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  1. Be warned, Talon is here!

    Hi Talon Hope to see you around the forums (I need to post a bit more myself too). Take it easy and may the shadows hide you P
  2. !mpacts little gallery

    I'm blown away by the WHM40K stuff, you're very talented and keep up the good work.
  3. Run a single player adventure for me?

    Hey there! Can we time travel to a week from now >>>>>>> because, to be honest, your idea sounds right up my street!! So if you can confirm you're still up for it, I will then PM you with my details and we can get some ideas together to get started. Thanks very much! Phil
  4. Hi Guys Things over here in the UK can be a bit stale on the World of Darkness front. I'm wondering if anybody would be willing to run a nWOD mortals adventure for me via email or forum posting? It would only have to be one post/email a week if you like? I've only ever played oWOD Mage before so this would be a bit new to me. I'm not the best writer in the world but I would just love the chance to use the nWOD book which has been sitting here collecting dust (which is a crime). Maybe something along the lines of an average joe getting sucked into some dectective/horror tyoe thing? Anybody interested? Thanks, Phil
  5. Hi Everybody!

    Hey Zakkai Hope you enjoy this cool and friendly Forum. Maybe you should also give Mage a try if you haven't already. I prefer Mage Acension to Awakening but each to their won. Take it easy Pen
  6. Guess who can't do intros!

    HI Lina Hope to see you around the forums, especially if I even get the chance to post more on here myself! Enjoy this cool forum! Pen
  7. Black Fox's Introduction

    Hi Black Fox Hope all is good, see you around the forums and enjoy the best Forum around. Do you rp mage acension at all? Pen
  8. Greetings, fellow addicts!

    Hi Stefan Wow, so you've been playing oWod live action, that must be very cool and something not many f us will get a chance to do Was that with Mage or Vampire...or something else?? Anyway, see you around the forums. Cheers, Pen
  9. Greetings

    Welcome Born In Lust For Blood I hope your stay here is a scary and exciting one. Se you around. Cheers, Pengarth
  10. Introduction

    Nice to have you with us. Don't forget to check out the older systems too like Mage Ascension.
  11. Dobro nots

    Welcome Stanislav Like the avatar. Hope you enjoy the site, I'm a mage player but maybe will see you also at the Vampire forum at some point also in the future.
  12. Howdy

    I couldn't agree more with Jose, The Ascension is amazing and very open ended. I still haven't made the jump to The Awakening, I'm a bit put off by the "Coming from Atlantis" stuff and the overkill of spells? Manakel, you mention Vampire: the Masquerade, from what I understand, people are fairly happy with the new systme, The Requiem, would you say (or anybody reading) that the new Vampire is better than the new Mage, when comparing the old to the new? This is probably the wrong forum for this debate but oh well ;-)
  13. Bad Penny

    Nice to have you back. I took have been away but only because I have trouble logging onto this site at work. Hope you revover well from your injuries and see you around the site soon.
  14. guess!

    Ah ha, I feel we're winning the battle here of Old vs New...I'm on the side of oWOD. I wonder if the old Vampire is better than the new system? I wonder actually how many of us can really make a good comparison as lots of us only know the old system or the new one, but not both? I could be very wrong though??.....
  15. Greetings...

    Welcome back. Yeah, listen to Jose, keep oWOD alive! Mage acension rules!