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  1. What Martial Arts do you do?

    Aw c'mon BM, there's nothing to be scared of in a taijiquan practitioner built like the Juggernaut, bitch!!! (sorry, couldn't resist ) and IMO chain punching is already terrifying enough when done by a kindly old little grandfather... like Ip Man or his son... And as far as I can tell, fa jing has little to do with musculature, as Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei kindly demonstrated during a workshop he did at our club a couple years ago
  2. is living proof that level-grinding can land you a job IRL too

  3. is living proof that level-grinding can land you a job IRL too

  4. Hey, ça pourrait être cool! ^_^ bon... j'ai jamais utilisé IRC mais y'a un début à tout. Tiens moi au jus!

  5. Les mutations, c'est le mal ;) Rhône-Alpes pour moi... si jamais tu te rapproches de Grenoble, pense à moi pour une session de Mage ^^

  6. Ca fait bizarre de lire et de taper du français sur ce site :D T'es de quel coin?

  7. Wééé, un autre Français! C'est vrai que ça nous change. :)

  8. Hey! C'est rare de rencontrer des compatriotes ici...

  9. tvtropes

    I wish it was only one WEEK I lost in there. And I'm sure everyone here fits at least one or two tropes. I know I do.
  10. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    This... ... and that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6XrKN16cuc
  11. What Martial Arts do you do?

    Chen-style taijiquan, and that's it. Although I'm still hoping to find a proper wing chun school in my city And I should probably point out that I'm not into martial arts for the purpose of booting people in the head it never gets to that stage with me, all I have to do is stand up and stop slouching. One of the very few obvious advantages I've ever found in being 6'2" and over 210lbs.
  12. Snacks

    But moldy cheese is GOOD!!! It's your FRIEND!! Your SPECIAL friend!! Well, yeah, I'm French, so I'm in love with all sorts of smelly cheeses... especially the moldy ones (Bleu, Roquefort, Fourme, etc...) And I never would have thought you could actually find camembert in Aussieland. Good for you guys B-)
  13. Snacks

    Ooo, snacks!!! OK, umm... let's see... if I'm feeling like eating unhealthy crap, I'll just gorge on sour cream and onion Pringles and a bigass bag of Doritos, with hot salsa dip, of course... and a 2-liter bottle of Coke. And maybe a whole box of Kinder Bueno as well If it's healthy snacks we're talking about, then dates, dried apricots and figs, pine nuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, carrots, apples, celery branches... Hmmmmm *drool* And chase all that with pink grapefruit or mango juice...
  14. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Tyler Bates -- 300
  15. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Nine Inch Nails -- Eraser (Denial, Realization)