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  1. *waves* Just wanted to say Hi!

  2. Where Are You From?

    Four Nepher. Although I am dutch born, I live in Vichy.
  3. On the prowl

    Ok, this will be my first Forsaken inspired piece on these boards, please be kind as this is my first try at recreating a werewolf. The larger version is going into my gallery at Artzone. For those interested, the larger version can be found here: http://artzone.daz3d.com/?Scatha
  4. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    Thanks Leaps, i'll give that one a try anyway... whether I can beat the stats or not. I have a very nice heavy warhammer that is waiting to meet his skull. Vampire scpt Vampire Clan Level: 15 Strength: 39 Defense: 38 Agility: 40 Stamina: 38 Defense bonus: Busy Experience: 1035 Health: 620.00 If I can whoop this, then I should be able to do the same to your leech. Btw, someone change our rank in the description of the clan... we're ranked: 54th And a big cheer for our resident Rahu, Walks. Our first clanmember that makes the werewolf player top 100 at rank 72nd!! As Leaps' victim cannot be attacked for an hour.... Vampire F_L_C_L Vampire Clan Level: 18 Strength: 36 Defense: 37 Agility: 35 Stamina: 27 Defense bonus: 7 Experience: 1610 Health: 590.56 Lunar-Ronin looted 34 Gold! Lunar-Ronin received 2 and F_L_C_L received 0 experience points! *Growls* Christ, do these leeches ever have cash on them?
  5. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    I am close to reaching level 15 and must admit that Leaps' is apparantly correct in his findings.
  6. Thank you all!

    And here I was thinking that leeches did nothing but sucking up. The flattery would be to make their victims feel less bad? Thanks chiggs.
  7. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    These clans prey on players with a lot of cash in their pockets. It brings them easy money.
  8. The "Name MrGone's Chronicle" Contest...

    Ok, i'll bite and throw in a few: Deviant evolution Evolution or regression? Aberrant morphology How to cope with becoming an outcast? Mutations Anonymus Just throwing ideas, meybe you'll like one of them.
  9. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    *Goes to check if he can lend a hand* *edit* Level 23 the lowest in the clan?
  10. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    ROTFL You don't mince words, do ya mate? I'm currently on level 14, with a level 9 hideout and a sentinel... leeches knocking at my door have to deal with a 10 point defense bonus and the low level leeches won't even be able to find you. There is wisdom in Walks words.
  11. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    I never even purchased a premium for Lunar-Ronin, almost on level 14.
  12. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    Picks is already set, I'll go prepare the clan for the rest Happy to have you with us, mate. I'll still try to keep ahead of you, but dunno whether I can on a free account. Join up whenever you're ready to.
  13. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    Hi Walks, I did not want to infringe, so I did not name it as such without asking first. I have been severed from the net for the last couple of days. My intent was to open a clan for those here that wish to join, as server 3 is closed for new players. I would still like to keep playing inside the clan on world 3. As I had not asked permission yet to use the full name of the SnE clan, I prepared it as such but aimed to ask first... unfortunately with my wonky connection, you got there before I could ask to put in ALL the official credentials. Can I have permission to link the two clans in name and set up the one on world 4 as a spin-off?
  14. MonsterGame - Werewolf thread

    http://world4.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=47005538 I could use some help on world 4... a one man clan is a bit lonely, especially if the 'other' side has two leeches already. My 'tiny' clan is currently 131st.
  15. MonsterGame - Vampire Thread

    Demdemeh, huh... let's see if I can find that clan of yours. Edit: Found you.