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  1. Two New Pieces

    Wow... this place changed so much, I'll have to get used to it O_o.. LOL @BruceSmith: Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the pieces. I use Photoshop CS2 and a good ol' Wacom tablet to assist me. It depends on the piece, but it varies between 45 minutes and 5-7 hours usually (sometimes a bit more). I don't really remember how long these two pieces took me since it's been a long time :/
  2. I haven't been here in forever... Man this place sure changed! O_O

  3. I haven't been here in forever... Man this place sure changed! O_O

  4. Running Up That Road

    I just had the players of the Werewolf the Forsaken game I participate into go through a 3 games chronicle where I was the storyteller. I sent them in an alternate world where everything went to hell.... literally. Years ago (be it decades, centuries, even millennia’s) Bale Hounds (allied with other malignant forces) managed the unthinkable: they had the spirit world fuse with the real world for 33 minutes and 22 seconds. It was enough to cause chaos among any living creatures, especially humans. The attack was seen, to the eyes of sleepers, as some sort of terrorist attack. A war broke out... and ended in four days. By then the world was desolate: .... as said in The Dark Tower, "the world moved on". 80% of the general population could not procreate anymore, and the human race (or other creatures) were slowly disappearing from the surface of the planet. The sun took on a green shade and the moon turned blood red to indicate how tainted and rotten the world had become. Things never came back to what they were. Some tried to help but lost their minds over it... namely the Luna's Avatars (the pack from our old characters), who created what they called "The Levels", which would be a refuge for anyone who needed it. By creating The Levels, each situated in a city, they also built a general wall which cut off the west to the east, where the land was poisoned. It prevented anyone from crossing into the poisoned land of the east, and anything from the east to cross over to the west. Only madness began taking them one after the other because of the heavy promethean (a lot of them nuclear and waiting at the edge of the west side by the walls) influence known as the disquiet. Killy (the boy) was sent to that world a year ago, thanks to Nathan, his mentor, who sold him over information on Bale Hounds (but expecting Killy to be strong enough to come back from that world on his own, which he did...). He found himself in Level 3, whose Caretakers were Alice (one of my character) and Damien. Their minds gone, Level 3 became a torture factory. Killy and Adrian Brooks (the man in the piece) escaped it and destroyed it with a group of rebels they managed to gather. Without going too much into details, when Killy came back to our world, he suffered enough trauma that overtime his erratic actions made him go toward the Bale Hounds (which he betrayed later on...). Now comes in my players, a year later (to Killy, but really many years later in that world) and find themselves trapped in Level 6 (New York) which has also turned into a horrifying grinding, torture factory, this one led by Eric Hood and Mike Ironside (two old characters as well). Mike's madness came from overly vivid dreams of his murder in our world (Killy killed him, his old packmate, in cold blood with a silver dagger), and so he set out to kill and torture anyone who could be responsible for his death. Eric, having lost Alice and his child, Mikayla, to the rebels' attack on Level 3, is set on trying to bring his wife ad daughter back to life by any means necessary. It was a fun and disturbing chronicle XD Especially since, technically, that world was created by Killy's deranged mind. Which is basically what I'm trying to represent here. Adrian is aware of how rotten his mind had come to be, and I guess he's trying to soothe the mad child inside him. I like the sign on the side: Garbage Disposal. Anyone who knows me is aware that the garbage disposal is not necessarily for garbage... especially with all the blood around it. It would most likely be the type of device that crushed people alive. Anyways, enough with the novel! P.S. I know I don't draw a lot of Garuu's or other creatures... In all honesty I'm not too good at drawing other creatures then humans -____-;
  5. Two New Pieces

    Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like it! I always have more on my Deviantart site: http://mariasunderland.deviantart.com
  6. Two New Pieces

    Thanks so much! I will
  7. A little stuck....

    Thank you very much to all three of you. Each and every single ones of your suggestions were very helpful and I managed to create something fun and entertaining for everyone. I ended up using the train as a Magath. Never thought of that option, so it was a great GREAT suggestion! Thanks again!
  8. A little stuck....

    Aaand I need your help once more... I'm a little bit stuck here. I've sent my players into what could be called a... ghost train of sort. The problem with this train is that it strives to commit suicide and take those who ride with it (which happen to be my players, yay!). For those who have read "The Dark Tower", think about Blaine the Mono here. A computer with a soul that has become tainted. My first thought was that it could be a tainted technology spirit inhabiting the computer and keeping them prisoner, but I can hardly understand why a spirit would long to destroy itself - not to mention, the final crash would not hurt it at all. Most players (save for 2) are werewolves, so it makes sense the tech spirit would attempt to destroy them. (Then again it IS tainted so it might want to destroy itself anyways lol) Yet something feels amiss. Furthermore, if I carry on with the idea of the tech spirit... I'll admit I'm dry on ban ideas. I looked all over and couldn't find any examples on bans. (I'm also having a hard time with the search function of the site - cannot display page -, so my appologies if there IS a thread about spirit bans.) I could literally use a "Ghost in the Machine" approach as well I suppose, but defeating it may be more... physical (ghost knife perhaps) then what I had in mind previously. Any ideas? I know I've been very demanding these last few weeks when it came to certain aspects of the games, and I thank you all in for your replies so far. They all help no matter what. Luv, Maria
  9. Two New Pieces

    The second one does have more of a "within the scene" feel, and so it is also the one I like better as well. How long it took me to do these? Hm... I'd say about 5 hours from beginning to finish each, give or take, as I was going on and off as I had to leave to deliver some calls during work.
  10. Two New Pieces

    Hey guys! I had some time to myself at work and created two new pieces. My friend lent me his laptop and I got to test it pretty well. Much fun. And I'm quite happy with how the Garuu's came out, considering I had no reference at the time ^^;; Thanks for looking
  11. The Gym

    I go three times a week for about 45 minutes. I do the treadmill, some weights, sittups, etc... Adding that to my current messenger job (where I walk a lot) I like to think I'm fit enough I started getting serious about it about 2 months ago >_> lol
  12. Your story

    It was in 1999 that I had my first roleplay experience. I had recently moved to a new town, and made a friend (who is still, to this day, one of the best friends I ever had) who asked me if I would be interested in participating in a Vampire The Masquerade game. Knowing absolutely nothing of such games - I had heard of D&D and it never attracted me - I said "Hey! Why the hell not? And I get to meet new people." In all honesty, the game was horrible. Way too many players, the storyteller sucked, and I thought the rules were quite complicated. But it was fun to be around people, so what the heck. I'd get distracted easily, drawing and not paying much attention to what was going on - the storyteller was monotone, boring, and all his games consisted of taking over buildings without much of a background story - so when my turn was coming, I was always kinda lost. From this moment on I became a bit skeptic of such games. I didn't quite feel they were for me, but I still went along to be with friends. Shortly after, one of the players started his own VtM campaign. I joined, but my interest was already flawed. So I didn't last very long there as well. I tried D&D and had another horrible experience. By then I was roleplaying on a forum and had gathered enough knowledge on roleplay to make believable characters. I don't like the "roll your dice, you see a door, open, fight, loot, rince and repeat". I need roleplay, I need character, I need entertainment. I was told to loosen up on the roleplay and just roll dices. Again, those games were beginning to itch at my soul. I didn't like them. In 2003, the same friend who introduced me to the big gang who played VtM in 1999 asked me to join a Wewewolf The Apocalypse game. Well... okay, I guess. He was still new at storytelling... and since I didn't care much for such games... I'll be the first to admit that I didn't put much effort into it. I didn't last many games. I went once in a while to hang out but not play. My main problem was that there were so many players that the storyteller couldn't foresee everyone unless they were all together.... among other things. And I really REALLY made no effort. He had a lot of patience, that man, oh he did... ... And so, when he came to me in 2005 and asked me if I was interested in joining a Werewolf:The Forsaken game, I was surprised. "Have you not learned your lesson?", I asked. "You're a good roleplayer, Jess. I know you are. So why not give this a shot? Including me, there will only be 5 players." I pondered on that, shrugged, and told him I'd try, but also asked him not to expect too much out of me... ... and since then, we have been playing and I've been having the fun of my life. Praise that guy, he really managed to draw me in, literally. The Luna's Avatars Saga has been happening every 2 weeks (recently every week) and a session is rarely skipped. I've even been a storyteller for two chronicles ( like I'm currently doing). We have fun, we laugh, sometimes almost cry, but we stick together. We came to create a form of bound together; something special... so much so that if there's no session, we'll still meet up together every week anyways. And so... this is my story.
  13. Fighting a swarm...?

    Just wanted to drop by and thank everyone for your help. It went very well and everyone had loads of fun. BobChuck, I went with your suggestions and it worked like a charm!
  14. My Work and Website

    I'm all girl However, I actually tend to prefer roleplaying male characters o_O hehe
  15. My Work and Website

    Hey! Not bad at all! In all honesty, it's not quite my style, but I see you have something going on here. I find your black and white is much stronger then your colored work. I mostly came to notice this with your "Headroom Pirate Broadcast T-Shirt". I strongly advice you keep doing in that direction: your style looks strong like this, and really fits well. The storytelling with your comic however would need work. There are times when I wouldn't be sure which panel to read first because the flow wasn't very fluent. For example, in page 2, the storytelling is completely broken with the last two panels. When reading a comic (unless it's a manga), you'll read from left to right, and the last panel will always be on the right. In this case, I got confused because your last panel is actually on the left. So out of 'reader's habit', I went down to the "continue watching now..." before the character on the motorcycle and wasn't quite sure what was going on. Moving the panels on the left lower then those on the right wasn't really necessary. I would have moved the second panel at the same level as the first, and made the panel with the motorcycle larger (well... longer, really) and put them to level with the other two. That way the reader knows right away that the two panels on the right have to be read before the left one. You do a lot of these and aren't quite necessary. If you had a very underground grundge style, it would work better, but here it's not the case. Subtility (sp? o_O ) is actually best in your case, and you broadcast this very well with page 4, with the only crooked panel is the last one when the 'student' vanishes. You actually get a sense of what Daniel feels, and draws the reader in with him. I like how you did the character/class/monsters description like in the WoD books. Nicely done! Made me wanna do some of my own in fact haha! Keep up the good work!