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  1. It's my Bday Woo~

  2. It's my Bday Woo~

  3. Fighting Style: Kailindo

    I was also a fan of the Stargazers and Kalindo. I would like to see an adaptation to NWoD as well. I think that it makes sense for a Fighting Style specific for the Forsake would be appropriate.
  4. Milestones

    It's possible so this way you don't have players deciding their own Milestones prematurely to just gain power Hadn't thought about it but then again with my gaming group I don't have to worry about that.
  5. Milestones

    I agree 100% Promethean has always been my favorite of the new WoD games especially since it is completely original having no real predecessor in Old WoD. I've always been a big of the players deciding how their characters end. Not necessarily killing off their characters but arriving at the end of their character's story. It allows the player to get deeply connected to their character and also allows them to decide when it is time for them to retire them. Leaving the chronicle still flowing and growing just like in real life. In real life people, move away, die, get arrested, what have you and the world keeps spinning. I agree that Milestones should be the same way. The player should decide when something is important and note worthy to their character. In a Promethean game I ran called "The Nature of a Man" The characters we're learning what it meant to be human, and one character actually decided against it, she didn't want any part of a creature that is so self-destructive.
  6. REMINDER: The Branded Usergroup

    I got some interest in joining the Promethean group. It is easily my favorite of the new WoD games. second being Mage, then Changeling, then Werewolf and ahem... vampire being a distant last.
  7. A Gathering of Wolves

    Well that sucks. I hope you can produce more soon. I really do like the Forsaken a lot more then the Garou. But it's slightly askew dealing with this inner rage and spiritual side that is now more personal of an experience then with WtA. Irregardless, I'm always a fan of what you've put out so far it is always well thought out and written well.
  8. All and all I went back to episodes 1-4 (listening to the rest right now) and I really like the chemistry you have. It sounds like gamers sitting around talking about games which is a good thing! I luv it you got yourself a subscriber
  9. A Gathering of Wolves

    Has some interesting stuff there I look forward to seeing what transpires. I always found it hard to come up with WtF stuff I dunno why. when it came to WtA I could pull them off left and right.
  10. I'll take a listen alittle later on.
  11. The Forsaken wild west

    It was an Apocalypse: Wild West setting. But most of the core themes and moods can be transfered over. I haven't run a core forsaken game but I have had Vampire or Mage games with werewolf players. Once again it's all gonna depend on what your going for in your stories. The sense of surviving against the elements, the lawlessness of the west, the frontier lands, lots of areas to draw on. I'd suggest 3:10 to Yuma at least for a rent as well as GUN.
  12. WoD: Immortals

    Yes actually judging from the cover art and the various adds placed conveniently into certain WoD supplements. The coverart was very misleading with a mummy in it maybe that is why people thought it was going to be NWoD Mummy I know I did. It wasn't what i was expecting but i did certainly enjoy it.
  13. How I play World of Darkness games

    I agree with that completely. after reading the WoD core book and second sight I thought maybe a Sanity rating similiar to Call of Cthulhu would be more appropriate. I mean they kept hinting at it so much.
  14. The sheep fight back

    I would like to join a mortals Group. I always love the average person who can overcome all adversities.
  15. What is your LEAST liked Covenant?

    Invictus hands down. I found it redundant.