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  1. Creepy two sentence stories

    I'm fairly sure some of these are from the 100 creepy WoD stories thread, but they're still neat. ^^
  2. C20_Book_of_Freeholds

    It's not as fun as the chapter in Dreams and Nightmares, but it's useful.
  3. Court In case this helps. I can get to it, but I'm not sure how to fix it unless someone helps me.
  4. Kickstarter 18 - Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition

    There are 13 main kith, including non-Scathach Autumn sidhe, 21 Thallain, some of the House Boons and Flaws have been reworked -- Balor and Leanhaun are now actually playable. Some of the Arts were nerfed *looks at Metamorphosis and Chicanery* we now have seasonal Arts, Dragon's Ire is now an Art (though I'll use the old rules), Revelry (which allows you to refresh all your Glamour at once) is awesome. More info, single paragraphs mainly, about the rest of the world outside of Concordia, Kinain have been reworked which is pretty neat. Permanent enchantment is now possible. ^^
  5. How rare are the old books now?

    I used to be able to find them cheap where I used to live. My FLGS is going out of business soon though. *sigh*
  6. Zeroninja

    I can't help, I live in a different state, but I'm crossing fingers for you. *wing hugs*
  7. Renaming the forums

  8. Renaming the forums

    Still need to figure out how the admin stuff works. So, we wait then.
  9. Renaming the forums

    I'll get on it once I re-familiarize myself with the admin tools.
  10. Is there anyway to get SnE more active again?

    If I can figure out how the interface works, I can do it. Just PM me. ^^
  11. Mage: the Awakening Second Edition

    I literally can barely read the pdf. I had to put it down.
  12. So where do we stand now?

    I hope the newer PoD stuff and everthing else eventually get to local FLGS's. Not everyone has the internet.
  13. It's been a long, long time

    Thanks Libra! *wing hugs*