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  1. WTF? Kermit Sings Hurt?

    OMG! That is SOOO effed up! Just sent it too all my friends.
  2. Dr Who!

    Love this show! Been watching it since the Tom Baker days.
  3. Gender check.

    Good call! For myself though...male.
  4. It's Turkey Day!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans!!!
  5. Storyteller Characters

    I'm all for GMC's. I find them to be tremendously helpful, especially with small groups. Besides, they're a lot of fun. The game I'm running now, only has 2 players. The primary theme for the game is mystery. The players are both investigators. The GMC, can be used to throw out hints when the players are stuck. GMC's can be a source for story hooks as well. ie: with an interesting list of flaws attached he's also something of a ward for the players. ie: He frequently gets into trouble or causes trouble for the players to deal with. Because there are only two players he's also (currently) something of backup in combat. Resctrictions. I don't let him be the real hero. He's more like an R2-D2 / C-3PO character. ie: he serves as a somewhat vital role to the group, but, he will never be the one to destroy the Death Star. I also reward the GMC less experience points. He started out a little more powerful then the PC's but as the PC's advance, they should need less support from the GMC, as such he'll be less powerful and unable to be the real hero. But, he will still serve his other functions.
  6. nWoD Changeling

    I'd rather see a revamping of CtD, then a nWoD version.
  7. Atlantis and You

    No offense taken...you have a right to your opinion; and you may even be right. As I do hate change. A friend (who's a long time gamer) tried to sell me on the game, and the more he told me about the game, the more I didn't like it. I did have a chance to look at the new werewolf book and didn't like that either. Maybe it's because I had a radically differant idea of how the game should've progressed. Could also be in part that I have Atlantis as a deep umbral setting...I could post info about that...if anyone's interested - PM me.
  8. Semi-OT: Ravenloft.

    Wanna make Strahd even more cool? Meke 'im a Tzimisce; like I did the last time I ran him.
  9. SNe Needs Your Help!

    I donated maybe a week ago...
  10. BloodRayne {the horror the horror}

    That movie was complete ass, from opening credits to the end...
  11. Atlantis and You

    That whole Atlantis thing is a primary reason for my staying with Ascension...
  12. Semi-OT: Ravenloft.

    I 1st played Ravenloft, back when it was a stand alone module in the 80's. It's a great setting, with a lot of potential. As for Lord Soth, I have the module about him and my players actually did defeat him...barely. As I've mentioned elswhere here, I feel it's a great setting for Mage: the Ascension as well and have run a couple stories there.
  13. ID # 4GD96469KP288443M

    Wish I could spare more, but, I'm trying to buy a house and really short on cash. $10.00 USD from Ben the Bear at yahoo dot com
  14. The Pledge of ShadowKnights

    #vi pledge # I pledge to always maintain good behaviour when I post. This means staying on topic and maintaining a polite tone, even when arguing an issue. I will not make demeaning or derogatory comments about another poster, such as name-calling or personal attacks, which are not acceptable and if I do, the mods shall rm -r my digital butt. J.D. ' ' ' ' ' :wq new file pledge #
  15. What are your Five Favorite Movies..

    It was "Hackers" and "Sneakers" that got me interested in doing computer work.