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  1. The Shadow Realm

    As it seems I don't agree with other people's view of the Shadow Realm, I wonder how the boys and girls here envision it. I see the Shadow Realm as a place of extremes, but not just violence. Although there are dangerous places and creatures abound in the Shadow, I don't think it's like that everywhere. Sure there are malicious spirits, but I'm sure there are benign spirits too, but probably to an extreme, provoking apathy and inertness, like say, a peace spirit. Although not all spirits are evil, all are probably dangerous as we don't understand their nature completely, as they don't understand ours. A homocidal spirit will inevitably try to kill anything, or at least provoke murder, but a spirit of joy will not. Although a joyful spirit may still be dangerous as it sends people into dangerous fits of ecstacy and feelings of invincibility. The Shadow Realm is a place of ephemera, but the spirits here are born into their being, so they must thrive in order to survive. I think there are spirits that are in a constant rage and destroy everything on their path, and some spirits (like spiritual wolves) may hunt just about anything to gain essence. But some spirits may be just territorial, like tree spirits protecting forests and not leaving them, but killing creatures that try to harm it or the plants in it's territory. There may be spirits that lurk behind corners, in caves or under bridges, waiting for their next victim. And maybe there may be spirits that just want some company, like spirits of loneliness, that will take care of other spirits, but won't let them go, resulting in the destruction of other spirits. I'm sure there a re palces of beauty in the Shadow Realm and not just places that are malignant or evil. Every place may be potentially dangerous for someone not native to the place, but that doesn't always mean the spirits are out to kill them.
  2. Transition...

    How about we split this off? I'll open a separate topic about the essence of the Shadow Realm, so we can bicker about it there.
  3. Cyberpunk Mage

    I thought so. People left without a soul start to slowly wither away, becoming nothing more than shambling husks, aimlessly wandering the alleys of the city. They'll be picked up by criminals to perform menial tasks like cleaning or even serving as meat shields. Women might be recruited to serve as sexslaves. Maybe the Seers of the Throne might even pick these people up from the street and make something like Soylent Green. Tremere use their Soul Jar spells to store the souls in cartridges, able to be inserted into implants worn by the Tremere, for easy consumation of the souls. The cartridges might be reused and slowly degrade, tainting the souls that are contained and sickening the Tremere consuming them. The Tremere might even make their implants useable by normal people, creating a dangerous but oh so delicious drug from the souls, giving the user a short fix of happiness that seems like a lifetime, but only lasts a few seconds, leaving the user craving for more.
  4. Transition...

    I'm sure it does. But I doubt the essence of every spirit in the Shadow Realm will be some form of corruption. I'm sure just about every spirit might be malicious and try to kill humans, but I prefer to see the Shadow Realm as a place of complete madness (in the eyes of a visitor), instead of horror. I doubt a tree spirit will be wielding a big sword and run after people relentlessly. That may be true for a wrath spirit or some kind of hunting spirit, but I think something like a tree spirit will be more interested in protecting it's territory, using things that resonate with it's essence to protect itself rather than use objects that aren't naturally related with it. By the way, I saw some scenes that would have been awesome in a videogame (being chased by those insects or doding that blade ripping through the door), but I don't think those things have a place in a movie more than once or twice without some storybuilding in between.
  5. Cyberpunk Mage

    The Disbelief of regular people may have been eliminated, as magic is becoming more common. With the morw widespread understanding of magic, the Abyss may react stronger, creating Paradox more easily, as the Abyss lashes back at even covert magic. Sponsored use of magic may result in places that harness it, drawing out Abyssal creatures, Verges being created in the deepest parts of the cities, frequent releases of violent spirits as a means of easily eliminating competition. With the use and misuse of magic, more Scelesti and Tremere might appear, maybe even forming crime syndicates and setting up networks for illegally smuggling souls. The orders may have fully accepted technology as a means to work magic and a sixth order might have started to appear, trying to banish technology altogether, or at least from magic use. Banishers may have disappeared completely, as magic becomes more of a mundane activity, but instead mortal hunters become more frequent, using normal weapons and magic detectors (or something like that) to find and kill mages. The Seers of the Throne run the large corporations, ruling the masses by commercial ads and contracts that come with their products. They even use subliminal messages in texts and images to urge mortals to find and report 'illegal' users of magic. New drugs may create more Awakened, often recruited by the Seers. The SotT may even have breeding programmes for mages and laboratories are researching the gen responsible for Awakening.
  6. Transition...

    I watched Silent Hill yesterday, and I must say: it sucked. I'm sure it could work out for a videogame, but as a movie, I don't like it. I can see some of the monsters being effective as spirits (like that guy with the huge blade as a murder spirit), but that's the only thing I could see to be of use in a Mage game. Or anyway, it doesn't work out the way I envision Mage. The changing of the real world into the temporary demon territory, however, may be useful. I like the way the walls are covered in blood and then peel off, revealing something completely new. That might work for the opening of a Verge.
  7. Transition...

    I've read up on the stuff a little, bit there's surprisingly little on it in the core book. Do any other books have more on it? So if I understand it correctly, you don't go 'into' Twilight, but you 'become' Twilight, as your essence changes from material to ephemera. Like a sort half-state, you're not completely part of the realm you're in. In that case, I think zooroos' idea of a change of perception isn't all that strange, since the only thing that actually changes is you, like Frodo putting on his ring. Talking about that, I think Frodo actually becma ephemeral instead of just invisible, as no one but the ringwraiths could see him, who themselves were partially ephemeral.
  8. Transition...

    You're right, my bad. So what's a rift between the mortal world and Twilight called?
  9. Transition...

    Alright, I get it. The same as I've described, but with teeth, right?
  10. Warhammer

    Where, tell me. In Vaals? If you're looking to buy Warmachine, you're going to have some trouble finding it in the Netherlands. The only stores I know that still sell Warmachine are Subcultures in Utrecht and Gameforce in Eindhoven (which does postorder too, by the way). Atomik in Sittard used to carry a bit of it, but it didn't seem to catch on and Vliegeruit in Maastricht is just looking at it at the moment, but they're a GW store, so I doubt they'll be selling Warmachine anytime soon. If you want to buy Warmachine, you're best off on the net or in Belgium, where Warmachine is getting pretty big (although I don't know any stores there). Eternalwar.nl is selling Warmachine, so you might try that. Other than that, Ebay may be a good option, but I still don't really trust that stuff yet. Hope that helps. When and if I have some more money to spend (in other words, when I stop spending money on other useless things), I'm thinking of adding some units to my basic box of Menites. I'm thinking of going for an Exemplar theme, since I already have Kreoss and I like the Paladin of the Wall and the regular Exemplars and their ability to become stronger when their numbers go down. I've deviated from the standard painting scheme of Catholic like Menites (like this), or at least I think they look like Catholics. My little guys have more of a desert scheme, which makes my warjacks look abit like tanks instead of choirboys. [edit] Gameforce has a list of stores in the Netherlands that sell Warmachine, click here. Atomik is still on that list, so I don't know if that list can still be trusted.
  11. Transition...

    I don't really know Silent Hill and I wouldn't know who envisioned it that way and why. I thjink the Shadow realm, with it's wide varieties of spirits, would be a place of extremes that overlaps our own world. Since spirits are drawn to places that resonatr with their essence, they probably empower each other, so the spirit becomes stronger around those places and the places grow stronger with the presence of the spirits. And yes, the banners are shiny.
  12. Lower Depths/ Underworld

    I would probably not use the Underworld until the Pc's were strong enough to cope with it. It's meant to be dangerous enough, I'm sure, as it is hard to find, possibly even for the dead. The Lower Depths might even come close to a christian concept of Hell: dark and dreadful, full of torture and suffering. If there ever will be a Demon game for nWoD, this might be where they come from. I'm guessing that Stygia might be somewhat of a place like Elysium and the Underworld more like Tartarus, a place of punishment and torture. Although to the longer residents the pain might be very real and physical, new arrivals will probably experience psychological torture, like visions of their pasty life and loved ones, fully knowing they can never return to them, or even seeing visions of their loved ones being tortured. Before starting to wallow in their own pain (and shutting other things out), new arrivals may see other ghosts wandering the Underworld, possibly chasing their own delusions, moaning in pain. Even visitors may slowly start to focus on their visions and soon forget everything else, becoming permanent residents of the Lower Depths. As for what I think it may look like to temporary visitors: Dark and damp cavernous walls form long and winding corridors. Larger spaces are either cavernous, or sometimes tainted by their residents, shaped into depressing versions of cathedrals and mausoleums. There is no light here, only varying amounts of darkness and shadow. The restless dead, mere shadows of what they were in life, haunt the Underworld, their faces (or what is left of that) torn with grief and anguish. Dreadful moans and painful shrieks fill the entire Realm, only relieved by silent places of ever grieving ghosts, sobbing and crying without end. Some long residing ghosts have cast their pain on the walls and floor of the Underworld for so long, that they have actually manifested, resulting in dangerous dungeons where these ghosts are eternally tortured or places where every fear and phobia are made real: caverns filled with crawling, ghostly spiders, cramped spaces and vertigo inducing depths. Only by their own merit are those dwelling and visiting here in danger. Their sorrows and fear are made real, and even the fearless and extremely aloof will fear and worry enough for the Underworld to be hazardous to them.
  13. Warhammer

    Uhm, somehow it seems like we're talking about tournaments here, instead of just an afternoon game. Am I right? If not, it's madness. I could 'get' the stores preferring you wouldn't play with non GW models, but banning unpainted and proxied units is a little too much for me. As long as the other party accepts this (I would probably let it slide, but be mildly agitated by the hundreds of snow white Skaven in my face), it's fair game I would say.
  14. Transition...

    If we're going movies, how about Constantine, where he enters hell through concentration and a tub of water? He enters a realm where destruction holds sway, buildings are burning and destroyed, cars crashed and wrecked, agony seems to seep from the screen and malicious creatures lurk behind corners and wreckages. Your metaphor for Twilight is cool. The whole world going grey-blueish, a wind that constantly blows and living things seem to fade out, while ephemeral creatures fade in. It's pretty shocking, so it'll work for a mage who knows what's going on. But I like to think about other things, like mortals stumbling into a verge on a cemetery. Everything going as grey as the tombstones, which seem to slowly crumble as the sky above them goes dark with clouds. They wander around, wanting to know what's going on, enter the church and see ruined pillars, decaying benches and a cracked altar, statues of saints green with mosses and algae. Soon he will feel depressed and fearful of the moaning and the sight of tortured ghosts in buildings and all too soon it will be too late for him to refind the verge, be lost in Twilight forever and soon become a ghost himself, bound to the cemetery where he was cut off from life.
  15. DnD 4th Edition

    Welcome to the World of Darkness. I know about people still using the 2nd edition rules, so don't worry. There are alot of books out for 3.5, not all of them great, so you have more than enough stuff for years of fun with 3.5. Personally, I think 4.0 is, at the moment (judging from people's opinions on messageboards) looking at a pretty grim future. But fanboyism will probably make sure that 4.0 will prosper anyway.