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  1. Okay, Who all has a DA account?

    Don't know if I added years before, but.... http://tindome-art.deviantart.com
  2. Changeling the Streaming

    For those who haven't yet fallen under its spell, it is a wonderful experience to follow the campaign! I found out about it in January, but working during summer is the time for me to catch up on these things, so now I'm binging it! It's very CtD-y, from NPC's and characters to world and atmosphere and all. GO. LISTEN. WATCH. Fellow Changeling fans! Edit: Also, hi, KungFuFenris! Didn't know you were Growls-at-the-Moon!
  3. I can't access it, but, after the various deaths I kind of stopped coming here (also, other hard life stuff) so I might not be a member anyway.
  4. No matter what I do, I always end up returning to the Tremere. "Please, play a Tremere!" Why, if you ask so very nicely...

  5. The "Where'd you get yer icon?" Thread

    Old, OOOOLD photo of me - from the premiere of "The Two Towers", in Gothenburg! Someone, and I've NO idea who, shot it with one of the then very new and fancy mobile phone cameras, and I cropped that picture a wee bit. Thinking of changing it to one that's only about three years old, though, taken after a lrp Cool to hear everyone's stories!
  6. What Martial Arts do you do?

    Jagash: as little as it matters, I have been judged to be skilled to the extent of sandan, third dan. In Japan, the sensei that took me in is nanadan, 7th dan, and refuses to grade higher - what would he then have, to strive to be good enough for? Here, I practice with Kensei Kensan Kai. It is here lead by a rokudan, 6th dan, the other sensei that are teaching are one godan, 5th dan, and some others. I am very lucky to have found this club; once again, in iaido, I seem to stumble upon the right people wherever I go.
  7. What Martial Arts do you do?

    Iaido. Seitei if I absolutely have to, Muso Shinden Ryu because that's what I got "stuck" with. European longsword fencing, German style - aaah, the joys of Ringeck! Also, various one-handed European versions - sword and shield a la vikng, sword and buckler, and so on. Tried capoeira but, with iaido four days a week, and a life that looks like mine...
  8. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/s/Roaming/2vA2cs Wonderfully stuck in my head. Oh, if but I could find the complete lyrics... as much as I am good at English, Scottish is another thing, and sung words even more so. Plus, she's made the best version of "Caledonia" I've heard so far.
  9. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Lately... a lot of Amorphis, especially "Heaven of my Heart" and "Sky is Mine". Especially the last one. And Craig Armstrong. Oh yes, a lot of Craig Armstrong. The soundtrack to "Plunkett & Macleane" is awesome. Jeremy Soule, too, takes up a lot of playlist space. The problem with my main musical taste, into which Jeremy Soule falls, is that it's soft, and quiet. Doesn't go well with noisy buses, or annoying neighbours... But most of all, I've had a serious relapse into powermetal. Stratovarius is nice, but Sonata Arctica... doesn't help that I'm going to a concert with them, too, in December ^-^
  10. IT crowd

    I'm an archaeologist. I could have ended up as anything from marine biologist to professional dancer, though, but then, I doubt I shall stay where I work at the moment, forever - a GW store, helping people paint and play with little plastic toy soldiers. I think it's quite common for roleplayers to be involved, professionally or otherwise, with IT. After all... there's RPG's for video consoles, there're forums to create worldwide communities of roleplayers, there're games being produced all over the world being played all over the world..... and so on. Internet has a big part to play in this, and computers and all that goes with them, it's really quite a creative thing. Picking them apart, putting them back together, creating new things, playing with old code, new code, games.... and so on.
  11. Kill me for asking!

    LotR-themed wedding... awww! Is it generic LotR? I suggest you jot down some basic guidelines of what YOU find to be themed thataway. I (if ever it happened) would probably go for a wedding in Rivendell/Imladris-elven style, because of personal reasons. Do you find the free, wild and absolutely awesome people of Rohan and their culture more to your liking? Or is it the stoic, brave and old, but now near fading, glory of Gondor that hits a nerve? Or perhaps the most charming of all, the hobbits? Why not the people of Dale, or the dwarves! Or go evil? You could decide "where" in Endor/Middle-earth you want the wedding to "take place". That could give you ideas of what culture could have inspired the looks and everything of people coming to it. Perhaps you could give people a few choices - this is a Gondorian, this is a Rohanite and so on. A friend of mine had a LotR-themed wedding. They got married in the countryside, at a place decorated with flower-wreaths and birch leaves, with everyone dressing up as they saw fit, but inspired by the Lord of the Rings - so many flowing dresses, and the gentlemen wore period clothing of different kinds, or simply older styles of suits. She was picked up in a wagon suspiciously like one seen in a certain movie, driven by a Gandalf looking... well, I thought they'd hired a certain actor o.o She and her husband to be were escorted by a riding Ringwraith, that saluted them as they got married by brandishing his sword, amongst other things. One can fix period-inspired, LotR-inspired clothing easily. Tunics are dead easy to make - but make them rather in cotton, or wool, or some natural material, than slinky velour. Poofy shirts are easy to sew, if you're not buying, or if people are creative. And now I'm going very, very general here... Gondorians seem to favour colours like brown, purple, blue, yellow and green in somewhat subdued tones. The cuts of their dresses are often, as far as I've found, rather square, but not seldom decorated with beads. Women seem to wear strings of beads in their hair, as seen as in the end of RotK (because whatever else the movies were, they were pretty and the costumes were really good). The people of Rohan are distinctly inspired by Viking Age fashion, or so it seems to me. Here, as in Gondor, a full dress with long sleeves, with an overdress showing off the underdress could be appropriate, but the colours used are more earthy. Women and men seem to be decorating their clothes with trims of different kinds, and anything sort of celtic in shape should go down well. Here's where you perhaps would see cloaks - it seems in Gondor, they're sensible enough to leave those behind when it's not bad weather, and are more likely to wear coats instead. Tunics with long-sleeved undershirts would work here, too, but I think in darker colours than the Gondorian's. But why forget the Haradrim and Easterlings? Colours, brass, gold, bronze, jade and other neat stuff! Flowing and billowing are key words, I would guess, for dressing up. For hobbits, a "rustic" feel would work. A vest (Am English, for British English that would be waistcoat) is almost ubiquitous for the men, as well as is a nice shirt with buttons. Girls could use skirts that aren't full-length, and pretty blouses. Elves, then - layers upon layers, flowing fabrics like silk, crepe and such. I think they can go for any colour combination and such, but not seldom more subdued. Preferably longish hair, but definitely an overall very, very well-kept appearance. Of course if a lady wouldn't want to wear a dress, she could wear straight trousers in some silky material - they're very comfy, or go woodelf ranger. Now, I am a geek who thoroughly enjoys dressing up, and will happily wear a circlet every day. I've been all over http://www.alleycatscratch.com/ and I never get enough of mulling over possible colour combinations, petal-wing sleeves and rolled collars, many-layered dresses and the possible uses of the very finest thin woollen fabric in underdclothes. I would also say, being an academic - narrow it down a bit. Write down some guidelines! For decorations, I suggest lanterns - loads of them. Lanterns and candles and neat crystal balls. Strings of bead could be used for decorations, and having a small fountain which emits smoke (I hear you can get those neat things and put in bowls of water and they turn the water into smoke which flows out of the bowl) will be atmospheric and nice. Curtains are nice, and perhaps you can find nice glasses that have a less modern feel for people to sip their drinks out of. You could colour-code tables! The one with white cloth and silver trimmings is Gondor, the one in dark red with gold tassels is Rohan, and so on... That's a good way of giving people something to talk about: "So where are you from?" "Oh, Rohan at the moment!" For marking out seatings, perhaps simple stones with people's names written on them, picked at a beach. Or twigs. Ask people to bring hobbity decorations, if that's what you wish for, and let them all join in in decorating! Food is where many go wrong. You could try cold meats and sausages, with cheese that one cuts, and pieces of bread, on platters, so people don't get the usual "restauranty served" variant. Having to handpick your stuff from big platters immediatly gives a less modern feel Ordinary cecream with chocolate sauce sprinkled in neat patterns, and then some peppermint leaves, or perhaps pieces of fruit, is a very easy and pretty thing to serve. Candied flowers are pretty exotic, too! For drinks, once again think about your theme. No beer if mainly elvish, perhaps, and maybe not so much wine if hobbity. I think you should consider having less fatty and sugary food (except for perhaps the dessert of course) - it's a really, really simple way of making it less modern, but doesn't taste any worse, if you're intelligent in your choices. It's easy to take some cues from historical and period stuff, at least such that is older than three hundred years old. Wall of text! Hope some of it maybe helps you in the direction that you want to go.
  12. Jobs & Games

    I have a BA in archaeology (with some specialisation in Viking Age and especially Scandinavia->Gotland) and am trying to write a Masters. But I got severely sidetracked when I suddenly got a job at the GW Stockholm store, and it's so darn fun some days I can't imagine anything better, barring only sitting in dusty archives and reading and being archaeology-geeky! And then some days, one really feels the bad sides of working in what is, which people tend to forget, actually retail.
  13. Happy Halloween!!!

    We had tenth year anniversary at the store, I held an unassembled Forge World Reaver Titan in my arms and Jes Goodwin, Anja Wettergren and Sandy Mitchell came to sign and talk and stuff. And then we all went out to a restaurant, and then to a pub. I am in geek heaven <3 so yes, I had a good one ^-^ Tell us of your own experiences, people!
  14. I love going into the Void, scrolling down to this thread and be stunned by awesomeness, geekery, or just plain bravery as people who might not otherwise want to show their mortal mien, do. All I could say have already been said, about most pictures, I think... except: So THAT'S how the Lund brainwalk looked! Aaawesome ^-^ There's been an influx of zombies in this thread... one should have to be careful, I think! memeticenigma, costuming the RHPS is always a hoot ^____^ Love how you got that sort of almost-trying-to-look-innocent-and-angelic-look. And did I mention I have SUCH a weakness for people who can use swords (and guns), and have that... natural ease, using them? And that you, mister Von Doom, look a bit like Tasogare Seibei? If I may - *glomp*. Hakama and hakamashita are such a very, very handsome two garments to wear. What school of iai do you practice, if any? You certainly look like it.
  15. On the rare occasions I am nice

    You are responsible for your actions. Your feelings, however, you cannot be held responsible for. It is a tricky thing. But it is done - once fired, you've got to focus on the next bullet. You cannot make the previous one hit the target at a better angle, it's already the past. Hope all goes well.
  16. I think I may be back for awhile

    Aye, WB. Monsada dropped me a note a month or so ago, telling that there had come up a lot of stuff again. AFAIK he still drops by every now and then, but just doesn't have too much time to post. But back, he is, and so, apparently, are you. Welcome !
  17. Mirrors that dont...Mirror?!

    Ooooh... shiny... my Corax mind goes into spin from this, and my Tremere mind grins!
  18. I browsed through this thread again, and Josyln, that is one wicked grin you're sporting there! ;D And as always I am reminded of how fun it is to know the real face of people! Not necessary, but fun regardless. So, cheerio, everyone, for showing off! Also, thank you, corvus!
  19. Hunter/Changeling movie!!!!

    ...the music alone has me hooked. I must see this. For dreams, for Glamour, for Changeling!
  20. zeroninja: Snoooow \^____^/ MiB: LE ENVY! You get to travel. I am ze envious ^.^ Selkiss: Awesome to see all the photos of you guys!
  21. The Hunt for Gollum: A Lord of the Rings Fan Film

    And also, the fact that the props and the clothes actually look... well... yeah. The movie speaks for itself. I am astonished and pleeeasantly surprised.
  22. The Hunt for Gollum: A Lord of the Rings Fan Film

    PURE AWESOME. ...I feel nostalgic now. Five weeks in line for RotK premiere tickets, the premiere itself, the elation, the excitement, the... well, all of the three. There's just something special about LotR on screen. This looks... I had no idea it existed, but by the gods, this might become really, really good!
  23. Preaching Linux

    I'd nae mind learning... I'm just way too content to use Mac OSX atm. Though Ubuntu has enough promise to make me consider it for when I need a new lappy. Those look like great ways of getting an good introduction, and a bit more than that. Thanks for sharing! Also, from a chatroom way back: "Unix IS user friendly. It's just very choosy with who it calls a friend."
  24. Merry christmas motherfuckers!!!!!

    Mmm, merry Yule, all. In far Scandinavia we celebrate on the 24th, and especially in the afternoon, evening - something about this being a midwinter feast way back, and all, just can't seem to remember right now, gosh darn, how forgetful of me In any case, may you all have a good festivity, whatever you celebrate, whatever you call it, regardless of how you celebrate it.