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  1. poltical view test

    Okay, took the test got a few laughs. Sometimes, well a lot of the time, I needed another option or two... You are a Social Liberal (73% permissive) and an... Economic Liberal (30% permissive) You are best described as a: Democrat You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness. Wrong answer.... Anyways if you ever find a test that's more accurate I'd like to take that one.
  2. Basic DnD Love

    I sadly was never in a good D&D game. My first experience (and only) was what turned out to be a hack & slash, two minutes into the game and my characters gone, I want to write up a new character GM doesn't approve. The end. (Same thing happened with AD&D so, I am hoping it was only the GM.) Although if anyone lives near me and is willing to run I will gladly give it another go..
  3. I began...

    Hey it's not just a gamerguy's fantasy. I would love to find a group of girls willing to game.
  4. I began...

    I got a rather late introduction into table top gaming. I was 15 when I sat in on my first game, because I was the only girl they didn't let me make a character until I had sat in and watched a few gaming sessions. It was a Palladium Game, in which I played a half-elf ranger.
  5. PayPal Scam!

    The only reason I found the fake email in the first place was I was checking my email to make sure my donation went through. I don't check my email as much as I should.. After forwarding it to paypal they confirmed it was a phishing email and stated that they were doing what they could to shut down the site.
  6. PayPal Scam!

    For those who use paypal there is a fake email going around that looks like it is from paypal. Since so many people use paypal I thought I'd mention it. I have already forwarded the information to paypal and before anyone asks I didn't fall for it I just don't want anyone to loose any money and/or time dealing with this. Paypal is doing what they can to try to shut the site sending the emails down but they might not work fast enough. And there is always a new phishing site popping up. The one I received stated: Dear Paypal Customer, This email confirms that you have paid Mrwireless (sales@phoneuse.com) $294.85 USA using Paypal. This transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL PHONEUSA.*" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PayPal Shopping Cart Contents Item Name: Nokia 7280 - Color Screen, Camera Built-In Quantity: 1 Total: $294.85 USD --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cart Subtatal: $294.85 USD Sales Tax: $15.00 USD Cart Total $309.85 USD --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shipping Information Shipping From: Address Status: Unconfirmed --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you haven't authorized this charge click the link below to cancel the payment and get a full refund. Then there's a link to "Dispute Transaction" .
  7. Banned Player

    It was my Hardback copy of VtM (WW2300) which until now was in mint condition. All my pointy weapons are in a locked gunsafe at my grandpa's until my daughter is old enough. On the jail side, he came back over last night at 2:00am and was drunk!! I didn't open the door just called the police. I think he might have some problems with reality, being that this is a game he is getting soo upset over. Currently not sure on his address since he just stays at anyone's house who will let him. Not sure who will let him now that he's snapped.
  8. Gaming quotes

    The only one popping into my mind right now is a OOC one from a few weeks ago. Me and a few other people had been gaming for at least four hours when we called for a break, so everyone could refill on coffee, step outside to smoke, and I needed to put my girl in bed. We all got settled back down to continue the game when another friend of mine showed up late (because of work) and as soon as he opened the door said "Is this the right place for the random spontaneous LARP?" at which point we all respond at the same time "No that is two doors down." My 2-year daughter right after we say that steps around the corner and yells, "OH Hell Yes!" causing everyone to break into laughter. And me to have to take her back to bed
  9. Explain your avatar!

    My avatar is a pic of me as one of my characters. (and the only one I could use photoshop on to get down to the right size and not look so bad)
  10. Banned Player

    I already decided on something, my favorite antagonist NPC is going to make an earily appearance in the chronicle. That way the good players will have to figure out if said player's character was the real target or if it was one of them. Giving them one more thing on their long list of things to deal with....
  11. Banned Player

    The game he "ruined" was the chronicle everyone request that I run.. And since I've got tons of sub-plots, possible plots, ect. it's fun for everyone (everyone that does not take it personal when their character gets hurt) each time it's ran. On the plus side I'll have to think of a creative way to kill off his character next game
  12. Banned Player

    This is the first time I've had to deal with banning a player and I am glad it is not just what I think was right. And I just had to deal with him again, he came over to try to talk his way back into my game. I stood my ground and told him if he didn't leave I would call the police, lucky me I have a neighber who works for the dept. of corrections who overheard and came over. It was more than enough to scare him off
  13. Banned Player

    I was more worried about calming my girl down at the time (before the second book was thrown). The other players did make sure he left since I was physically unable to at that time, since I was holding her and trying not to curse. I know my girl and she would have repeated those words. I did just get off the phone with every ST I know (and have phone numbers for). I let them know what is going on, so that noone else gets hurt by this person. He will have to travel a good distance and find a new group in which to play.
  14. Banned Player

    I was thinking I was in the right I just needed some second opinions.
  15. Banned Player

    Has anyone else ever had to ban any player(s) from attending any and/or all game(s) that you run or might run in the future? Until last night I never even gave it a thought. If I had a problem with a player (or just didn't like them) I found a compromise that worked so that gaming could continue. And now I need some outside opinions. I will give the short explaination how it came up and a little on the background of the player that is no longer allowed in my game. Me and three people decided to continue on with one of my chronicles, all was going fine until the other player showed up. (we had called him to let him know we were gaming and he had said he couldn't come). I thought all good another player let's continue, took me a while to get his character caught up with the others. (while he complained loudly that we shouldn't have continued without his character) Long story short, his character had taken some damage, HE threw a fit, threw one of my books at me, missed me and almost hit my two-year old daughter. I called for a time out, to let everyone cool down a bit. While I was picking up my daughter to calm her down he threw another book at me and yelled that I was being unfair. (I try not to let players fly through a game, to me what fun would it be if everything gets handed to you.) It hit me in my back hard enough to leave a bruise. In the past he threw fits but nothing like last night, but everytime something went wrong with one of his characters he basically made it hard on everyone. Spent a bit of time trying to conveince the ST (weither me or someone else) and other players that what happened should not have happened to "HIS" character. He also wants his characters to be the center of everything that happens in a game and takes it personally when his characters are not. I told him until he can behave like an adult he is banned from my games and all games I host at my home. I am in the right or the wrong? Anyone else have any problem players? (stories) How do you deal with them?