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  1. I know that Astral travel is a Mage concept, but this thread is all Changeling. I have an idea, and though it may never come to fruition, I would like to explore it as much as possible. This idea is of a Mage/Changeling crossover with lots of dream exploration and very heavy use of the Temenos. Since there haven't been all that many Changeling rules yet published about dreams, I am here interested in reconciling the Mage rules and the Changeling rules, and creating a Grand Unified Theory of dreaming, to facilitate this idea of mine. A word, first, on the chronicle concept. The primary concern when crossing over games is that of theme dilution. A character of one game line may be significantly out of place in a game that explores the themes of another, and crossovers from more than two game lines are even worse. I do not see this being a problem, for two reasons. First, the themes of Mage and Changeling are the most diverse of any of the games (Hunter doesn't count). Mage has the themes of power and being trapped in the Lie dominant, but the theme of Mage also includes whatever Mage characters decide to focus their magic on, which has potentially infinite possibilities. Changeling has the themes of madness and being lost, which are very different from Mage, but also a big part of the theme of Changeling is the otherness of the Lost, and the themes implied by this otherness vary, potentially infinitely, depending on each changeling's nature. For the purpose of this chronicle, I intend to take that rather large area where Mage and Changeling overlap and focus in on the themes of dreams, borrowing a bit (mostly of power and madness) from the themes of each game. Also drawn upon will be the works surrounding the mythos of The Sandman, as they share many of the same themes. So now you know where I'm going with this. First, we should look at the extant systems for dreams. These will inform our later developments, though some of them may (and will) be completely ignored as need be. I am here listing the mere basics of dream navigation, as these are the most fundamental parts of what we should be looking at. - Changelings can enter their own dreams, the dreams of their fetch, or the dreams of those they have pledged with accordingly by meditating in the Hedge. They must spend a point of Glamour to enter others' dreams. - Awakened can enter their own dreams by meditating in a five-dot Hallow or Demesne. They must spend a point of Mana to enter their own Oneiroi. - Awakened can enter the Temenos by first going through their own dreams. - Changelings cannot enter the Temenos. This is the first and most important rule we're throwing out the door. I understand the reasons for Astral Realms doing this, but in this case story comes first, and this story involves faeries in dreams. So there. - Dream meditation goes on throughout this whole process, and when the dream-walker decides to travel further, they must accrue more successes. In addition, returning without being awoken requires that the walker go back over successes already rolled. - Within dreams, the Awakened can use Arcana as normal (due to dream logic) and the Lost have quite a bit of skill with manipulating raw dreamstuff. I think this is perfectly fine. Awakened magic takes study and learning, but is more flexible and direct, while faerie dreamscaping comes naturally, but takes work on the part of the faerie, and Contracts are highly situational. Furthermore, Contracts deal with associations, which may be significantly different in dreams. This is food for thought. So now we have some questions to ask, in order to more fully know what impact the rules for separate games have on each other. - Astral Realms makes a distinction between lucid dreaming and actually entering the Oneiros. Changeling has no concept of the Oneiros, merely stating that changelings can shape their dreams as they see fit. Perhaps the self-dreamscaping that requires no roll in Changeling is merely a supercharged form of lucid dreaming. In the case of lucid dreaming, you may have control, but it's still you dreaming. You can alter your dreams, but they still act like dreams and you still act like a dreamer. Perhaps the Oneiros is more than that, a way to exist as a virtual third party inside your own dreams. In this case, what changelings can do would probably not be the same thing, and they would have to enter their own Oneiroi as third parties (rolling twelve successes and spending a point of Glamour). - Does the Astral Threshold appear different to the Lost in any way? - The Oneiros contains some things dream-walkers would rather not know of themselves, or remember. For the Lost, this may include memories of Arcadia. What are your thoughts on Clarity in dreams? Should a changeling's Oneiros itself be a moderate Breaking Point? What about the dreams of others? Deeper realms in the Astral? What are some ways a changeling could avoid going mad entirely? I'll think more and probably post more later. For now, your own thoughts, please. I have also posted a sister thread on the White Wolf forum.
  2. Atlanteans Temple building

    Make it so that you need at least 3 dots in each Arcanum to see and do everything. I'm thinking about corridors in Shadow and secret rooms in Twilight and Space doors and all sorts of fun things that require Weaving effects to get into. This is only if you want the "dungeon" to be pretty big, though. If you'd rather have lots of little dungeons, you could make them themed. One for Death, one for Time, one for Forces, and so forth. If PCs don't have sufficient Arcana, they can always enlist the help of some NPCs or temple guardians or something.
  3. The Precusor of Mage: The Awakening

    I think most of the Atlantis haters probably haven't actually given it a chance (or read The Books of Magic, for that matter). At first, I was kind of annoyed by it. It felt like one of those cameos the oWoD was so fond of having, with every famous person ever and their grandmothers being supernatural. Then I read the Mage book, and realized that Atlantis isn't anything like that. Fact is, it's just a crackpot theory about why there's a big gap between the world we see and the world that is. It's the commonly accepted, institutionally supported crackpot theory, but it's still a crackpot theory which could have just as easily been adopted when some Awakened people in ancient Greece got drunk or high and decided that Plato was the shit as be actually true. Even if you assume that Atlantis is true, The Books of Magic (unrelated to Mage but one of those things that no Mage player should go without reading) posits that Atlantis is more properly an archetype. There were many Atlantises and there will be many more, and they rise to the height of hubris, and then are lost under the sea as cyclical testaments to how much humanity is full of itself.
  4. What do you want in Geist?

    Yes please. We should get to follow around immortals and talk their ears off.
  5. White Wolf forums infected?

    Yeah. I just downloaded the Block Site extension for Firefox. No more problem.
  6. Norse Cosmology in M:tA

    Loki as an NPC would be awesome. I think he ought to have been an Archmaster (I'd say Mastigos with Archmastery of Mind because of his god of lies motif), and it would be interesting to see how an Archmaster acts when his power is taken away (maybe he could have the powers of a newly Awakened mage, or maybe he could be totally powerless and a bit lost at first while he adjusts to being normal). He should still be technically Awakened, with all the few benefits that such a state provides when one can't access any of the Arcana. And of course he'll be using the PCs to try to unlock his own powers. Much evil plottage can be had in the guise of a depowered and outwardly helpful former god.
  7. Norse Cosmology in M:tA

    Heh. Climbing the Yggdrasil would be awesome. Here's an idea. What if Asgard isn't the Supernal at all? The legends make it look like the Supernal, but it's really just a city of Awakened (before or after the Fall, whichever you like). And perhaps the Awakened use their mundane kin to fight their battles, and the ghosts of the warriors who die honorably get spirited away to Asgard as a reward. If Asgard exists after the Fall, maybe the Yggdrasil is or was a gigantic magical construct that spans worlds in an attempt to build a new Ladder.
  8. Mekhet Styled Charsheets

    Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet is scheduled for release on January 21, just a little over a month from now.
  9. Mekhet Styled Charsheets

    No offense meant, but I think I'll wait for Mekhet to come out and for Mr. Gone to make one. I think his are slightly higher in quality than yours. Also, there are margins at the top and bottom of the sheet that you might want to consider cropping.
  10. Fetch of Arcadia

    She might die, because fetches (presumably) can't make Contracts with things and might therefore starve. On the other hand, being made by faerie hands, she might not even need to eat in Faerie. She might be able to feed off the ambient Glamour alone. She might become inanimate until she is returned to the human world, because being in Arcadia defeats the whole purpose she was given life in the first place. She might eat the stuff of Faerie, and become a mindless devourer of Glamour. Or perhaps she is led to escape, driven by an unerring fetch-sense to the world where her changeling counterpart currently exists.
  11. Lynx Concept + Devotions

    Here's the character. He's built as a starting character because I'm still not sure how much starting XP the ST is giving me (there will be some, but I have no idea how much). I'll probably repost him as an NPC with more fitting scores (he really should have Celerity and Web, for instance), but for now I'm just concerned with getting a background finalized. Name: Stephan Hamet-Raines Clan: Mekhet Bloodline: Lynx Covenant: The Circle of the Crone Concept: Destroyer of time! Mwahahahaha! Nationality: English Apparent Age: 40 or so Embraced: July 8, 1995 Birthday: July 8, 1955 Humanity: 5 Derangements: Irrationality, Delusional Obsession Virtue: Faith in the power of the old gods, and that he will uncover the secrets he seeks, and heal the world. Vice: Wrath meets those who stand in his way, and informs his war on time. Appearance: Gruff and blonde. Stephan wears a trench coat just for the mystique, and because pockets are terribly useful things. He smokes a lot, because people usually assume someone smoking has an actual addiction to it, and is therefore alive. Better to make people just assume you're some kind of noir wannabe. Quote: "Go on. I've got time." Attributes Intelligence: 2 Wits: 4 Resolve: 3 Strength: 3 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 2 Presence: 2 Manipulation: 2 Composure: 2 Skills Mental Academics: 2 Computers: 1 Crafts: Investigation: 2 Medicine: Occult: 1 (Time) Politics: 1 Science: Physical Athletics: 2 Brawl: 2 Drive: 1 Firearms: Larceny: 2 (Breaking and entering) Stealth: 2 Survival: 1 Weaponry: 1 Social Animal Ken: Empathy: 1 Expression: Intimidation: Persuasion: Socialize: 1 (Networking) Streetwise: 1 Subterfuge: 1 Merits Resources 3 Covenant Status (Circle of the Crone) 1 Disciplines Auspex 2 Cruac 1 Health: 7 Willpower: 5 - 1 Blood Potency: 2 Since this is for an Internet game, I will be taking full advantage of the multiple media presented. Since I don't have bad-ass art skills, this means I must rely on other people's images to convey my own mental images. So guess whom I've cast as Stephan for the purpose of visual aids.
  12. Dancers in the Dusk

    Dusk magic, whatever that is. Sounds intriguing. (Though WW has had other stuff in the past that sounded intriguing, but turned out horribly, so your mileage may vary.)
  13. Dancers in the Dusk

    If it's written well, I predict this being my favorite Changeling book.
  14. Horror Recognition Guide

    Probably. Especially with Antagonists and Iron Kingdom's Monsternomicons, I have found monster books framed by characters' experiences and perspectives to be most interesting and entertaining.