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  1. Awakening complaining

    All I can do is LoL at you lot...
  2. How many languages can you speak fluently?

    Poland I had my first dealings with English and German at home while watching cartoons in TV and then I had the languages at school. Full fluency with English and Polish... Knowing English allowed me to have a far greater range of sources and activities I could choose from... I would, because everyone should known at least one other language, they enable you to broaden your horizons and change the perception of reality you might have whilst growing up with just one language... Krzysztof Dąbrowski 20
  3. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    Oddly enough, we are semi-talking about writing in Polish... but the subject relevant parts are in English Staying on topic: The sheet is awesome, I'll use it for my character
  4. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    I don't know, might be a mistake or might be intentional seeing as the table is a guideline of sorts... Ja w takich sytuacjach idę do Worda i robię wstaw znak a potem kopiuj i wklej na forum... może i polskie znaki mi nie sa potrzebne ale irytuje mnie gdy piszę na polskim forum i nie mogę z nich skorzystać, a jeszcze większej gorączki dostaję przy obsłudze GG... znaki mi wychodzą jako #^& i takie tam...
  5. Heh, I'd love to know some more about the Contract... like are there any new lists or are they all just Goblin Contracts...
  6. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    You put those 3 dots into Fang/Claw in a way that makes Fang + Claw = 3 and Fang < 3 and Claw < 2 (if you ignore Keen Senses) but you get Size 6 for free... A ja już zaczałem sie przypraw doszukiwac... znowu nie mam polskich znaków jak widzisz, przepraszam...
  7. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    you get 3 dots of your choosing from the list of Favors. Spice? O co chodzi?
  8. Rites of Spring: Cover Revealed

    Doesn't look too bad...
  9. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    you mean your minions you keep sending over?
  10. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    I think you may have confused Wild thing with Revamp...
  11. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    Monkeys? In Poland? I think I didn't get the memo
  12. Anyone picked up Changing Breeds yet?

    and Rhino shifters
  13. Comic Book Makeover NWoD

    Crimson sun... body hard as steel... Superman?
  14. Time travel to the past

    My favourite is the creation of alternate timelines/universes...
  15. First Tongue

    I've always found it's easier to understand a language than to speak it...