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  1. VAMPIRELLA piece

    Thanks guys I did work on her hair a bit more so here is another pic of the piece hehe VAPIRELLA me Grant Cr ss
  2. VAMPIRELLA piece

    ooooooh man I had no idea it could cause MAJOR problems to the forum oops so in the future when I post a pic ill know what taaaaa do thanks
  3. VAMPIRELLA piece

    your welcome Kuroukaze and cheers Jahanjahan hehe I had the feeling you guys would have burned me at the stake if I had not changed it
  4. VAMPIRELLA piece

    hehe sorry about that iv posted a link to the pic, click below if you would like to see it VAMPIRELLA piece Grant Cr ss
  5. VAMPIRELLA piece

    thanks im glad yaaaaaaa like her hmmmm I think its fine at the size it is at hehehe its bracken threw the border BRACKEN THE LAW BRACKEN THE LAW Grant Cr ss
  6. VAMPIRELLA piece

    Hey all here is a new piece iv just finished I bring you VAMPIRELLA, well I hope yaaaaaaa all like errrrr BLLLLAAAAAAAAAA VAMPIRELLA piece
  7. my site

    Thanks Mortekai for the Artifex status hehe, and all for taking the time and looking around my site , my next piece that ill be working on for the new year will be a *VAMPIRELLA with Demon Bat* piece, should be fun ! me Grant Cross
  8. my site

    Hello all its me Grant Cross , I was registered before but forgot my password sooooooo I made a new account hehe well iv got some new stuff on my site and if your interested in seeing it, its on the digital page, iv ben working with photoshop painting sooooooo you all can check it out there if you like My Webpage me Grant Cross