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  1. Changeling References

    Gone to Sleep by Moby and Kelli Scarr As part of an NPR project they made the song based on this picture by artist Phil Toledano: The video about their creation process (and the song itself) gives a great vibe of eerie desolation. Author's note: the first night I watched this video, it inspired a fascinating nightmare about the Gentry. Throughout the dream snatches of the song periodically played.
  2. Prehistory

    Truth be told, this thread is pretty darn old at this point. I haven't really participated in this forum for quite a few months. Though I still look back at various White Wolf games for ideas here and there, I've been concentrating my attention more on homebrew games these days. The only thing that drew me back now was an e-mail reminder I'd set up for replies to this thread. But your thoughts and ideas are still appreciated. One of the things I loved about participating in forums like these was riffing on the setting, digging up forgotten details, and throwing novel ideas around. So, even thought I'm not actively pursuing a game along these lines at the moment I'm always interested to hear folks thoughts on the subject. Thanks.
  3. Prehistory

    I got yer snake civilization right here: Elsewhere it's suggested that dream civilization animals might be seeking a way to ground their existence in mundane reality. Wellspring fed astral-spirit snakes could also be the basis for snake/wisdom associations in various mythologies.
  4. The Abyss gets healed.

    Indeed. Nice thoughts. Let's not forget though that the Watchtowers were originally created as a crutch to help folks deal with the Abyss. No more Abyss, no more need for Watchtowers. The Watchtowers might still give some Magi a jumpstart to Awakening, but I wouldn't be surprised if new Magi might started Awakening to other Supernal realms not known in thousands of years.
  5. The Abyss gets healed.

    What if the rift between the Supernal and Fallen world no longer existed. Say some huge ritual or cataclysmic metaphysical event removed it from play. Whatever. But starting at some point in the near future Magi just start working vulgar magic with impunity. Sure, "powergaming", not enough horror, yadda-yadda. Anyway, I was thinking, freedom from paradox sounds great from a mage's point of view. But maybe the reality of being reunited with the Supernal realms in all their glory isn't all hearts and flowers. For one thing the Exarchs are that much closer and might have an easier time getting their hand in the Fallen world pie. Plus there's nothing in particular I can think of that suggests the Supernal realms are a generally good thing for humanity as a whole. Sure Atlantis was a great place (if you believe the myths), but to get things that good they had to stomp all over every other semi-Awakened culture in the world. Plus, Atlantis seemed to have plenty of it's own intrigues, factions and individuals within jockeying for power. Having power hungry Magi walking the streets able to casually enthrall mobs or nuke major cities with a few sticks of incense and a three hour long ritual doesn't exactly sound like the perfect recipe for a stable 21st century world. The thing the seems even more dubious though is the Supernal realms themselves. In my understanding these are sort of realms of platonic ideals. Every potential thing or phenomena can be found there in a more perfect form. Sounds great, right? But seems like there must be plenty of perfectly terrible things there as well. Idealized horrors, things the human mind can't bear to interact with, etc. Up until now the Abyss has been filtering all that stuff out . . . well, most of it. But at least Paradox and disbelief tend to provide a bit of a self-limiting effect on what Magi can pull down out of the aether. With that barrier gone, seems like it's only a matter of time before some Mage gets the bright idea to summon something "wonderful" down without thinking through all the implications and you get a 100m tall spider with limbs made out of thousands of screaming baby heads munching on the Munich skyline. With the Abyss gone Awakening seems like it'd make for a nightmarish (and fascinating) post-apocalyptic scenario. Anyway, just a thought.
  6. Side project: Source Material

    I haven't been around much lately and expect to not to be much in the near future for various reasons unrelated to this forum or it's members. Maybe in a bit, after June, I might have time to return. But on the way out I thought I'd share a little side project I'd resolved to undertake recently. I'm constantly collecting snippets around the web (pictures, news stories, video, podcasts, etc.) that seem like good material for one RPG or another. Sharing this stuff was the whole idea behind the old Dark Fodder threads: http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index....showtopic=19956 http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index....showtopic=27817 But those were limited specifically to WoD related stuff, and I'm not sure how many folks were even aware they existed anyway (all tucked a way down there in the World of Darkness forums). So, to expand the range of content and to potentially reach a larger audience I've started a blog to capture these bits and pieces: http://source-material.blogspot.com/ Only a few posts there at the moment, but my goal is to add something new every day. Even without much free time I should be able to do that and Bob knows I have a large enough backlog of links to last quite awhile. So please stop by, leave a comment, suggest links or add my rss feed to your list.
  7. Dollhouse

    I've not seen the show, so I only know from hear-say. But if you're really stumped as to why people complain then this might help clear things up: http://download.penny-arcade.com/podcast/T...tes_Dilemma.mp3 (Skip ahead to about 8:33 unless you want to hear some unrelated discussion of videogames.)
  8. The electric flu boogaloo

    Also, recently via Boingboing: Chicken little vs. swine flu Handy online test to determine if you've contracted swine flu: doihavepigflu.com
  9. Spirit Slayers

    Anyone here willing to give a more detailed review of Spirit Slayers? I'm particularly interested in overview of the any new rules, character types and dread powers it contains. Also how is the presentation of the relevant monsters different from those in the standard W:tF?
  10. Amnesia make me introduce again...

    !mpact: Was this accident recently or awhile ago?
  11. The Mist

    My wife and I finally watched this movie, and in general I find myself agreeing with Krowe's feelings on it, specifically regarding the psycho-nutcase fanatic woman, the murky character motivations, and the ending. It's enough to drive a man to rant. I've read Deep Survival. I know that crisis situations aren't all flowers and sunshine. And that even the most smart and prepared can sometimes become "lost": either blundering on impulsively without taking the time to give rational thought to events, or making decisions with an inaccurate picture of the situation. But even knowing this, the petty arguments and general idiocy of the characters in this movie were driving Adrienne and me crazy. I don't know if it was King himself or the director who was to blame. But whichever of them it was, well let me just say that I know who will be the first guy fed to the monsters when my doomsday supermarket cult comes to power. A our main gripes were: On the plus side I actually kind of liked the monsters, CGI and puppety things that they were. It looked like there was a whole Mist-world ecology going on out there which seemed pretty fascinating (if icky). I actually kind of liked the monster combat scenes as well, partly because of how often people missed their targets. Seems to me like in a lot of movies, especially those with human opponents on both sides, that any misses are a result of the opponent dodging. Was interesting to see a case where the protagonists did terribly simply because they weren't trained in combat and their opponents were twitchy, spasming inhuman things. Maybe not that unusual, but something about the way the ineptitude was shot struck me as a good portrayal.
  12. Triple Kiths, Anyone?

    You are a cruel and sadistic man. Clever idea though. Right up there with D&D Ability score generation method #7.
  13. The courts and the 5 stages of loss

    You're right, acceptance isn't a court. Acceptance is going back to Arcadia to join the True Fae.
  14. Looking for players for my webgame

    Few questions: Can you give any hints about where the game might be going? What sorts of encounters would be expected? I'm generally not a huge fan of games centering around faction vs. faction politics. But exploring strange places, investigating weird sh!t, general monster/bad-guy hunting, and searching after arcane artifacts or knowledge are all things I enjoy. Would this game fit my interests? Also, are there any other character types you're allowing? Hunters or Changelings in particular? Or is it just Mages and mortals for now?
  15. Courts/Contracts revised

    Seems kind of funny to hear this. I initially thought if anything people would accuse me of underpowering the Mantle merits with this change. But I can definitely see your point. Things that can allow you to boost Clarity related rolls are rare and hence powerful in their own right. I think if I end up running with this I'll go with your suggestion. Thanks for the feedback.