or arose from the malhim. We can handwave fera theology as their personal, orally handed down story of themselves, mutated over millennia. What I'm thinking is that, as the war of ideas between the angels and the fallen became a war of blood, the Creator found they needed a new class of angels, more suited to battle. This much is explicitly stated in the Demon core and Storyteller Handbook. But it doesn't say how the malhim were created. So, my thought is that the Creator took the Angelic houses, and created from them the fera, each House becoming a breed, or the progenitor of a breed. We can discount the Ananasi, as they were explicitly not created by the same entity as the other fera. Angels of the Dawn, whose task was to oversee the other houses, became the teachers of the malhim, ie, Nuwisha and Kitsune. Angels of Wind, whose task was to carry the breath of the Creator, became the messengers of malhim, ie, Corax. Angels of Fundament, whose task was to create the physical universe, became the guardians of the earth and its secrets, ie, Gurahl and Mokole. Angels of the Night, whose task was to order the universe, became protectors of that order, ie, Nagah. Angels of the Seas, whose task was to fill the waters of the Earth, became the protectors of those seas, ie, Rokea. Angels of the Wild, whose task was to create animal and plant life upon the land, became the warriors of those wild places, ie, Garou. Angels of the Second World, whose task was to greet the dead, became keepers of the dead and secrets, and watchers of the humans, specifically to keep their numbers in check, ie, the Bastet and the Ratkin. This does leave a question of who the Apis, Camazotz and Grondr were. The Camazotz are easy, as they are the nocturnal counter to the Corax as Kitsune's purpose is essentially to be the Eastern counter to the Nuwisha. So the Camazotz would have been made from Angels of the Wind. Grondr, being purifiers, could be tied to the angels of life, ie, again, the Angels of the Wind. But they could just as easily have been created from the Angels of the Wild, given the task of "repairing" the taint of the fallen upon the land as their Garou brothers fought the perpetrators. Apis are an interesting question. As they were "Gaia's matchmakers," I would tie them to angels who were concerned with emotion, ie, the Angels of the Seas. So, after taking the known, canon extinct fera into account, this makes it so that only Angels of the Night have a single corresponding fera. Which bugs the part of me that wants things to be even. They could be tied to the Ananasi, though, given that, broadly, the Ananasi are meant to replace the imbalanced Triat, ie, rebuild a destroyed order. And this has a nice symmetry in the Fiends, whose symbol is a spider, and the spider-shifters, coming from the same house of Angels. As to whether the Fera and the Malhim are one and the same, or the Fera came from the Malhim, is up to the individual storyteller, but this is at least an interesting way to do it. Edit: Oh, I guess we're talking Fae in this thread, too. The way I'm tying the Fae into Demon, for my game, is leaning more into the idea that each Changeling kith represents a particular type of dream, and an old, real world folkloric belief that fae are rebel angels whose crimes were not so great as to be thrown into Hell, merely ejected from Heaven. So, I don't know how far anyone's gone into Demon lore. Reading about the houses so I can give my players a more concise run down, I found in Houses of the Fallen that the Slayers were cut off from the Second World, and thus created the Land of the Dead so they had somewhere to put those human souls that they collected at the time of death during the war. Charon then created another realm, deeper inside of that realm, called the Sea of Dreams, which was the last bastion of the Fallen and their dead human allies when the rest of the Fallen were defeated. As Usiel and other Fallen fought the last battle, Charon and other Slayers ferried the dead into this realm, and Usiel and Charon held off the onslaught of the angels for as long as possible, until, eventually, they had to close the gate, lest the angels invade the Sea of Dreams. When the fallen were defeated, they were taken prisoner, while the mortal souls were ignored. So then, we have this huge number of mortal souls, in a Sea of Dreams, who found themselves alone all of a sudden after the war. In my view, these mortal souls became, in time, the Sidhe, and coalesced around various sorts of dreams.
  2. Legion: An Upcoming movie

    I'd have to watch it again to truly remember which, but one whole aspect of the story just seemed completely tacked on. IIRC, I think it was the whole "Sodom and Gomorrah 2: THE WHOLE DAMNED WORLD" thing that seemed so tacked on and unnecessary.
  3. Legion: An Upcoming movie

    sorry, you're right... I didn't see it as being too spoilery...
  4. Legion: An Upcoming movie

    Legion wasn't too bad actually, I just really hated the second to last scene.... (let's just say Michael changed factions...)
  5. A Call to Arms

    book arrived the other day. Where do I go to donate to SnE now?
  6. A Call to Arms

    heh, nothing makes me donate for the first time like trying to save the WoD board people still post on...
  7. 10000 bc

    I thought it was rather entertaining, you just have to keep in mind "this is not a historical film, it's low/no magic fantasy"
  8. Screwing the bank

    well, I had a checking account at a good bank that just charges like $30 for writing a bad check, and nothing for being in the hole, so I kept us alive, until we broke up and I moved back in with my parents with hardly a word of thanks for going a couple thousand dollars into debt to keep us and her cats alive.
  9. Screwing the bank

    actually, I did almost exactly that when I was living with my ex... moeny was tight, and sometimes we just didn't have food, so I wrote checks I knew I couldn't cash.
  10. Transformers: Ravage!

    sadly it was way over priced. I've set my sights on getting a gently used ravage figure, and an affordable large volume usb flash drive, and putting them together.
  11. The Criminal Poll

    as long as the wine cooler was on private property, it's not a crime. the crime is purchasing or transporting alcohol underage. You can drink whenever you want, really, so long as it's private property.
  12. The Criminal Poll

    "paid" for my crimes by being banned from the store the second time I tried (got away with it the first time) and the store went out of business sometime in the last few months. Crime amounts to petty theft. Shoplifting and illegal downloading, that's it.
  13. The Lascivious Poll

    Then apparently I happen to know the right small percentage of freaky D&D players... speaking as one... Hell, I just want to hear from the person(s) who checked BSD and Weaver Drone...
  14. The Lascivious Poll

    I'm glad that I noticed that difference... because that's a really important one to me... ugh... Though option 6 was tempting to click... I have a feeling that I'll know I've truly gone insane when there's no difference between what I can write about comfortably(even I'm disturbed by one of my stories, a bit, anyway) and what I'm actually comfortable with in rl... And my answer to the first one is not for lack of trying... edit: Just noticed that, according to the poll, we have no heterosexual females here... that's fun to know, however it's much more sobering to know the reality is probably something closer to "heterosexual females don't want to say".
  15. Looking for Roleplayers

    I'd be interested, assuming I still have the core book... which I don't... damn... well, let me try and get a hold of it once again, and if I can't I'll have to make do with Dark Ages and a MET masquerade book(for appropriate flavour)... anyway, I'm going to see if I can find the book, and if so, I'll prolly run a brujah tat supports the public knowledge of vampires, possibly military background...