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  1. Hunter Intel

    See, entitlement like this is why I don't post here more often.
  2. Tribes of the Moon

    And treat burns. Oh, that zany Red Wolf!
  3. Show Me the Variety!

    Quoted for Truth. Hell, soon enough we'll have an architect with a taste for sacred geometry as a werewolf (Tribes of the Moon). She'll join the lawyers, students, dockers, football fans, punks, anarchists, and everything else that's currently in print as a werewolf character. I'd suggest that the OP should look at both Hunting Grounds: The Rockies and Shadows of the UK to see plenty of examples of werewolves who range from "shit-scared student in service to higher powers" all the way to "force of nature".
  4. Where is the love?

    One member of said. And it's a very veiled reference. I'm not a DC history buff, but he's been a member of the Geoff Johns revamp of the JSA that was running right up to Infinite Crisis. Oh, and Wood? Please tell me you're joking. Common People was a great song, but best? Nah. Country House, mate. I checked and it turns out that the Manics only got in with their postgraduate effort, wheras I could have sworn that Everything Must Go was a contender. And if we're talking best song, then you've missed quite a few...
  5. Where is the love?

    Tribes of the Moon will help you even more. And it includes a very veiled reference to one of the JSA. First one to work out who/how after the book's released wins a cookie!
  6. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    So you've no idea. Cool. Is that something that comes from your own need to be a snarky gobshite, or is it something endemic in the book? As in, does the book present a default story framework (as all other good RPGs do), or is it actually missing a default framework? If the former, what is that framework?
  7. Æternal Legends

    Back at the end of August, we released Æternal Legends---my modern fantasy roleplaying game. I know at the time a few people were interested. I believe one guy bought it in anticipation of ConCrete Cow, though wasn't able to make it there. Did anyone buy a copy? If you did, what did you think? Any questions? Praise? Hatred? Death threats? I want to know!
  8. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    And I hate people who give that as a glib answer because they don't want to answer the question. What are the archetypal stories for the Ferals? What challenges and antagonists are assumed to show up in Feral-focused stories with reasonable frequency?
  9. Most Valuable Forsaken Supplement v2

    Why is WoD: Chicago on the lists and not Shadows of the UK?
  10. Most Valuable Forsaken Supplement v2

    I know that people have somewhat entrenched ideas about which books are most valuable and which are least. What would be interesting if some of the posters here were to review the books they're voting for. Unlike Vampire (and to a lesser extent, Mage) Werewolf books hardly ever find their way into the RPG.net reviews section. Nobody reviews them because it's not the leading light and there's no great schism in the fans, which leaves people thinking that nobody much likes Werewolf books enough to review them. Or something. The painkillers are getting to me.
  11. Æternal Legends hits IPR!

    Mob United Media has joined Indie Press Revolution to start distributing and selling its games. Mob United Media is ENnie Award winning author Malcolm Sheppard's game design house, but it's not just about him; it features refined designs, owned by their creators. We're beginning our relationship with IPR selling Stew Wilson's game, Æternal Legends. IPR is the only place where you can get the game's PDF (available separately here) FREE when you purchase the print edition. Here's the blurb: <em>Magic seethes beneath everyday affairs. Turn a ways, and wander into a Pocket Kingdom where witches and alchemists sell their wares right under the noses of a mundane population. But one person in 20 is Aware, part of the secret lands of magic. Of those, a special few are Legends: epic heroes who fight evil with strength, cunning and raw idealism. Elf, dwarf, gnome and human Legends use the mystic Spheres to defend their beliefs. Their quests turn them into avatars of magic or send their swords against Da'ath, Lord of the Abyss. Idealism is more than just a buzzword—it's the source of magic. The old traditions of classic fantasy, from the Dark Lord to a hero's quests, burn with new life, bound to the Legend's spiritual journey. Every Legend has a path to enlightenment—and glory. His beliefs (in the form of actual game traits) give him power, whether he honors or betrays them. He moves through secret, strange lands in a modern supernatural setting whose protagonists don't skulk in alleys, but rule entire cities and Ministries of mystic power. Æternal Legends is a 158 page, complete modern-era RPG. Two or more players need nothing more than a handful of six-sided dice, pencils and paper to play. Combat's quick, but doesn't sacrifice tactical choices for ease of use. Freeform magic and simple spells combine into one flexible, quickly resolved sorcery system. Your character's supernatural Clade combines with her archetypal Spheres to grant distinct superhuman abilities. The game's Ready 2 Run system emphasizes fast character creation, detailed action and enough discretionary "wiggle room" to suit a wide range of campaigns. Created, written and designed (and importantly, owned) by Stewart Wilson. Core system design and development by Malcolm Sheppard.</em> There are *lots* of previews, here.
  12. Tribes of the Moon

    Hell, an entire chronicle could revolve around the quest to become an [Fear the NDA weasels!]. And not just because of the funky new [We strike again!]. I also want to turn a bit of my chapter into a full on book. Must get around to firing off a proposal...
  13. Concrete Cow 07½: Milton Keynes, UK, 29 September

    I may allude to it on my own livejournal, but I won't spread it around. Damn, but that con was a lot of fun.
  14. Concrete Cow 07½: Milton Keynes, UK, 29 September

    You've just offered a drinking establishment to a Yorkshireman. I like you even more now.
  15. Tribes of the Moon

    Some of them get Glamour. The rest of us weren't lucky enough to work on Changeling.