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  1. Welcome all

    Anyone who wants to help is welcome to. I can't help much myself but, I can try to give you ideas.
  2. Röma Nâim Ârt

    The Nossie looks rather cute! ^^
  3. Around the World: Isle of Snowflakes

    LS comes and goes. You can send her a private message by clicking her name and then message. Also, welcome to SnE. ^^
  4. The Latest White Wolf News

    I've read the offensive chapter in question and I'm glad they decided to excise the entire section. It should never have gotten past editing.
  5. Sales targets for 5e

    .... And that's a good thing,Growls?
  6. C20 Kithbook Boggans

    I found the Contract Art weird too. Wouldn't the consequences of breaking an oath -- even if it wasn't you breaking it -- be noticed almost immediately? I also don't like Dragon's Ire being turned into an Art. It's much more fun raising the Ire whenever we needed too, because that's the way fae are.
  7. Hello and Guten Tag

    *hands Varu a Glamour Slushie* Welcome to the fora! How do you pronounce your handle, if you don't mind me asking? Does it mean anything?
  8. Amaranth is working on it. Sorry guys. ><
  9. Changeling: a Lexicography

    Now with the proper name of two of the Fomorian Courts! Coming soon: all the Lost Kith and the canon Martyrs of Beltaine.
  10. C20 Kithbook Boggans

    What don't you like about C20, Cav?
  11. No one other than Staff can get in, so at the moment, no. Here's a direct link: Court of Shukura.
  12. I haven't kicked anybody out, so that's not the problem. Mortekai's trying to help. Real life is also sucking for me. *wing hugs Ellie* Hope things get better for you.
  13. Mage: the Awakening Second Edition

    *wing hugs Libra* That helps a lot! Thank you! ^^
  14. Creepy two sentence stories

    I'm fairly sure some of these are from the 100 creepy WoD stories thread, but they're still neat. ^^