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  1. Clanbooks...

    Joe says "Size 5, but Daeva insists it's a size 3." They'll be the same size as all the other books.
  2. Clanbooks...

    While I'm sure LARPers will love them just as much as anyone, the clanbooks are written with the tabletop game in mind. Most of the team comes from projects like Requiem for Rome and Damnation City. Like those books, they're very different from what we've done before, but bite right into the heart of Vampire. Quite exciting... but if I say anything more, Joe might get frowny with me. I don't mess with the guy who oversees the Danger Room.
  3. Clanbooks...

    Yep. Textured covers, new cover design and full-color interiors.
  4. Clanbooks...

    Oh, Howard, how delicately you hint. I don't think Joe would mind me saying that, yes, Wood's on the Mekhet book. That's pretty much the attitude each clanbook takes. We show you why each clan is the coolest and the scariest. Along the way, there are mysteries and surprises and things you didn't know you knew.
  5. Requiem for Rome

    Well, it's an entirely different book by many of the same people. I've seen the finished version in electronic form. It's positively wonderful.
  6. Anyone Got Urban Legends Spoilers?

    So you did read the book...
  7. Anyone Got Urban Legends Spoilers?

    Uh, Lost Heretic? You're talking about a Hunter book from 2003. It's completely unrelated to this one.
  8. Anyone Got Urban Legends Spoilers?

    Thanks! Any that particularly stood out?
  9. Anyone Got Urban Legends Spoilers?

    Glad you're enjoying it! The short myths chapter was mine, and I really enjoyed writing it.
  10. World of Darkness: Urban Legends

    Urban Legends is very much in the tradition of Ghost Stories and Mysterious Places. So, yeah, if you didn't enjoy those books, you probably won't enjoy this one. No significant new rules, no big setting revelations. On the other hand, if you did like Ghost Stories and Mysterious Places, I think you'll have a blast with Urban Legends. I'm a fan of anthologies of spooky adventure, and that's exactly what this is. It's not really a Monster Manual, though there are certainly monsters. (Bloody Mary, for instance, who got so unflatteringly rendered on the cover.) As for whether it resembles Supernatural... uh... beats me. Never seen it, though I've seen a couple of ads and the actors are cute.
  11. Thanks. My only other post was a thank-you for the comments people made on my game. I'm Russell Bailey.
  12. Urban Legends crafts popular urban legends from the real world into stories for your World of Darkness game. It's a great companion to Mysterious Places. (If that sounds like hype, it is. I'm distinctly pleased with the parts of the book I wrote and read.)
  13. Actual play!

    This is the most unique compliment I've received with regards to gaming.