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  1. Arrow & Supernatural in relation to HtV

    How would one stat them, as ollie from arrow would be easier to stat than the Winchesters, as by season 5, they are top tier hunters..
  2. I was in a chat and we were talking about tv shows and it was suggested that Oliver/Arrow from the CW show would be a hunter as he has no powers per say but is a highly skilled individual. Also what is everyones thoughts on Sam, Dean and such in regards to HtV as I was told they would fit better there than in HtR.
  3. Picture of The Super Black Predator

    picture him and his 2 other team mates (The Falconer & Tusk) hunting down your chars ass, talk about a legs don't fail me now kinda moment.. http://img101.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=predators20.jpg
  4. Wanted

    saw it last night and it is a total euthie movie. that was going through my mind almost the entire time. It also has a nice ass shot of jolie.. man she is hot..
  5. Coming Soon: G.I. Joe The Movie

    Yeah, Everyone who is involved in the project is said to be enjoying it sofar and Ray did have to brush up on his Snake Eyes history by reading the comics for his appearance and such..
  6. Coming Soon: G.I. Joe The Movie

    did anyone check out the pictures of snaek eyes which look bad ass..
  7. Anyone having trouble hitting the white wolf site?

    check this out..
  8. Simpson The movie

    I got a good laugh out of this movie and the spider pig bit was funny.
  9. Can someone assist me with writing some descriptions ?

    Im not too lazy or whatever you want to call it, just burned out by the time I get to the description process. As when you play online you have to have a description and maby a pic, but for mage you also have to do the whole paradigm, and to me that is the most difficult part of it all, which leaves me somewhat exausted creativly when I get to the description process..
  10. Coming Soon: G.I. Joe The Movie

    http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809993532/info all I can say is "Yo Joe !" though I would liked to have seen that drunk Shipwreck possibly in it..but Snake Eyes just looks bad ass..
  11. Can someone assist me with writing some descriptions ?

    for one celestial cohrus, and for the next 2 cox. I have the basics, like height, weight ect and a pic or two of the 3 chars but im drawing a blank. And Incase you didnt get it, Morrigan, I wanted to see other peoples take on a description as no two writers will write the same thing, and if anyone else wanted to take a stab at it, I wanted to see it. so if I offended you in some way, I apologise. And just physical descriptions. the setting takes place in kansas city mo. CC: http://s216.photobucket.com/albums/cc167/b...ent=Image09.jpg Height: 6 feet Weight: 180 Age Range: 27 - 35 Physique: Athletic Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Short Eyes: Blue Cox: http://s216.photobucket.com/albums/cc167/b...current=GL8.jpg Height: 5' 7" Weight: 105 pounds Age: 25 CoX: http://s216.photobucket.com/albums/cc167/b...ent=Image40.jpg HEIGHT: 5'9" HAIR COLOR: Brown EYE COLOR: Brown
  12. Can someone assist me with writing some descriptions ?

    mage the ascension, and people is who you would be describing. dont feel shy about dropping me a im about it either..
  13. for some characters im creating as i seem to have a case of writers block and could not find a better place for a topic like this..
  14. Lawmaker: Gays worse than terrorists

    someone needs to tell her to shut her racist mouth..
  15. Lost Boys 2?

    the full trailer is on youtube and is more bad ass than the mtv version though the frogg brothers would be the same thing in the old wod as in the new one, just some bad ass vampire slayers that are creative in their means of weaponry which is not a bad thing by a long shot..