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  1. Below is a rewrite of the 'Covenant' paragraph (or rather, a completely new paragraph) for each clan that appears in the Requiem sourcebook. A few months ago I posted a poll asking which clan/covenant people were actually playing. Based on 40 responses (please feel free to add your vote still if you can find the topic), here's how the 'Covenant' paragraphs might look based on what real players are doing! DAEVA Perhaps the most natural fit for the inexhaustible passions of the Daeva lies in the Carthian Movement. Here, the clan combines its charismatic allure and physical prowess towards a clear objective that encourages passionate radicalism. However, the clan is almost as numerous among the Invictus, as they effortlessly lend their powers of manipulation to the covenant’s delicate political game. Of less interest to the Daeva are the more spiritual covenants, but of these, the clan is strongest within the Ordo Dracul. Some succubi join the Dragons out of sheer curiosity, others with the hope of regaining strength of will lost since the embrace. But Daeva who progress within the covenant, normally do so in much the same way they would in the Invictus, by political maneuvering, seldom mastering the Coils in the process. Likewise, few Daeva possess the discipline required to progress far within the Lancea Sanctum, though the clan does produce the occasional Paladin, and it’s a rare Daeva indeed who’d risk the social damage of being seen slumming it with the acolytes of the Crone. GANGREL Traditionally, the savages are the most public faces of the Circle of the Crone, in reverence of nature and pagan belief seemingly by their very way of life. This is misleading however, as contemporary Gangrel are more frequently seen amongst the Carthian Movement, directing their survivalist instincts to the covenant’s more militant wing. Perhaps surprisingly however, and it can be argued, frighteningly, the clan’s greatest numbers can be found within the Lancea Sanctum. It is not clear as to when the Sanctified began winning savage devotees in such great numbers, only that they thrive now, and that concerns the rival covenants greatly. Stereotype would suggest large numbers of Paladins and similar roles being filled by the Gangrel, and indeed, the clan does make up the majority of these. However the Gangrel are more widespread across covenant than most believe, many seeking to find the balance between their primal nature and the teachings of the sanctified damned. Few Gangrel bother with the Ordo Dracul or Invictus, the latter because of the social delicacy involved and their tendency to be relegated to ‘grunt’ duties, and the former because quite simply, the Gangrel see little need to self-improve. MEKHET It comes as no surprise to learn the greatest number of Mekhet can be found in the Ordo Dracul. The shadows are pragmatic to the last, and the order directly offers them transcendence of the flaws that remain to their existence. Traditionalist Mekhet however, lean more towards the Circle of the Crone, reveling in their state as the night’s apex predator (perhaps more so than other clans) and celebrating their place within that design. These reserved kindred are less frequently found in the Carthians or Invictus, but still keep a presence, particularly as informants, and it is truly amongst the shadows that the flurry of espionage between the two covenants reaches its finest points. Attracting few Mekhet by contrast however is the Lancea Sanctum. The shadows have little time for the fanciful stories or penance of the self-loathing sanctified. They can be found, but generally consider themselves too practical, and frankly beyond the judgement of any Judeo-Christian god. NOSFERATU The haunts, like their sisters in the dark, the Mekhet, lend themselves best to the Ordo Dracul, though their reasons for doing so differ somewhat. It’s easier for the Nosferatu to admit their shortcoming, and in doing so embrace the change, progression and improvement the Dragons espouse. But despite the large numbers, the Nosferatu tendency towards the Dracul is relatively recent. Far older is the clan’s resounding voice within the Invictus. The First Estate is after all centuries old, and as such, understands the nature of the haunts, respecting and fearing their power and potential both as allies and enemies. Their physical and mental powers make them invaluable and versatile agents whom the Invictus would rather not share if at all possible. But share they have, and not just with the Ordo Dracul. A respectable number of Nosferatu acolytes revel in their monstrous natures, while a few hear the calling of the sanctified in some effort to atone for what they have become. The Carthian Movement however, has trouble, attracting Nosferatu, who hear the covenant’s promises, but not the sincerity and have little hope of follow through. VENTRUE While the attitude of the Ventrue lends itself to that of the Invictus, the covenant has an unusual problem where the lords are concerned. Most Ventrue have come to believe the First Estate has degraded to such an extent it is no longer worthy of their loyalties. As they have watched the Daeva and Nosferatu rise, the Ventrue have quietly slipped away from the Invictus in favour of other covenants, most notably the Lancea Sanctum and Ordo Dracul, to both of which they can lend their proper breeding and political skill. Whether the Ventrue share the beliefs or passion of these covenants is difficult to say. However, the clan thrives there regardless. The Carthian Movement also attracts a small number of enterprising Ventrue, and some have even attempted to put a more urbane, contemporary face on the Circle of the Crone, but these covenants are more commonly seen as ‘untapped markets’ than of genuine interest to the clan. Just for your interest. Going to do the Mage one when I get a chance.
  2. Following the resounding... well, acceptable success of similar polls on the Vampire & Mage forums, I'm pressing ahead with one for our favourite hairy beasts (excluding Sean Connery and certain 80's TV actors). What Werewolf tribe and Auspice combo do you normally play? It may not necessarily be your favourite, but it will give us an idea of what's really out there in terms of combo balance. This one should be interesting, as Auspices & Tribes work very differently to Clans/Covs and Paths/Orders.
  3. What Path/Order do you play?

    Similar topic can be found in the Vampire: The Requiem forum, but now it's the Awakened's turn. What path & order is your main character (or would it be if you played). Be honest, and add comments if you wish. 'Libertine' is Free Council for the dense...
  4. Quite right, I should have mentioned comments. Yes, of course they're perfectly fine and encouraged of course, it just depends how honest you want to be (do people you're hiding from in your local game read this forum for example?)
  5. We know there are often huge differences between what's printed in the canon material and what players come up with for concepts eg "By far the most numerous clan in the Carthian Movement is the Mekhet, while few Daeva bother with the Carthians..." Bull! So, in this delightfully anonymous forum, own up. What IS your primary character's clan and covenant combo (TT or LARP, Camarilla or not, doesn't matter), and see just how far off the printed canon the Requiem universe has gone.
  6. Please ignore this post. Damn Shadownessence playing up on my poll! Grr!!!!
  7. Do we really need Tribe books?

    I say absolutely, bring them on and bring them on in 07! (though I know this won't be happening) One thing I find really frustrating as a social structure junkie in LARP in Forsaken, is the lack of background and source material regarding the differing Tribes. I know the Forsaken tend to form into packs rather than Tribes, but really, particularly if you have detailed information on how the Tribes interact etc. For example, how does a Blood Talon function in a tribe full of Bone Shadows and Hunters in Darkness? How does the Storm Lord learn to keep up with a pack of progressive but hot headed Iron Masters? Just a few simple ideas, seeds and examples can add so much to a game's social structure. Tribe books I feel are the ideal way to plant those seeds.
  8. What do you think of the Covenant books?

    The Ordo Dracul book was to me the textbook example of how to get it right, describing in detail the different facets of the Covenant, its many functions and history and relationships with others. It had just enough detail without getting dry and is easy to constantly go back to as a resource again and again. I can't say the same for the Invictus or Crone books I also own. They're a good read, particularly the Invictus book, but nothing on the OD for sheer gameplay enhancement. The Lancea Sanctum book was the lumpy prototype and you can tell. Its bloodlines are sloppily conceived messes, and most of the book just seems to be pompous religo filler with very little useful info about this quite interesting covenant.
  9. Has Werewolf stalled?

    Just wanting to see what people on this forum thought regarding the progress and development of Forsaken as a game next to Requiem and Awakening. Among quite a few players I know who enjoy all three games, it's generally agreed Forsaken has been somewhat left behind. Normally, signs are cited such as lack of new books being produced for the genre, a complete lack of tribe books, no sign of a MET Forsaken book, lack of interest in 'downtime' LARP Forsaken such as mailing lists etc amongst the fan groups. Compare this to Mage and Vampire, which have been getting regular books that have made significant advancements to the setting, and have fervent followings both ingame and in downtimes. I will freely admit I probably enjoy the other two genres more, but I have warmed to Wolf over the past six months and I want to hear it from diehard Forsaken fans, do you feel a little 'third wheel?'
  10. New Majesty Nightmare Devotion

    How many Coils of the Drag Queen does one need to do this? Oh, and Celerity is at -3 in those heels!
  11. Malkavians

    I like it, but I agree that it's kind of superfluous with the Malkovians already in existence. That said, I think the Malk's were diverse and interesting enough to warrant a clan in their own right. Yes, their defining characteristic is insanity, but the scope on that is almost limitless. There are so many forms of insanity, think of the bloodline options! Still, doing the 5 by 5 model, it's hard to see how they could have been chosen over say, the Ventrue or Nosferatu. The one clan in Requiem I think could be dropped for them would be the Gangrel. They are just a little too close to Werewolf for my taste, and sharing not one, but two disciplines with the Ventrue looks a bit strange. Or the Malk's could have been blended into the Mekhet. A few options there.
  12. This is a potential new bloodline for the geekier of us to develop. Consider this open forum. I would encourage anyone who's interested to fill in the (many) blanks from the bloodline description. ENJOY!!!! The “SPAMALOTE” Parent Clan: Nosferatu Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Nightmare, Spam Additional Weakness: Guaranteed derangement for each humanity drop. FEEL FREE TO ADD THE SPECIFICS AS YOU WISH SPAM Level 1 Dead Ghoul ‘Look mate, this ghoul wouldn’t zoom if you sent 8 dots of vitae through it!’ Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Spam vs. target’s (lack of) Intelligence Played following the death of an NPC ghoul (be they retainer, ally etc), each success regains one experience point refund, of points spent on the ghoul. Player must argue for one minute for each success. Level 2 Ministry of Silly Celerity ‘I’ve developed a silly form of running away, and I’d like a grant to develop it.’ Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Spam vs. target’s Resolve Each success adds brawling dodge for one turn, per level of Celerity the user has. Level 3 The Fish Slapping Trance “Look deep into my eyes, on my command, you shall… OUCH!” Pool: Resolve + Brawl + Spam vs. target’s Dominate Few things in Requiem are quite so annoying as a Dominate bunny running around. By slapping said Dominator/trix with a large salmon, Kindred can break the hold of this terrible power. Level 4 The Lumberdrac Song “I’m an Ordo Drac and I’m ok…!.” Pool: Presence + Persuasion + Spam vs. target’s Composure Allows one to pass for a member of the Ordo Dracul, appearing as a master of Coils of the Drag-queen. Level 5 The Lancea Inquisition “Longinus is not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!” Pool: Composure + Subterfuge + Spam vs. target’s Resolve The most powerful spells of Theban Sorcery are made mute through this bizarre and unspeakable power. Bolts of lightening become soft cushions! Iron stakes become comfy chairs! Hell hath no fury like the washing up gloves of a Lancea Inquisitor!
  13. Coils of the Dragon in LARP

    Asking here mainly out of curiosity, and I've never played a Dragon character, but some friends of mine who have, say that while Coils of the Dragon are great in TT, they're somewhat redundant in most LARP circumstances as they are mostly downtime oriented. If this is correct, I'd say that severely limits their power compared to Cruac and Theban. Any thoughts and arguments on this?
  14. Tribe Books

    Ah, very interesting reading. Thanks for the info ppls. I want a Hunters book damn it! :-p
  15. Next Order Book

    What do you think/know/want the next Order book to be, and what do you want to see in it? Anything you think an Order seriously lacks that you'd like to see released?