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  1. Don't know if I added years before, but.... http://tindome-art.deviantart.com
  2. For those who haven't yet fallen under its spell, it is a wonderful experience to follow the campaign! I found out about it in January, but working during summer is the time for me to catch up on these things, so now I'm binging it! It's very CtD-y, from NPC's and characters to world and atmosphere and all. GO. LISTEN. WATCH. Fellow Changeling fans! Edit: Also, hi, KungFuFenris! Didn't know you were Growls-at-the-Moon!
  3. I can't access it, but, after the various deaths I kind of stopped coming here (also, other hard life stuff) so I might not be a member anyway.
  4. I'd forgotten about FerrisCorp. I might have to use it in the future...
  5. Augh, I'm sorry for the lateness! I was caught up in creativity! (And training and luring others into creative endeavours...)
  6. You have my sincerest sympathies. And we're always here when you come back, oh Queen!
  7. Elenaria


    Wait, wait, wait - WHAT have I missed here?! Anniversary thingie? I'm ONNNN!!! Anniversary edition adventure sounds totally awesome, and why not make it a bit bigger - provide settings, characters and so on and so forth! I'm definitely in for writing descriptions and illustrating (well... if I can transfer it all to the screen...) things!
  8. Warming myself, or cooling myself, beside the Balefire, yes please!
  9. As have been said, things happen, and real life must go before a webpage! I look forward to whenever you have the time and energy to do it as you would like to do it instead!
  10. Am shamelessly enjoying a game of "Changeling: the Bed and Breakfast in the Highlands" game right now (we meet now and then). And that turned out to be a surprisingly good idea for a oneshot... that turned into a longer campaign. A Changeling friend of the group needs someone to look after their BnB while they're gone (to see parents? to help a lost Eshu childling to get back to their home? something something), and of course they accept. It's easy, after all - help guests check in, help them check out, provide breakfast, offer lunch and dinner if the BnB does that, and clean a little now
  11. I am so going to have to look into "Secondhand Lions". It sounds a little like a distant cousin to "Big Fish". Also, Michael Caine, well, it has at least one very good thing going for it then! I recently sat down in front of "Onmyoji - The Yin Yang Master", and enjoyed it thoroughly. It may be set in early Japanese history, but so many little elements are so very Changeling! And also, hey, Land of Eight Million Dreams anyone? Magic, courtly intrigue (MANY of them!), magical intrigues, odd charms and magics that require Bunks... and so on. And a smiling main character that does sort of look l
  12. Cooongratulations, Wendel! Well done on hooking someone that started out so negative
  13. Not much in the way of practical advice yet, it seems... But I do not give up! A friend who's played with me over the years said, to a group of people either not very well acquainted with the game and setting, or completely new to it, "There's a lot to know, but I think we'll start with, you know, the setting! What's it like being a Changeling and all... *looking at me, making a small motion as if pressing a small button* Aaand... play!" And off I went, as always! He knows me well and we all grinned when he said "pause!" to make some tea. I tend to, to try and explain it, give a re
  14. I'm sure many of us have been through it - either it's someone well used to roleplaying, or it's someone completely new, or somewhere in between. Regardless, the point is: We try to get them interested in CtD. Or at the very least, try to explain to them why we love it, what it's like and all that you can do with it. How do you do this? Do you have a few standard lines that work, or do you rant off into the wee hours, because there's just so much to say? How do you meet scepticism (especially, I suppose, by oWoD-players who never "got it")? What do you mention, what is most important to br
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