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  1. What are your most recent non-WoD rpg purchases?

    Manual of Exalted Power: The Lunars
  2. San Fransisco as a Mage setting. How?

    I have nothing useful to contribute to this other than to say, having visited many times and now having worked there for three months, San Francisco is the coolest fucking city in the US. I blame the topography.
  3. New WoD made me sick

    Actually, it's pretty easy to be chemically sensitive to all the harsh shit coming out of your computer. Some folks get so bad that they pass out from the chlorine fumes coming out of their water taps. Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C an hour before you sit down with the book, and try leaving them out in direct sunlight a few hours every day. Works on new synthetic carpeting too (that shit be toxic).
  4. Shifter membership

    Thanks Nopp.
  5. Shifter membership

    So yeah, can someone flip the switch and let me back in the Moot? Thanks.
  6. The New British Empire

    Three cheers for the subjugation and pillaging of a foreign culture and its wealth! Huzzah! Sorry, I've taken a few too many courses on Post-colonial literature and history to consider this remotely funny.
  7. Tattoos anyone?

    "What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea." - Mohandas Gandhi You can be not wrong and still be an ass. As I have just demonstrated it was worth it.
  8. Tattoos anyone?

    Your foot must taste pretty good. Tats rock. They've been around longer than your great-grandfather. Almost all original peoples have 'em. Even the Inuit (I learned that the hard way). I've seen many I'd rather look at than most people's faces
  9. Man eating Badgers!

    And gay bombs.
  10. Man eating Badgers!

    Depleted Uranium If you look back through the void, I started a thread about it once. I'm half-joking, btw.
  11. Man eating Badgers!

    Must be the DU.
  12. Character Conflicts

    You know, just for the record (and this is from a player perspective, I felt a bit differently when I was ST'ing Hunter Smyth), I don't really have a problem with DTT's conduct in the game (except for when DV did a little godmodding, but that's easily correctable). Does my character have a good first impression of him? Hell no, he's wanted nothing to do with him since they first met, he was a naked dude trying to give him a hug! Now, I could care less...I'll happily roleplay that out; but it has created a situation where my character is very cautious around him and doesn't care to talk too much to him for fear of catching brain-fleas or whatever is wrong with the guy. Is THAT a problem? Eh. I'm okay with it.
  13. Character Conflicts

    Let the record show that I am a genious.
  14. Character Conflicts

    Etu's point about compromise is right on the money. If you're going to pee on the frenzying Get, you should at least not split your dice pool four ways without one of those splits being a dodge Arata is only still alive because I didn't split dice pools from dodging, and I STILL had to blow four willpower. Anyways, I don't think the problem is with your characters, DV. They are wonderful, and you've got a lot of talent for generating interesting concepts. The problem is with the execution; making and playing over-the-top, extremist, perhaps even technically sociopathic characters requires a bit of compromise, or at least some mental footwork, to ensure you don't ruin the game. Is trying to blast the blasphemers who painted 666 on the side of the barn terribly smart? No, I'm sure everyone else is armed, so you might pick off one person, the but other two will kill you. Is it in character? Maybe. But there are better, more clever solutions you could be working out with the GM. Which leads me into my point, which is a question, really; how often do you consult with the ST regarding your character's troublesomeness when the conflict is happening? Most STs are invested in having the game not be ruined. They should, in theory, be willing to help you out. You can't make these kinds of characters, and run then in an uncompromising fashion (even nutters sometimes know when to keep their mouths shut) without much consideration for the other players, and not expect bad things to happen. Although that stuff with the preacher and the native american character doesn't sound like your fault at all.
  15. Soft drugs

    What's Morris Dancing?