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  1. Eclipse Phase

    Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it. Eclipse Phase is an open-source tabletop roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror. What that means is that the game's core book is free to be distributed over the internet - links at the bottom of my post. Now, on to the game. Firstly, the setting. HOLY SHIT THE SETTING IS AMAZING. Ok, it may be full of stuff we're used to seeing in ultramodern sci-fi, but not in RPG's. There's a lot of stuff going on in the future, man is exiled from earth by robotic death machines (mostly by transferring our minds over a computer network to space colonies) but here's the thing - we can put our minds into custom-made new bodies. Humanity is on the verge of extinction, relatively speaking, and these killer "Seed AI's" just dissappeared, leaving the ruins of earth abandoned. There are possibly a billion people colonizing the rest of the solar system and a handful of exoplanets reached through dimensional gates. Among the things we have colonized is THE MOTHERFUCKING SUN, after engineering ourselves into lifeforms capable of surviving on the polar regions of the sun. This is technology on levels that borders magic. Whats more, there is evidence of aliens with technology far in advance of ours. Memetic Warfare, Post-Scarcity economies, Singularities - all that stuff is in here Now, as for the system. It's a percentile based system, combat is extremely lethal - but the good news is that the death of your body is usually not the end. In fact, there are few things that can cause permanent death in this game, but there are perhaps worse possible fates out there. All in all the engine is playable, but not great. Links removed by Azrael the 7th Murderer.
  2. Seers of the Throne

    What people complaining about the seers being so 'organized' fail to realize is this - 1. The Seers are only half the size of the pentacle. They have to be more organized to get people on the ground where they need them. 2. The Seers are a clusterfuck of backstabbing and treachery. It's amazing they even manage to ever oppose the pentacle at all. They are so ineffective that the pentacle has to do some infighting of it's own. Anyone familiar with the "Esoterrorists" RPG should consider applying some of those ideas to a seers campaign.
  3. To The Abyss With You!

    The Abyss is a paradise perhaps - but it should not exist. It is, by it's nature, wrong.
  4. Awakening complaining

    Just wanted to make sure my position was understood.
  5. Awakening complaining

    But the label made it look like a surgical kit. I was going to give my grandad a bypass, but - Fuck the metaphors. I'm going to spell it out so there are no mistakes on where I stand. Gentelmen, I hate Awakening. Gentlemen, I.......hate Awakening. Gentlemen. I so hate Awakening. I hate Atlantis. I hate the Supernal Realms. I hate the Symbolism. I hate Wisdom. I hate the Watchtowers. I hate the Diamond. I hate the Free Council. I hate the Seers. I hate the Banishers. In the Temenos, In the Consillium, In the Abyss, In an Onerios, In the Shadow In a Sanctum, At a Convention, On Tabletop, On the 'Net, As a LARP. I detest each and every way Awakening can be played on this earth. I was also going to rewrite more of the Major's speech, but I think you get the point. It's a shitload of fuck and it basically ruins the rest of the NWoD for me.
  6. So much for the toolkit approach.
  7. The Precusor of Mage: The Awakening

    By Traditions you mean Avatars right? I'll take avatars over watchtowers anyday of the week.
  8. The Precusor of Mage: The Awakening

    Strongly prefer the old game, but the new game has it's moments every now and then. Every now and then i try and build a Hibred, but it never comes out quite how I want. A lot of what I like and dislike seems to be mutually dependent. A lot of it is not knowing what I want as much as knowing what I don't want.
  9. Latest closedown in more detail

    You know, I think it's bullshit that Encyclopedia Dramatica (Warning: Extremely NSFW) can raise 2500$ but here we can't raise 60$. Perhaps we can look at how some other massive websites generate money, cause let's face it, SnE is starting to get kind of big. ED begs for handouts, which has actually failed them in the past. 4chan uses various advertising schemes which has had mixed results. Something Awful has a fee for doing just about anything - including stuff you normally couldn't do on an internet forum, such as changing another user's avatar and/or title. Ebaum's World steals their creative content, obviating the need to pay the creators. All of these Sites - except the last one - thrive on User-Created Content. And although SnE is something of a niche market compaired to those places, some of those models might be worth looking at. Quick Edit: Is there a way to donate that does not involve paypal?
  10. Hunter Intel

    Oh hai I just fixed yout post. Also why couldn't they have just thought up tiers in the begining. I mean UA already introduced the Local/Global/Cosmic angle, but the first five books are mostly just "local"
  11. Attribute Spreads

    You know, I had been wondering, what if I allowed for someone to use Power/Finesse/Resistance for the Primary/secondary/tertiary categories instead of physical social and mental Power is strength, intelligence, and presence Finesse is Wits dextarity and manipulation Resistance is Resolve Stamina and Composure.
  12. A call to all Swedes...

    Google turned up these as a couple starting points, but they're in English http://www.visitsweden.com/VSTemplates/Page____18334.aspx http://www.ielanguages.com/swedish.html
  13. PbP and Recruiting Forums?

    Just an idea i'm kicking around at the moment using the NWoD Coreline. Perhaps we don't see that many PbP's here because there's no specific place for them. Not sure whether I should post it here or somewhere else.
  14. The Tremere Paradox

    Yeah but I'd imagine the tremere themselves know.
  15. My Mage books arrived today!!!

    I honestly really wanted Tangerines, but no one's selling those.