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  1. Zastanawiam się nad zakupem HTC Sensation - ktoś ma jakieś przemyślenia co do niego?

  2. Norse Cosmology in M:tA

    It is possible, but I base my Hyperborias view on great Lankins thorey shown on WW forums... Wait, I will look for it... Here it is. Yes, ancient Hyperboreans used more "unified" view on magic, but now days mix and match they orignal lore with this of Atlantis. Here is the example: I ran a solo prelude game on Wave with one of my LARP players and her character is given the basic magic teach by her... Daimon, who is impersonating as her Nordic grandmother. To this day I tried to twist the Awakened lore to her grandma Mythos ( Exarchs as Giants, Atlanteans as Aesir, Atlantis itself as Valhalla and Yggdrasil as Superanl Realms or even Celestial Ladder ). I've come to describe Arcana and Practices to her, but want to add some color with that. And I got idea - old rune alphabet has 24 runes - that's 10 Arcana, 13 Practices and Abyss. Could someone propose nice correspondence list like with the Kabbalah Sephirots?
  3. Due to the unofficial start of the exam period on my tech college, the Hamsterwagen got a proper wash. No fatalities - for now... / Z okazji nieoficjalnie rozpoczÄ™tej sesji egzaminacyjnej na Poli, Chomikowóz przeszedÅ‚ gruntowne mycie. Å»adnych ofiar Å›miertelnych - na razie...

  4. Due to the unofficial start of the exam period on my tech college, the Hamsterwagen got a proper wash. No fatalities - for now... / Z okazji nieoficjalnie rozpoczÄ™tej sesji egzaminacyjnej na Poli, Chomikowóz przeszedÅ‚ gruntowne mycie. Å»adnych ofiar Å›miertelnych - na razie...

  5. Help for Changing Breeds

    I'm, if you need I can make "nicer" version of my Fix to original book for example.
  6. Norse Cosmology in M:tA

    I decided to make Norsers as decendents of Hybperboreans, they would be they last decdents, living on one of greatest of they cities ( mark, Hyperborea ISN'T Atlantis in my games ). Glamourweaver, very inspirational post! I was thinking about using the Yggdrasil as literal magical construct, something like totaly mixed portal, connecting Midgards places an letting to , for example, go in to Shadow Realm. Maybe basing this technology on Astral Sapce mechanism? Really good association, I surely use this in Norse tradition. I have only one problem - I wanted to make the Asgard as Awakened City-Colony ( one of greatest ) in Fallen World. Maybe use Valhalla instead, and built City in Midgard connected to Asgard, being ob "both sides", what do you think? I see "Valhallans" as Mages being superior in construction of magical weapons and ARTIFACTS, with they use in they conflicts and dominance in late last Ice Age. B-) For the purpose of my game I made Loki as Mind ( and maybe Life, didn't decide about this ) Archmaster, weakened by millenniums of Atlantean Mages prison and tainting his mind with nightmares he himself make. I dont't understand this one... I plan to use the Midgar Serpent as Lokis last techno-artifact before his imprisonment by Atlantean Mages, connected to Yggdrassill magical construct portals network. As you are rather new to game I will tell you - (Magical) Tradition is occult tradition filtered in eyes of Awakened. More on this is here. I made it, the Nazists in my game look for tha same artifacts as players, bieng secretly chased by Loki himself. I really like the GlamourWaver idea, but I may think about it. I made him tha Mad - he doesn't hunt Mages, he (just) want to destroy the world. I made them.
  7. Proximus Merit

    Proximus Dynasties are explained in "Silver Ladder" - they get Rote as "natural gifts", coting as Merits one dot higher than Rote itself. What is mistake in my eyes is the whole merit thing in Sleepwalkers and Proxumis - Sleepwalkers SHOULD b gradual, like Wolf-Blooded, not "all or nothing", especial, as they "powers" are not so high power ones as thy cost. And "Silver Ladder" say that PCs Proximus should not pay for being the Proximus. ;]
  8. An interesting coincidence...

    Equinox Road states that are Arcadia can be both the same or separate. I use the second model.
  9. Method to the Madness?

    I use this model for my cosmology - the Supernaturals are rather the effects of "lesser realms", wthat are connected to some Supernal Realms: Vampires - Fallen World - Material Realm ( it is the CURSE and Vampires are "weird" in many places ) Werewolves - Shadow Realm Promethean - Heaven ( from Magical Trdtions ) Changling - Hegde ( and Changlings Arcadia ) Geist - Underworld And this is how "lesser realms" connected to Supernal ones: Material Realm - a piece of them all Shadow Realm - Primal Wild Heaven - Aether Underworld - Stygia Hegde (Changlings Arcadia ) - Arcadia That leaves us with "Greater Templet" connected to Inferno, what could be next WW game. ;] In my cosmolgy, "lesser realms" are flawed, "stained" reflections of the Supernal realms, not realms theselves.
  10. Immortal(NWoD Highlander) is back!!!!

    Cool Gone!!! I over missed it on WW, but love concept - I will probably left Highlander like immortals as NPC's in my games, competing with Vampires and Mages.
  11. Mix N' Match

    I will for Mage Chronicle Guide with this, they will address this from what I heard.
  12. To The Abyss With You!

    I like ideas of the Sea and Infoapocalyps, but I would mix them - Abyss is BOTH victim and victimizer. Abyss is Hubris generated, pitty, not-inteligent-notingness, made by mortal flaw. And now, it's want to reconnect with those lost by the Fall original souls, that those shards generated it. Think of it, what if when Ladder collapes, Mages, unintentionally, give satient to they Hubris? Sentient that didn't be before, and is rejected by Fallen World, as it's essence of Mages dominance over World - it's lost, trying to copy perfect image of what Hubris should be able to make, but failing, as those are only leftovers of Awakened souls, twisted by they own jade and unlimited hubris - it crave Mages to join them, to make them "whole" again, to give Reason, Heart, and Body for it's unlimited, twisted Imaginative and Power. Of course, Mages think that Abyss is just "alien world" - but truth is, this is world they Hubris without any Wisdom in it, total leaving the Human side of sorceress powers ( that, if you look closely on them, are really alien to our world ). In short - Abyss is what Mages soul would be if they left ANY human restrictions, wanting those restrictions once more, but not knowing this in other way that to reconnect with Mages souls. ;]
  13. Proximus Dynasties

    I've got one, only I needed to translate it in to English. It was made for my players character who's father is Clavicularius Legacy member, just like his all family. Salomon Salomon, son of David from Books. In legends, Bathsheba , mother of his, convinced king and his court to make younger of princes for they next ruler. But legend don't speak that she used pagan demons for this purpose, and with them she ruled the court of Israel inviable. And so, like the founder of this Silver Dynasty got raised to highest by “devils powers”, so his progeny suffer from Curse of sharing their minds with them. Heirs of Salomon are spread on all world, as Books says of thousands of his wifes, being silence about number of his mistress. Part of Dynasty is so self-presumption so they claim they don't come from the wives of Lord of Demons, but from Sheba, with how, as legend says, he could have romance. All of them try to fide their existence, because the Curse of Dynasty would quickly lead to unnecessary bloodshed. Who they are, and from they come, all Children of Salomon are easily in to arrogance, presumption and amorality, which many of Awakened would called Hubris, regardless of if Dynasty members are Sleepers, Sleepwalkers or Proximi. The last ones only made this attitude to almost the rank of art. Those who know Dynasty and see doings of her members are saying that they actions are hundreds of times more hubristic than those of typical Awakened. The self linage, knowing the truth about it founder knows that the demons itself, who built Temple of Salomon, whisper them to ears immoral thoughts and ideas. That's why, those from Blood of Salomon whose Awaken, almost everyone practice Goetia, even only to clear their minds and hearts from unwelcome burden. From this reason, Silver Ladder take care of House, as they repay the Order with work and favors, being one of greatest of Silver Dynasties. Even without they Blessings, Heirs of Salomon have natural talent to rule and lead others, almost like they had this in their blood. Being wealth and high-placed figures in Sleepers society, they make natural extend of Cryptopoly, making as easily pediments of Awakened power, as spider make his webs. But not ones in history local branch of Dynasty make not small problems, when the demons whispered to them to throw away their Enlighten Masters... Heritage Path: Mastigos Nickname: ??? (Ideas???) Appearance: Many of line members show they legacy by the darker carnation of skin and long, dark hairs. But thousands of years hard melting in to society made, that there is great diversity in family. What is typically making them unique are the facial features, always being both thought and longitudinal ( popularly known as “kings jaw” ). Dress most often mirrors they social stand, properly exposed and intensified, but with little accents reminding them of selfdicipline and control on their dark side. Bishop from Dynasty may walk in vests that are in classical fashion for his rank, but who are made that to made impression even on cardinal. Despite this, from his neck will hang plain silver cross, not fitting to all majesty of priest posture. Blessings: Mind – Aura Perception (•), Beast Control (••), Goetic Struggle (•••), Dream Traveler (••••); Spirit - Spirit Tongue (•), Lesser Spirit Summons (••), Control Spirit (•••), Spirit Guardian (••••); Space - Correspondence (•), Ward (••), Ban (•••, maybe be treated as character have Arcana of Mind and Spirit ), Suspension (••••) Curse: Brand of Demons is stigmata of this Silver Dynasty. Despite popular proverb of Kings “wisdom”, heritage of amoral relation Salomon and Makeda, first queen of Sheba, is inefficient inner compass in them – Goetic demons always want to subdue their master, and greatness and power of Davids son come with lessen the thin border between Ego and Id, as his, as his progeny. Children of Salomon always have one dice lesser in all Morality tests ( and it's variants, including Wisdom), as the “demons” lead them to eshuwing all morals restrictions, justify their actions, as well making them more inhuman and more easily they go in to arms of Hubris. This includes also in the Degeneration rolls. Oblations:??? (Any ideas???) Character Concepts: Corrupt politician, amoral priest, member of satanistic line of rich mans. So, what do you think about it? And comments or ideas? Your own creations?
  14. "The day when HE destoryed the world"...

    Hell on Earth? i was thinking it would be more Scelastus Mastigos thing - chaos, disorder, and all this nice things to take contorl on World. My first idea was "Judgemnt Day" - he is Justice/Wrath character on dark reflection of Obrimos Path - I would think he could want to start Apocalyspe ( bible one ) NOW, in Venice, that, as he think of it, is new Sodom and Gomorrah. I think on him as misguided Scelastus, who belives that Servants of Samael are Angels of Retribution, or somthing like that. But then - it's don't feel GRAND... Except, Venic is only begining, first place of Jugdment Days... :> Arcana combination can be any needed, but maybe Spirit should be with Prime and Forces.
  15. Okey, I have my Venice game, witch is now about 3 years old, two of them played on Mage. On beging it was Hunter-like Mortal game, where PC's where going after Hunters Cult of Samael, Angel of Vangace and Death, witch give it followers dark powers to kill and destroy supernatural beings. PC's finally destroyed the Cult, converting lover and right hand of cult leader on their side and using Interpol investigation on Cult. But just before total distraction of Cult, it's leader, David, steal the Spear of Longinus from Rome Vampires ( it maybe not REAL one, but powerful Relict, or even Artifact, non the less ). And then he disapeared. From this time, PC is struggling in Shadow War with Seers they brought to town ( or they thought they where witch is partially true ). As Venice where totally Seers free for about 15 years, now Chinas Triad Pylon “Watchmans of Heavens Gates”, using they Mu Artifacts, where trying to kill PC's and destroy Ruling Council, till the PC's killed one of Pylon members. From them, Seers started to CONVERT Pentacle Mages, showing how Council is weak and Seers are organized. In the same time, Hieroglyph of Mysterium, old mage living in Temple Ruins under the city, changed in to Seer as he was thinking how could he save his precious place. Now, about 1/3 of previous Pentacle Mages, are Seers, and this number is rising rapidly. All of this in time about o half year in Consillium. To answer unsaid questions – David Awaken then in to Abyssal reflection of Aether Watchtower, guided by Samael, his patron. He has Spear of Longinus. It is he how conntacted Watchmens and putted the info about PC's, as his master asked him. He has Justice and Wrath. And now proper question: what would want his Scelasti bastard would want to, beside killing all Mages in Venice? What could be his Masterpiece?