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  1. Great Source of Paranormal + Mad Science

    Its useful to both. Massive Dynamics could definately help a ST understand how Cheiron might function, but most of the mad science, which is really what the show is about reminds me more of Saturnine Night, but eh. Tis a good source of WoD-like stuff.
  2. How do you place subtle hints?

    Ah, I don't know if this is actually helpful or not, but I think I over-saturate my settings with details which has actually really helped me to slip subtle hints into my games. At first, my players latched onto every bit of music, every broadcast, every detail in the room that I mentioned because they were used to gaming with people who would only mention such things if they were pertinent. But me, I just like detail for detail's sake on occasion. Eventually, they realized that. Now, they're never sure. Is it important that I mention a stain trailing down the hall or do I just think the mental picture is cool? ...Is that at all helpful?
  3. Who else out there is watching Fringe? Already after the first three episodes I want to play Promethean some more. The show has that special blend of Mad Science and the sense of menace of the World of Darkness as a whole. Plus, their resident mad scientist is totally demi-urge material. Anyway, love the show. Thought I'd mention it.
  4. Starting Afresh

    My old group fell apart. Political malarky. So, one of my old players who I ended up in the same camp with when our group civil war hit called me up and asked if I wanted to start roleplaying again with him and some of his. I said yes and now we're thinking about getting me back in the ST seat myself. I had always promised that a full on Promethean chronicle would be the next thing to come out of my workshop, for my love of the game is fierce and without bounds. However, I'm aware that Promethean is probably not the easiest WoD game to introduce those in this new group who are kind of going, "There's a morality system? What's with all the dots? Isn't this game about vampires or something?" So I'm taking it slow, introducing bits of the Promethean aspect at a time. I'm thinking of it in terms of how in some action video games, throughout the first level or two you unlock certain abilities and are given time to kind of play with them before the game forces you to kill mounds of zombie mutant ninja nazis...or, y'know, whatever. So, we'll see how that turns out. Hopefully it will permit me to control the complication level of the game till I feel like everyone's ready for the training wheels to come off. Also, I'm writing the first story in the chronicle as if it were an open-ended one shot so that if they really just don't get/like it, well at least I'll have some closure. That being said, I have to pose a few rapid fire questions here. *I know that pyros can be brought to the surface to use as a weapon, ect., but could that fire be forcibly drawn to the surface of a promethian? I mean, could someone else cause that reaction to occur without his will or permission being involved? *Pandorans and Freaks can get big, like really big. They can also grow tenticles and such. I've envisioned something of this nature only mostly underground, its tenticular appendanges growing over buildings in a now-abandoned town like vines. The idea of an antagonist town literally speaking came from a review of a silent hill game I saw recently where the reviewer described the town itself as seeming to be the ultimate antagonist. *Could a Centimani forcibly transmute a captive promethean to further his reasearch? Now, I'd never do this with a player character (or maybe I would...) but mostly I'm considering it for NPC purposes. *Finally, does anyone have any really handy advice for a pure-promethean chronicle. I've never run one that was just Prometheans before. Never was permitted to before. Any unexpected pitfalls you guys may have experienced or things you've found just work really well. I'm open to all ideas and such. Even things that people would just really like to do in an all Promethean game. I love ideas of all shapes, sizes, colors and consistancies. Anything anybody's got will be appriciated. Cool, thanks in advance. -Ven
  5. What is your LEAST liked Clan?

    I thought about this one based not just on personal preference, but also on what every player I've played with since V:tR came out has had to say on this subject and I have to say Mekhet. First glance would say Ventrue because all my player's characters always seem to talk a great deal of shit about the Lords, but most of my most beloved NPCs have been Ventrue. Not at all the way I planned it, but that's how it worked out. Ultimately, I decided on Mekhet because I feel like their niche in vampire culture is the weakest. They seem to fill a role much like the Nosferatu did in the OWoD...but wait, Nosferatu still have obfuscate which really was the drive behind their ability to collect information which means the old Nosferatu templates of hedious information brokers could still run. Other than that what is stereotypically said of the Mekhet? They're jacks of all trades? What the hell is that? They just feel very generic compared to the other four clans to me. Maybe when they get their clan book I'll feel differently, but right now...well, pretty much the only people I've ever seen with any desire to play a Mekhet are people who don't really know what kind of vampire they'd like to be or would like to be some kind of omni-vampire who can do it all...both of those options are distressful in the long run.
  6. Abducted into the Abyss

    My games have only had brief glimpses of the Abyss...just long enough to convince the characters and their players that if they ever returned to that god forsaken place it would be too soon. In my Mage universe, a living breathing being can only last in the abyss as long as it would take to run out of air in his lungs...or decompress...or be completely drained of heat...or go insane...or have their soul completely eaten out from the inside for something unspeakable to wear as a suit for a triumphant visit to our realm. You know, whichever really comes first. This is often accompanied by the "awakening" of Shadow-like (ala Wraith) voices creeping about their skulls if they manage to escape, trying to convice them to destroy everything dynamic in the world and (most importantly) themselves. Course, if I really wanted to do a jaunt through the Abyss, I'd probably have someone who had begun channeling the void, someone real strong who had created a pocket dimention that was very much so abyss-like, but in which his body would not be instantly consumed by the pure ravenous NOTHING. In some ways, this might be worse. I'm not sure which I'd rather take my chances with, an Abyss made of pure chaotic emptiness or an Abyss shaped by the hand of an unworthy obsessive madman.
  7. I don't like playing the good guys

    I guess my question would be, how are we defining the good guys? A friend of mine had a surprisingly sucessful chronicle in which he had us create a group of vampires and a group of mages. We played both these characters in the setting and at some point their goals brought them into conflict. Neither of them saw themselves at the bad guy, but they both sure hated the other side. The mages would pat their comrade on the back and praise his bravery when he single handedly waded into a room with four vampires and scorced the kindred with fire and forced them away. Whilst in the next session the vampires would describe the use of fire in the combat as both dishonorable and cowardly. I would say that I like to play characters who are morally ambiguous. WoD is the homeland of the antihero. Most of my characters struggle with the very question Christian put in his first post: Why would you be a good guy in a world filled with bad guys? What's the point? Is there a point? Often they waffle between acts they see as heroic or villianous based on the answers they find in the world around them. In fact, playing the same character in different people's chronicles has produced a crusader for the common man in one and in another a self-absorbed, despondant murderer with no higher drive in the end but to paint the world with his disgust. Why play the good guy in a world of bad guys? Well, ultimately, because no matter how much I claim to grow up, I still just want to be batman.
  8. Comic Book Makeover NWoD

    The Mages and Changelings of New York have gone to war. What the Changelings claim is a True Fae calling herself Promethea has appeared to the sorcerous populations (first and foremost to that miserable apostate, Jack Faust) claiming to be the physical embodiment of mankind's holy imagination. Mages always suspected that magic was alive, but they never saw anything like this coming. She has tasked the Awakened with, as she herself puts it, "Ending the world." Though no Changeling can quite understand why, just about all Mages seem to think this is a pretty clever idea. The real question is, who is right? Is Promethea a living avatar of magic, imagination and hope or is she a very clever True Fae using the world's most potent mortals to play a truly insideous game? (Thank you, Alan Moore!) I think the Global Frequency would make a wonderful mortal organization. Not exactly hunters, they are nominally considered a search and rescue organization who just happen to specialize in rescuing people, countries and the globe from threats no one else is equipped to handle. I think vampires, werewolves, faries, sorcerers, frankenstien's monster and god knows what else fall quite nicely into that. A thouand and one mortal specialists could easily make even the most potent vampire's day very, very unpleasant. I once also created a strange alternate universe version of The Invisibles. It was AU WoD and AU invisibles, actually. I made the Primary splats even more evil and horrific than they already are, but more importantly, I added an overarching conspiricy. The Invisibles of the world were an organization of partial template characters (wolf bloodeds, sleepwalkers, psychics, ect.) who had become the self-appointed liberators of reality from creatures that would vomit all over the minds and souls of those who could not see the truth. In retrospect, it looked a whole lot like Monte Cook's WoD, which is probably why I tired of it so quickly and cast the project aside for better things.
  9. The Bretheren Strain

    I thought I'd share a rather unique antagonist that made itself known to a group of Vampire players I had a while back. It is known as The Bretheren (not a terribly inventive name, I know, but I made this all up by the seat of my pants. Feel free to change the name.) and it is...I think the best way to describe it is as supernatural AIDS. It is a demon (or evil spirit or a very strange kind of True Fae/Promethian/whatever) who exists in the blood of those infected by him. The curse can be spread all the same ways as AIDS and the carrier does not often realize that they have been infected. They don't start twisting their head around and projectile vomiting. Instead, they just have periods of fuge state where they wake up somewhere else with no knowledge of how they arrived there. Sometimes its a few seconds, sometimes its years. Ultimately, the Bretheren controls any host who is connected to it through this blood curse and can control any of them at any time. Its conciousness or spirit or what have you leaps from victim to victim, though he can urge hosts he is not in direct control of to certain actions much as spirits can as well. I never got too much into what Bretheren wanted, but it seemed interested in infecting as many mortals as it could...and disposing of anyone who could not be infected (see: other supernaturals) I also never got to the point where anyone tried to dispose of it either. I did have a "queen bee" sort of infected mortal set up, but I kind of expected that to just be a trap set by Bretheren to root out its enemies and bring them to a swifter end. I dunno. Thoughts?
  10. Once upon a time, long A.G.O

    I had an odd notion earlier today. What if fetches actually got organized? Now, generally, I realize that this notion is quite absurd. After all, the average fetch just thinks it's a person. There is more than one, however, who fully realizes that it is a Fae creation set in place to take over the life of a Changling lost in Arcadia. These special few know that their doubles could one day return. Beyond that, perhaps even a smaller percentage realize that their condition is not unique. There are many more like them in the world. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get organized, would it? After all, changelings are organized. They have whole courts. But what on earth would a society composed of mostly sociopathic magical constructs even look like? I present one possible vision, which I call A.G.O. This stands for Actor's Guild Of...(insert town name here.) A.G.O on the surface appears to be exactly what it claims to be: a small community theatre troupe. They put on plays that often edge toward the strange and the magical. They might have a small theatre house of their own, they might not. Maybe they rent different spaces throughout the town/city, keeping their show moving. Maybe A.G.O isn't even local, but a nomadic group. What is most important about A.G.O is that the troupe is composed either nearly or entirely of fetches. Their shows include classics like A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Tempest, but also include in-house written plays which seem to feature alarmingly accurate renditions of local Changlings, often seen through a farcial lense. Fetches acting out the lives of humans, acting out the lives of fae. It is unclear what this troupe's agenda is: Are they trying to provoke the changlings their plays are about into doing something foolhardy, in an effort to ensnare or destory them? Is the mockery of changelings something programmed into them by the Fae and they simply are unaware of what they do? Do they just not care how dangerous their mockery is? The leader of this group is the shadowy "Manager of the House". It is unclear if he too is a fetch, a mad changeling or perhaps one of the True Fae, but whoever he is, he seems to have a keen instinct when it comes to discovering a fetch. Many of the actors in A.G.O if questioned state that they had no idea about their natures until coaxed into performing with the company by the Manager. If the Manager is a Fetch: The Manager was once a failing, but nonetheless beautiful, actor named Richard Dunstan. The tragic beauty of this young man attracted one of the True Fae's attentions and on the night before the biggest audition of his life, Richard was spirited off to Arcadia. The "Richard" left in his place felt somehow physically flawed. He lacked some indescribable vibrancy that the origional had possessed. What he lost in physical alure, however, he more than made up for in newfound prowess as an actor. Acting is one of few human skills that flows naturally to the fetch...well, at least the well made ones. Before long, Richard had made a name for himself at the city-wide level as the best show in town. He would almost certainly have gone national if it hadn't been for Brighella, the changeling Richard had been modeled after. He accosted Richard, demanding that he turn the life he had stolen back over to its former owner. Naturally, Richard refused to do any such thing. After all, the life he lead had been nothing when he found it. He had made it what it was. Between shows, they fought in the night till one night the Fairest Brighella learned the hard way that sometimes skill is preferable to beauty. Having crushed his nemesis, Richard saught others like him for company, for safty, for the little scraps of knowledge they sometimes possess. This is where the details of Richard's life begin to become inscrutable as he took a backseat to other fetches he mentored, helping them to do away with their changeling counterparts. Though he ultimately believes that what he is doing is a good and charitable act, Richard seems to turn a blind eye to the fact that others of his "kind" rarely share his supposedly philanthropic ethics. He seems nonplused by the sometimes heinous crimes his proteges commit, aparently with his blessing. As with all things, Richard's benevolence seems to be a well-groomed act. What does he actually want now that his changeling is dead? Only he knows for sure. Most changelings he encounters (the few that survive, anyway) are more than willing to tell you that its probably not good. If the Manager is a Changeling: The Manager of the House is the result of a horrible accident. Something happened that never should have. A changeling returned from Arcadia and approached his fetch, attempting reason before trying to take his life back by force of arms. He found his fetch strangely amenable to the return of the changelings life and agreed without fuss to merge with the changeling. The poor fae was unaware how trecherous his fetch actually was. As they merged, the fetch enacted an echo that merged the two a little more literally than the changeling had in mind. Body, mind and soul the two beings fused, creating something freakish and new. Not quite fetch, not quite changeling but a twisted monstrosity that is a little bit of both. This new creature, known only as The Manager of the House even to itself, has begun collecting fetches to it with shocking speed. Some say these actors mimick their respective changelings on stage so that the Manager can lure others into its mad, twisted merge. Why would it want to create more like itself? What possible end could it have? If the Manager is True Fae: The Prince of the Mezzanine, known to mortals and lesser fae of this realm as the Manager of the House came to our reality only a few years ago, bored of the fairy plays he had patroned. Some say he crafted the first fetch actors himself, that the miserable tech crew hidden sweating beneath and around the stage are his changeling slaves. His theatre is a Fair Haven and no being mortal or fae has seen the Prince of the Mezzanine within anyone's memory, though there are tales told. Friend of a friend matters. Some decribe him as sweeping, a huge shadow that rests upon the whole theatre house. Some describe him as a pale delicate creature, who seems to pull invisible strings to make all of his puppet-like fetch actors dance to his whim. Some say he is the theatre. As to what he wants? Who knows? Amusement, the fulfilment of some long forgotten pledge, or perhaps to lift a banishment. Only the Prince can say for sure. All that any changeling knows for certain is that if you somehow find yourself at his show, you must be gone and out the door before the final curtain falls, lest you never leave again.
  11. God, this game is so frickin good.

    This might be a little late in the game to be posting that I like CtL, but what the hell. I do. I love all these limited release games White Wolf has been doing. It feels just like the experience of, "WTF, oh that's just too COOL!!!" that I got when I picked up Vampire: the Masqurade as a teenager. Only this is that much better because my tastes have refined somewhat and its harder to make me explode with ecstatic glee anymore. So much of the ambiance of my VtR and MtAw games went kinda like, "It feels almost like a faerie tale." It just makes sense to play in a setting that actually is a faerie tale. Plus that and I love that the contracts and items have catches. That was such a nice touch. Pledges and dream weaving...all brilliant and tie so heavily into motiefs that I loved to use in WoD anyway (Dreams, Oaths, Fate, ect.) For some reason I keep hearing the voice of Heather from Silent Hill 3 in my head saying, "Not even a little kid could believe in this." Anway, joy! Lots of it!
  12. Alchemical Musings

    I don't want to consume all your time, but...I found a website that I don't know how familiar all of you are with: http://www.sacred-texts.com/ This website is an online library of every holy and metaphysical book of worth. It has just about everything I could ever ask for including whole volumes of text on alchemy. For the true academian in us all!
  13. Where we go from here...

    Well, we're talking about the whole twig and berries, right? So that means that have twice the balls. It doubles your resolve! :-D
  14. Where we go from here...

    Truly no one can deny the metric fuckton of cool things prometheans can do...I can't wait to do my first pure Promethean chronicle. I made a promise to myself the moment I heard about the "Core and four" setup that I would not run a pure game of the limited races till I'd poured over all the books there would ever be. The time is now! At last! All those really, really neat ideas that have been so pent up inside my skull get to come out at last....................yay.
  15. Where we go from here...

    I've just finished reading the very last book that will ever be printed for Promethean. There's something joyful and most disappointing in that fact. This is kind of like my "In reflection" piece, feel free to add your own thoughts to it. I admit, when I first heard about Promethean, I didn't get it. I didn't. Perhaps I had my head too far up Vampire and Mage to even consider anything else. I bought the core because...well, I had everything else. From then on I knew this game was something special. I also think its fair to say that not a single book in the line was anything less than amazing. Every one added to the world of the Created with broad strokes. We began our journey with the normal 5X5 splats (though they weren't really "normal" were they?) and by the end of it we had Promethians born from dreams, made from trees and the parts of animals...not to mention robots! But it all worked and I saw how it came together and all the great stories I could tell with it. From the beginning, I was worried about my players being able to deal with being Promethians, that their inhuman nature would get in the way of characterization. I found the opposite to be true much to my surprise. Prometheans, despite their quest for a humanity they claim not to have, somehow always mannage to be the most human of us all. In mixed groups they always exemplify the best and worst in humanity whilst the vampires are busy being cynical, the werewolves are busy looking tough and the mages are busy learning to control the universe. Even with the savagery that they are capable of there is something incredibly tender about a Promethean. I wonder often on what lies still in the undiscovered country for Promethean. This is surely not the beginning of the end for this line, but end of the beginning. The torch of Divine Fire has been passed to us, The Storytellers to build on the Promethean world. I can only wonder at the miraculous things that wait for our patchwork pilgrims out in that Saturnine Night...