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  1. true motion capture vid game tech is comming to ps3 and xbox 360 problem is it looks good on paper but sucks in actual use not that nintendos wii motion capture is all that good i would rather for the 8th generation vid game systems for motion capture and nintendo to except they should do softwere and leave hardwear to the adults

  2. true motion capture vid game tech is comming to ps3 and xbox 360 problem is it looks good on paper but sucks in actual use not that nintendos wii motion capture is all that good i would rather for the 8th generation vid game systems for motion capture and nintendo to except they should do softwere and leave hardwear to the adults

  3. The Howling Void World of Darkness

    thanks and i really like what u have on your sight. also the date chat and the artwork wow. good work and glade to see your back doing fan work and updating what u all ready did. thank you thank you my werewolf group is in for a surprise when we start back up in a few weeks. thank you for the great work and meny nights of insperation.
  4. After Hunter. What's next?

    well logistics would make the gamballing factoring that demon wraith mummy will return at some point i could even see orpheus returning is well in a variant. my guess is we will se a spirit wraith setting next year well see mummy in 2010 will see orpheus in 2011 and 2012 we will see a angel/demon setting. n ow if there going to du a left turn again my guess would be revanents and zombies as being logical critter conciderations or some psion based critter type. i doubt we will see far out there concepts like gene splicing mutation bio and cyberwere slthough anuther critter type posability would be robotics derived,is for the the other realms we could posably see a invasion story arc aka war of the worlds or star treks borg/species 8472 or a explanation for the primals like big foot or goat suckers. but i think they would stay far away from pulp type world setting or over the top drivil as early 1900s scifi radio shows tv shows and comics. thats not horor that just a bunckh of idiots playing who has the coolist toy of the week. world of darkness as about personel horror the type that makes u woulder at times if the noise u just heard was really the wind. the pulp age is borring to most gammers and duesnt fit the mold of world of darkness. adventure failled not cause its lack of being a world of darkness product it was a stylr the current gamers are not interested in playing or purchassing. the only pulp type campaign that grabbed a audeance is deadlands and eventhat has fallen in recent years. if there going to du it in the world of darkness i like the fact there trying to use a more if this was real approach then just creating a large number of books that add nuthing but in theroy look cool. so the simple issue at hand u dont like there direction then create ur own rules or send a idea to white wolf of what u want dune and see if they du it but i doubt we will see a pulp type world of darkness suplament ever. the only wacked out posability that could be comming as a tangents timline alternate realities based world of darkness game splat. im not going to be surprised if in hunter the vigil we get a historian indiana jones type hunter fraction or write up in the core book is harrison for and brandon frasiers charcters would be dead by now from the iniana jones movies and the mummy movies.
  5. WoD Cyberpunk

    may i sujest u give us here a little glimps of the core story elament ur working from. sence difreant cyberpunk and sci fi/fantasy shared worlds and novels might be more help then others, besides horror/sci fi type books. each writter has his own voice and each writter and designer brings a difreant current and reflection to the world there working on. the best place to start is at ur core concept and work from there then backword stepp it to mesh with the rules system. if u start with the setting and the story arc and fill in those details then work on meshing it with the rules things will go smouther then thinking rules first. shadowrun i have played all 4 edittions and the gurp and d20 versions and from bata notes working on a d20 2.0 and storyteller version of shadowrun. shadowrun is diffreant each step of the way if ur looking for a elament to hate u will find it the same with other worlds. 4th edition still keeps true to the past history but moves shadowrun forwerd in alot of the new cyber punk age id recomend any one wanting to du cberpunk merged with anuther genra type to atleast give 4th edit shadowrun and its books at least a read instore. im not saying shadowrun is perfect but its a good primer of how to du a layered concept and give it a elament of plausability that alot of worlds miss. is for cyber punk id say the merger and spicing of the blur between man and computer is a underlining issue besides what is being human. while its nice to move the story into a near future seatting and suck remember the charcter and the setting are importent work on ur base idea and get input from what ur player group wants and try to work that in too. remember the rules are to be a tool not a needed thing. ur world is the importent part and bringing the players into injoying that world. is for key points cyberwere biowere advanced tek robots nanites advanced medicine remember to update the uper splats world veiw to match the changed world protaganists antaganosts heroes myths urban legends conspericys space exploration interdimentional study psionics magic paranormal studies big brother one world goverment aganda there is a mind of good things to draw from non really stands out sence it all verys depending on ur story and time of ur story. alot of the underlining might change there tone or descriptions but it will be there. in my btvs rpg ussing the story teller rules i gave hints at a global conspiracy and when i ended the campaign the pcs found out the so called big brother consperacy was just there own fears getting the best of them. i hope that helps but remember still at its core cyber punk is about being human and that exploration no matter how we try to move away from being human. well i hope that helps i can if u want to pm me i can help u with research and exploring diffreant ideas so u dont shue horn urself into a one trick pony.
  6. Do you play indie rpgs?

    ok first of savage worlds is a core rules book while deadlands has bin around way longer then SW deadlands reloaded is a savage worlds suplament. deadlands clasic was a self contained rpg rules and world. deadlands also head a shoprt lived stint is a veriant D20 campaign is well. actually the term indie is anything not built on somthing preexisting that is origenal in campaign and machanics. little fears is indie but d20 koblds ate my baby is not. the reason d20 is mainstream and mass marketted and there in such has sold well over the 100,000 book mark in core needed rules books plus x variant or expansion rules. a true indie rpg is one that gets a small followwing and 5 or 10 years latter most die hardfan boys will know u published in mass. allthough marketting is easyer with online being so common place. alot of rpgs could be considered on the edge of indie but indie now is more a passe term to describe the difreance in mass apeal and niche appeal. me some games weather white wolf great white games eden wotc or a little indie labal its getting fans what they want. i was wonder anyone know what happend to the rpg called: the end? is for swearring in the right cotext i dont see a issue but txting or saying it just becouse u can and for no purpose is pointless. is for u skeptic adventure was not a wod product it was part of the trinity universe witch works way difreant the wod dues. while it was not a power setting its nice to see the wolf being able to experament outside of the world of darkness and while i will have a special place for wod i find scion exalted mc wod products to be refreshing and a nice freash air to step sideways for to breath from wod standerd fair. there is not going to be a designer writter or company that pleezes everyone but experamentation or testing the water is fine with me at times is long is main stay suffers not for the side step. and skeptic i have as well is others on the eden white wolf and here on shadownessence have said u got ideas u want to explore write a proposal to the company that produces suport for the matrix u like or submit a fan proposal to a fan sight and take the lead and devalop it. while im not published yet i have severial concepts im working on some i will in time share and others are for my own usage. u dont like the storyarc the designers and writters gave ditch it and create ur own and run it in ur game. no one is forcing u to keep what u dont like in ur game and if u dont like the naritive and like the machanis use what u like and ditch the rest. but sitting exspecting the company and the world to produce a product to ur specs wont happen so design it urself. i is well is others have offered to help u design concepts in the past but u have to step up and lead the way sence everyone has there own intreasts and vision. well me im working on a couple rpg projects and i have dune a few greenlight contracted projects that fell apart when the company went belly up. yaq its not a carrer focus for a livly hood u do it becouse u love the art craft and hobby and u can earn a few bucks. but i injoy creatting new ideas or taking published worlds and retoolling them for a system i prefere or taking a novel saga or comic and doing a fan rpg. ya i work on somthings with the intent of getting it published but also do a lot of things for the sake of expanding the hobby. to me expresion and creative is importent and being able to earn a few bright smiles and a few greenbacks for doing a hobby and doing somthing i love to du duesnt hurt and it makes the cold reality of the 9 to 5 go by that much easyernow that i decided to work on it. is for rpgs it will survive its a virus that the harder people seek to destroy it it grows and comes back ten fold. i believe ther is as much space for ogl type systems and world focused rpg systems. i dont think d20 was exscuted well and had ogl well thought out but it was a good way to show potential that is time goes on will be excuted better in the future. d20 has a place in the world so dues more science and build piont centric rpgs. everyone veiws things difreantly and has difreant intreasts tastes and needs but u look well enough u can find a published system to work with or if not no ones going to stop u from doing ur own weather for fun or publishing. in the end everyone walks away with somthing they can use or modify and if not well maybe they should not be in this hobby. getting back to the focus little fears is a asume game i got to play it a few years ago and while im not sure we did all the sytem crunch right we had fun. in nomine is ok i was not impressed but my freinds that have played the origenal tell me the amercanized version is a basterization. is for other indie type rpgs i have not played meny. i guess the rpg ;the end would count is a indie rpg or fringe mainstream. the end basickly picks up christ has returned judged the world and u play someone that did not meat the standerds to be judged u are one of the meak. most of the cosmic laws are wacked in the sence that animals are not mans freind anymore. its a interesting post religeus apocoliptic setting that had alot of potential. i dont remember much sence its biun five years sence i played and 6 sence i ran it. anuther is a savage world rpg suplament put out by ee knight for the vampire earth novel saga. i dont know much about the rpg book but the novel saga is a grounded post apocaliptic setting that uses sudo science to make it all work. im slowly working on fan (non profit) versions of ee knights vampire earth ussing the unisystem and core white wolf storyteller system. im not sure if my version is going to use the wod storyteller rules or the exalted version of the rules. if u look hard enough u can find somthing to float ur boat in the rpg fandom and if not u can allways do it urself, maybe inlist ur game group with the idea. well thats my 2 cents at the moment.
  7. Hello from Danielle

    welcome to the shadows and dont let the darkness scare u we dont really bite. well im old school wod myself it was only by comming to thise forum i decided to give nwod a fair try. while im sad to see owod end it atleast had some form of closure most rpgs never get. well owod has passed atleast into archives is far is whie wolf is concerned there are still groups out there working on projects for owod but white wolf has moved on to nwod exalted 2.0 scion and other realms. nwod is streamlined and a little more newbie storyteller and newbie player freindly but i know its hard to let go when u grew up with the old system but give nwod a fair shot. spend time reading the difreant sections of the forum and get a understanding before making a finite decision on nwod. well i have rambled enough just wanted to welcome u to the dakness and hope u say in the shadows for years to come.
  8. Promethean Interviews...

    well the only question that comes to my mind is this. is there going to be a concetion between promethians and the pandora s box myth? why i ask is i was talking with a freind about the the promethian concept working on building a gamming group now so that latter can use promethian to evolve them inot promethian chritter types when the book comes out. well the reason i ask this is acording to my freind after promethius let humanity have patheos and fire. he was punished three fold one account was the first punishment was being chained to a bolder he had tro carry with him at all times, the second was that no land would he find rest in both physically and eternally,and last was that he was to protect chaos and sorrow from humanity. its said that he failed the last and that pandora was cursed with guarding chaos for unleashing it on humanity. so i wonder if the pandora myth will be involved in the promethian game in some way?
  9. New Books. That You're Going to Buy.

    that was not a hiden aspect of you kumiko. i allready new that was a part of who u are. is for fiction i dont get why people have such issues white wolf produces mature products. they should produce what ever they like and if the fans dont like it the sales will show that doing x wont make the customers happy. i remember one of inquests clans for owod that people got made at the store for displaying the poster for the clan in windows. but these same people had no issues with the marval japanimia poster showing marval woman in revealling outfits. the werd thing is the white wolf posters were deamed offenseve to parants while the same parants that bitched about white wolf posters were stead fast to promote the limitted run marval japanime calander witch was offenseve to me and i watch porn and anime porns. i incountered a child and mother the other day at a hoby shop the child was waring a wwe deva shirt with trish stratus in a bathing suit that left nuthing to the creativity of anyone looking at the shirt. the mother was looking for a gift for her romantic intrest that was into games. the resadent minature artist was working on a minature for a white wolf demo. the minature was a deamon a female deamon to be exact. the mother was offendid becouse it was patted very authetic and is such was very revealling. the fact is the shirt her 7 yr old was wearring was more revealling and even showed mor skin then the minature. the mother was asked to take her buisness elsewhere and she continued to throw a fit. i dont believe were decensitised at all i think its our upbring and expereinces that shap us is older people. personly at my age i injoy reading all forms of fantasy and i know its fiction and it stays is a novel its the few that take fantasy and create the delusion of fantasy being reality that ruin the choices the respectfull veiwers of multi media with less options. it also does not help our goverment as more intrested in cathlic churchs opionion of our culture then woried about our own issues and own needs desires and wants. but thats my two cents
  10. Non-Atlantean Watchtowers: The Enochian approach

    way true. what i dont get is why the rules book doesnt inclued the posability for non atlantian orders. unless the mage counter part to vams mythologies will have that pandors box. i was thinking that sence there is fan suport for this kind of project maybe a net book to fill the void left open by white wolf.
  11. Grand Introduction

    welcome to the shadows. the mage forums are kimikos playground and yes she has a 6th sence when it comes to mage players joining the shadows of our internet halls. me i prefer to haunt all the forums. maybe ill catch you in the shadows remember its only a game the shadows will only sting a little is the darkness becomes a part of you. marry meet
  12. Blessed be the Mother

    hi welcome to the shadows well im from the southside of chicago and im in the final stages of setting up a group. witch race splat do you prefer the group im running is a normal human with powers like those found in second sight. send me a pm if your interested. and again welcome to the greater mystiries of the darkeness
  13. marry meet

    ya i know angel, that i write to much. im glade to see you excepted my invite. unlike the dnd boards this group is freindly for the most part. plus you got to meet others that walk in the shadows.
  14. new to the shadows

    welcome to my playground the shadows wont bite they just eat at your soul. marry meet. im glade u joined our little haunt. see you in the shadows.
  15. Promethean Questions...

    i thought zombies were undead that were controled and if not the primal urge of consuming fleash was there focus. if zombies were insouled it would be more likly the way there interputed in the net suplament for owod. is for ravanants ravanants are spirits with a desire for vengence. is for the imbued they seam to be the result of a atampt at creating life that some how got disrupted. i think imbued would fall more along the lines of a moderin scientist incountering a promethian and trying to recreate the process. is for the actual game at this point id like more of the mythos back story races phlosophys discuesed then the machanics i can wait for the matrix and rules till the book is released. is for the idea of side kicks would not the imbued fall in that roll. is for the scientist roll in all this it will be interesting to see how that fits in. is for the promethians i dont see them is being mockeries of life. there a left turn in the naturual order of the world. think about it life is we know it humanity animals plants microorganisms have had what billions of years to learn to coexist. now lets say in the real world we actually were discoverd by a allian race and we started to interact would that not disturb the naturual ecologicval balance. now take the Nwod the world has had what a couple thosand years to adapt to vampire a couple of million to adapt to shape shifters a good aon to adapt to magi. now what if say the promethians are a lost aspect of creation reawakened in the moderin age well now the world has to adapt to there presence. if promethians represant a difrent aspect of creation then say humanity and animals and the other supernaturual races it would be logical that at least humanity and animals would have uneasy or sick feelling when there around. not becouse of there physical nature becouse the aspect they represent poler oposits of the same core force creation so in escence there proximity causes a uneasy feelling in each other. but thats my take on what we have bin shown of them