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  1. Signs of the Moon Discussion

    I've just gotten back into Werewolf again after a long absence, and I was shocked to see such a book mentioned. I had thought that White Wolf had wrung all they could out of the Auspices already. Oh well. In any case... ...where is this book?
  2. Dungeons and Dragons

    Yeah, it's basically a fusion of D&D '3.75' and the World of Darkness. Modern horror instead of fantasy. Though you do have to remember that MCWoD isn't about magic items like D&D is, and MCWoD characters are more powerful because of this.
  3. GenCon Indy

    Hey everybody! I'm pre-registered for a four-day badge, plus I signed up for a Hunter: the Vigil game right away the first morning of the Con. It's run by the Faces in the Crowd White Wolf Demo Team, and it's not even full yet - they had it listed under "Hunters: the Vigil" by mistake. Anybody else going to this great event? It would be cool to meet some of y'all and put faces to names, plus you could still get in on that Hunter game and we could kick ass and take names for SnE!
  4. open play by post game?

    I suggest Dwell in Darkness. It's a WoD game based in San Francisco that just started up at the beginning of June. The staff is fantastic, and the writers are awesome. Play is a mixture of PbP and chat. Character types available are mortals (including Second Sight and wolf-blooded), changelings, vampires, ghouls, werewolves, and mages. There is little to no crossover, so you can just interact with one type if you wish. Creation is very generous - you can play right away with 0-40XP, and 41XP-160XP is allowed but must be approved before play. There are a few restricted stats/powers/items, and there are restrictions on the number of characters you can have. I'm one of the resident Werewolf experts on that site (there I'm known as LeapsFromShadows on the forums or Leaps on the chat), so if you have any problems/questions once you're registered, shoot me a PM or find me on the chat. I'll be glad to help.
  5. Territory

    Yeppers. Depends on the overall population of the area, the supernatural population of the area, and the physical layout of the area. If they're out in the rural prairie, a pack might control twenty or more square miles. If they're in a built-up urban area, they might control one block, one building, or even one floor of a building. Tribes aren't much of a concern in everyday werewolf life. It's the local packs that make a difference - and this goes for Forsaken and Pure. Pure packs do tend to cooperate more effectively, and more often. Forsaken packs can cooperate, but more often have variable relationships with their neighbors. Some months they'll be A-okay, others they'll be at each others' throats.
  6. [Sell me on] CtL

    Most of the time I hate this kind of thread, but for some unknown reason I've been getting more interested in Changeling over the past couple of months. When I paged through the core book the day it came out, I got a headache from trying to bend my mind around the concepts - but that didn't happen this time. So ... let me have it, CtL experts. What's this game about? What's so good about it? Are certain character types encouraged by the rules? I need everything, good and bad. This is your opportunity to turn me into a CtL fan!
  7. General Storyteller advice

    One good way of doing this is to download the demo of the game line you're playing. I don't know if there's a mortal one, but the werewolf one was pretty good at introducing the game. Otherwise, the Storytelling Adventure System is a good way of doing it as well. Each scene is spelled out, with NPCs statted up for you. Also included are a series of cards with the relative info for each scene, so you can play them in any order you choose (or any order the characters discover). SAS stuff can be found here.
  8. WoD: Innocents is on the shelves.

    When I first heard about the 'kiddie WoD' I didn't think I'd like it. Then I saw it on the shelf at my local Borders and paged through it. I like the rules clarifications, and I would also say that I see this as WoD 2.5 like one or two other posters. I really like the Asset/Fault substitution, and I've got MrGone making up a set of WtF sheets with that if/when he gets some spare time. I think the Stun rule works well for kids, but I wouldn't use it in a game with adult characters - too easy to kill that way. I'm still paging through the PDF, but I like what I see ... and I'm really looking forward to playing in a game.
  9. Character Review

    I think the XP represents both, and I've already expanded his background - and will likely continue to do so until I submit him for final approval. What I posted was the barest framework I started with. It's not really important to the character. Sure, it was a shock to finally hear things about his dad (who disappeared even before he knew the mother was pregnant), but he's several years past finding out anything new about him. Plus, what he does know about his father isn't good - he was simply a barely average Ivory Claw. This affects him directly, keeping him low in the hierarchy. He's not really a traditional starting character. He's been a werewolf for up to five years (haven't finalized the amount of time since his First Change yet). He simply looks like his father, so it was easy to tell that he had Ivory Claw blood - but it's not a blessing. Nobody in his recent ancestry (not even his father) has done anything notable for the Ivory Claws - that's where the weak bloodline comes in. Somewhere in the distant past the bloodline was heroic (to the Pure anyway), but it has lessened to being very mediocre nowadays. This is one thing that keeps him going - he's got ambitions that cannot be fulfilled because of the strict Ivory Claw 'strength of blood' policies. It is also his main reason for joining a mixed pack. He's been driven to become powerful himself, believing that he will be the one that brings the bloodline back to its former glory (just as his father before him thought that). Hehe. In this case, it's not faith in a deity.
  10. Character Review

    I play in an online WtF game and we're starting a new chronicle in a month or so. This new chronicle is unique in that some of the PCs will be Pure. I'd like to present his stats for review and would appreciate any comments on offer. I'll also be creating a Forsaken character for the new chronicle, but I'm waiting until Tribes of the Moon comes out to see about the character options in that book. I'll probably post that character for comment as well. Creation guidelines... XP is capped at 160 plus any unspent XP from previous chronicle. Pure character creation rules are those given in The Pure (p110), except Pure PCs get two free dots of Totem and three starting Gifts (one from Tribe and two 'free picks'). The staff at the site I play on don't like min-maxed characters, so he's not an optimized build. What I'm going for is a moderately powerful werewolf that used to be a lawyer. Normally, a character like that would have some Allies, Contacts, and maybe even Resources and Status to reflect his profession. However, his life turned upside down in the turmoil of the month before his First Change - everyone around him thought he was going insane and pulled away, and he lost his job and home. A Pure pack found him in a homeless shelter using their obscure rituals, and once they cleaned him up, it was found that he was the spitting image of a Tzuumfin that had recently died in battle with the hated moon-puppies. They prevented Luna from getting her hooks into him when he had his First Change, and they easily indoctrinated him into their way of thinking. His blood was mediocre at best, but it was enough for him to join his father's tribe. He's going to be in a mixed pack of Fire-Touched and Ivory Claws (all PCs). Name: Frederick Tomlinson (haven't determined a deed name - suggestions?) Tribe: Ivory Claws Lodge: None Apparent Age: Early thirties Physical Description: Caucasian, 5'9", 160lbs., brown hair, green eyes, thin but fairly athletic build Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2 Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3 Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulate 3, Composure 3 Mental Skills: Academics (Law) 3, Computer 1, Investigation 2, Politics 1 Physical Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 3, Drive 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2 Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Empathy (Motives) 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 3, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Subterfuge (Misdirection) 2 Merits: Barfly 1, Fighting Style: Tooth and Claw (Rage pp103-104) 3, Totem 2 **Spent six Merit points to increase Primal Urge to three dots Primal Urge: 4 Willpower: 5 Harmony: 7 Essence Max/Per Turn: 13/2 Virtue: Faith Vice: Envy Health: 8 Initiative: 6 Defense: 3 Speed: 10 Renown: Purity 2, Glory 1, Honor 2, Wisdom 1, Cunning 1 Gifts: Agony 1 (Pure p113), Agony 2 (Pure pp113-114), Dominance 1 (WtF p109), Dominance 2 (WtF pp109-110), Evasion 1 (WtF p113), Father Wolf 1 (WtF p115), Warding 1 (WtF p144) Rituals: 1; Rites: (1) Rite of Dedication (WtF p150), Rite of the Spirit Brand (WtF pp151-152), Shared Scent (WtF p151) Flaw: Weak Bloodline (Pure p111) XP Spent: 15 - Stamina 3 15 - Dexterity 3 03 - Animal Ken 1 15 - Brawl 2, 3 03 - Larceny 1 09 - Stealth 1, 2 06 - Survival 2 12 - Fighting Style: Tooth and Claw 1, 2, 3 32 - Primal Urge 4 12 - Purity 2 08 - Glory 1 12 - Honor 2 08 - Wisdom 1 05 - Rituals 1 02 - Rite (Rite of the Spirit Brand) 02 - Rite (Shared Scent) Total: 159 Note: By the time the current chronicle ends, I'll likely have another 20XP to spend. I'm going to use it to purchase Purity 3, as I want him to vie for pack alpha even with his Weak Bloodline Flaw. Any leftover XP will probably be used to buy a Skill dot or another Rite. I welcome any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. Thanks!
  11. Ghost Wolves

    I don't think Uratha are Forsaken by default. There are hints sprinkled throughout the fluff that Ghost Wolves are considered a fourth group (Forsaken, Pure, and Bale Hounds being the other three). It's just that their 'outsider' status isn't actually backed up in the crunch. Yes, they have an auspice by default ... but that doesn't make them Forsaken. Sure, they can join (tolerant) Forsaken packs, but they aren't fully trusted like a member of a tribe would be. The whole 'non-tribe tribe' thing keeps their Uratha relationships uncertain. Plus, their refusal to swear an oath to one of the tribal totems would cause rifts with those who have sworn such oaths and gone through some sort of initiation process. Their loyalty and honor would be questioned, and they might be accused of cowardice. That's the way my group considers Ghost Wolves anyway...
  12. Tribes of the Moon

    Cool! I think my next character's going to be an Elodoth or Irraka Hunter, and it looks like the book'll be released and approved just in time for Nightfall Toronto's new site (Nightfall San Francisco) grand opening, so I'll be able to use all the goodies I find in it.
  13. Tribes of the Moon

    Anybody else notice that the release date slipped to April 30th? Official Suckage™...
  14. Opinions of Changing Breeds

    I don't want a half-Mage or a human that sells his soul to shift into an animal form, so neither of those books is awesome to me. Faeries don't do it for me either, so Changeling's out. Mages are human, so again, not going to work. What I do want is a natural-born non-wolf shifter. Changing Breeds does that, even if they don't exist in Nopp's WoD. Plus, they have nothing to do with werewolves other than being natural-born shifters. They don't really know where they come from, and they don't have a shared society. Physically, there are other differences. By default, they have slower healing. Most have only three forms. Most won't have Gifts or spells or access to the spirit world (most PCs might, but that's not the same thing). Good - now that you've stopped, please don't start again. You might get your eyes clawed out by those of us who actually like cats.
  15. VtR Combat System

    Yes, the current WoD system is designed to be quicker because it involves less steps. There's no damage roll, and no soak roll. Only an attack roll where successes count as damage. Combats aren't all that much quicker though, because of the general powered-down nature of current WoD versus old WoD. Less-powerful characters deliver less-damaging attacks. Lots of whiffs happen too. Each turn takes less time due to less steps, but there are more turns per combat due to lower damage. Weapons (both ranged and melee) do help with this as they add dice to the attack.