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  1. Rawr, and stuff, hope all is goin good for you down there in sheep land Gav ^_^

  2. is illustrating the aesthetics of the macabre.....

  3. is illustrating the aesthetics of the macabre.....

  4. Martial Arts Question

    Ah wow Shikome u dabble in the arts of fighting I see? Me and my Father teach adults and children street defence part time, similar to cross training we have taken what we have learned from various disciplines and applied them in a more defensive, realistic application...... Elements from Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Judo and Dumog we train in.......
  5. More Lost Gav! -cracks whip-

  6. Writing Competition . . . .

    Not at all, nice stuff, thanks for entering
  7. Writing Competition . . . .

    Thanks for entering, will check my mail
  8. Writing Competition . . . .

    Hey all! I'm close to finishing my first picture for print status over on Deviant Art, to celebrate I'd like to involve you good folks here and on there.... So . . . . I'd like a small story written for this illustration below: Larger View . . . . My art can be quite vague at times and open to interpretation so this hopefully can be a fun and entertaining sidetrack to unleash all you creative minds out there. I'd say up to 250 words for the exert/short story.... I'll be adding some wilting flowers to this piece soon if that helps and adds to the ideas.... The winner will receive a free copy of this print (Download version) along with their story placed in the description if they wish so with full credit given.... Thanks and have fun Gav
  9. Wallpapers . . . .

    Great to see you here
  10. Wallpapers . . . .

    Thanks a lot And hey all, I'm back so expect to see some new stuff soon....
  11. Eidolon

    Ah much better! Still not finished but that's the general look and layout.... Was a fun little project to work on Gav
  12. Eidolon

    I'm currently revamping the design and artwork on the site, currently my old art is on there and I'm simply embarrassed how rubbish it actually is.......... I found out Luxifer was using some of my early stuff, I hate it, so I'm re-doing it for him.... The new graphics should go up shortly.................... Watch out....
  13. Wallpapers . . . .

    Ah hijacked! Time to make a new thread methinks, this time with extra thick brambles and thorns
  14. Wallpapers . . . .

    Hi folks . . . . Thanks, I'm a bit busy at the moment but I definitely intend to go back into the Changeling theme to continue my Dark Woods collection . . . . Maybe a few rainbows while I'm at it Haven't updated me site in a while, trying to build up my collection over on Deviant Art if anyone wants to stop by, some new stuff on there: http://gavade.deviantart.com/ Thanks Gav