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  1. If you are a member of the Court of Shukura please check and see if you can access Court or not and then post in this thread the results. I am checking for the possibility that only staff can currently access Court and I want to verify if I'm right or wrong. Thanks!
  2. Stand by your beds.

    Welcome back!
  3. Most Kickass Dice I've Ever Seen

    Very cool.
  4. Radio Silence Broken

    Positive healing energy going your way Libra. Hang in there and best of luck!
  5. Spikey is no longer with us

    Since Spikey was active in most of the forums here in the past I figured that many people here that may have been friends with him may not necessarily explore the Dreaming forum that often and thus be unaware of our loss. Unfortunately Spikey has passed away and is no longer with us. You can follow this link for more information --- http://www.shadownessence.net/forum/index.php?/topic/36180-spikey-memoriam-thread/ which is a memoriam thread dedicated to him. I still find it hard to believe that he is dead. :-(
  6. Hey guys.

    Welcome back to the Shadows! We've had some technical problems of late and hopefully the powers that will be will restore us to our more shadowy background in the near future.
  7. Hello fellow creatures of the night!

    Welcome to the Shadows Wes! I would recommend that whichever game you're planning to run to ask for help in that particular forum. We have quite a few smart and experienced people on the forum here that could give you some good tips.
  8. Welcome to the Shadows!
  9. Hi...

    Welcome to the Shadows Wacokid!
  10. I have arrive....

    Welcome to the Shadows!
  11. Hello!

    Welcome to the Shadows!
  12. Quick introduction and questions.

    Saint Michael has already posted a link to my game. However you might also want to check out the Dreaming forum here as there is a member in the process of starting up a CtD game as well. So you have two choices or can even look into getting into two games. Welcome to the Shadows!
  13. First Hobbit Trailer

    Looking forward to the Hobbit in December.
  14. Gary Stadler & Singh Khaur - Fairy Ring Celtic Woman - The Voice Gary Stadler & Stephanie - Fairy Nightsongs Gary Stadler & Stephanie - Dona Crei Tun A Spark in the Night - Singh Khaur & Gary Stadler Laura's Hill - Gary Stadler & Singh Khaur Veil of Elphame - Gary Stadler & Stephanie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIS0kqtFECo
  15. Brand new

    Welcome to the Shadows Elkie! Feel free to explore SnE and you are of course most welcome to pop in and check out the Dreaming forum.