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  1. White Wolf Publishing Changes Hands Again

    Difficult to say anything until we know what they intend. Could mean everything or nothing.
  2. Why Do I Stick With The WoD?

    I've had a look at it, and it looks fun, but I think Mage the Awakening would be my first choice for out and out clandestine.
  3. Exalted 3rd ed

    So anyone else following the developments? On the KS? Any hopes or fears? Exalted are was always one of my favourite WW concepts, but its execution often stank. If they get the mechanics right, that would be very cool indeed.
  4. Why Do I Stick With The WoD?

    I have to admit, fairly unashamedly, that what first got me into the WoD and has kept me here is the chance to play superheroes in the modern day, shadowy and clandestine, trapped in silent wars and in the secret societies of their own dysfunctional kind. I like that. There's a whole lot more I discovered, but that's the biggest draw. Not what the authors set out to do, but rather good for it nevertheless.
  5. And We Are Back!

    More deranged eldar Vampire... The second saddest thing is just how little's going on here. A great fall indeed
  6. Houses of the Moon

    Krowe, have you considered house ruilng different Ban Violations at different Morality steps? Say, White Violation step 10, Minor step 7, Major Step 4, Gross Step 2? As for the idea of favoured prey... I feel slightly dumb-founded tbh. I mean, quite apart from your point on the confusion, it just doesn't fit comfortably with the tribes as I previously read them. Is this part of a big reimagining of them?
  7. And We Are Back!

    True. Still, better to know and grieve. Black clouds vs silver linings.
  8. And We Are Back!

    Nice to see the old place back... thank gods the boss wanted to advertise katanas, or I'd never have known!
  9. Obama's 2nd Term

    It was the same here - basically, the vast majority of people I know here thought that Romney was a deeply scary man and that world sanity needed Obama. Which I think is mainly a sign of how out of step in terms of social values a lot of us are with America - or parts of it. I think that was ultra-conservatism's last hurrah. America's demographics are changing and they aren't going to allow such a deeply conservative line any hope of getting in, unless the Republicans can manage a major pitch shift on immigration and win the Latino vote... not happening I think.
  10. Public transport where you are

    In London, public transport makes driving pretty optional for a lot of people. It's useful, but you can get most places with relatively little fuss. Which rocks.
  11. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Oh wow, all the lookers are coming back... we're going up in the world! Hi Selkiss. p.s. there is actually now a way of giving internet hugs thanks to MIT (I think it was MIT...)
  12. So...it's been what? Two years?

    Welcome back Alexandra.
  13. UK Book buying.

    Online ordering - check out Infinity Games UK. Based in Manchester, very good. Should you be in London and thinking of picking up games, I would strongly urge Leisure Games, based in Finchley, over either of the two Roma mentions (I'd also suggest that Roma pays a trip to there too). I believe Playin' Games is gone, but there's something new open around Waterloo now... let me check... yeah, this place http://www.darksphere.co.uk/index.php
  14. Looking for a game in London

    Let me know if you find something/want to try starting a new group/up for other gamage.
  15. Looking for a game in London

    Not at a WoD game alas, my group isn't a WoD one.