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  1. Blog Post Tribes. Tribes, as-is, aren't a problem for me. Bans leave a good deal of room for interpretation and that's fodder for a lot of discussion, for players or characters. They provide a fair framework for how a Tribe approaches the Hunt and favored Gift Lists lend themselves to the kinds of tools or approaches the Tribe tends to. My only real complaint is that, mechanically, violating your Tribal Ban is a Harmony 7 sin, so any given Werewolf will at best suffer that drawback once. It is a near-entirely fluff aspect and I prefer my mechanics to work in parallel with my storytelling. In the Idigam Chronicles Tribes will have a prey of choice, a foe that they feel is the greatest threat to upholding the duties inherited from Father Wolf. Tribal Bans seem to be staying, though I am unclear as to whether they will be changing or not, and that leaves me wondering just how these two will work together in giving each Tribe a clear, unique presentation. As-written the preferred prey descriptions are a bit... questionable. Blood Talons seek out other Werewolves. Bone Shadows hunt wayward Spirits. Hunters in Darkness stalk the Hosts. Iron Masters keep Man in check. Storm Lords chase the Urged and Claimed. I get the Blood Talons, that's straightforward. Their Hunt is for the Pure, Bale Hounds, and even other Forsaken who don't pull their own weight. Likewise, the Iron Masters are easy to grasp. When humanity crosses a line, or just gets to close to it, the Hunt is on. And easy enough again, the Hunters in Darkness act against the Hosts. But the last two get screwy. The Bone Shadows focus on Spirits who don't stay where they belong... but that doesn't include the Urged or Claimed (who are the chosen prey of the Storm Lords). How is that? And, while we're at it, how does that not leave the Storm Lords stepping the Iron Masters' toes as well? Obviously these aren't the exclusive and any Werewolf of any Tribe will deal with any foe they come up against but I'm not sure that I dig the Tribe = Prey of Choice angle. I want to like it, because it is new and potentially neat... but I'm concerned that it will be difficult to find just the right balance. Too much focus and it because too fixated, too little and it is pointless.
  2. Blog Post Harmony. I have a love-hate relationship with Harmony as-is. On the one hand, it is a complete disconnect from Morality and that has led to some really great, really charged scenes as players come to realize just how different they are. On the other hand, it is a complete disconnect from Morality and yet still works exactly like it, as a hierarchy of sins. And that hierarchy is skewed. Degeneration is a result of ignoring or disrespecting a Werewolf's Spirituality and little more. There is no balancing act in Harmony, which is supposed to be the whole point of the Trait. It also bothers me that it forms the Dice Pool for Rites. Its use there just highlights that Harmony is more a Trait establishing a Werewolf's Spiritual potency than a measure of how well they are balancing their conflicting aspects. That later supplements have given us systems for the Pure and Bale Hounds to perform Rites makes Harmony a decidedly Forsaken-centric Trait. So, how will the Idigam Chronicles change Harmony? By fixing it. Harmony now settles at 5, providing the easiest Shapeshifting, while straying too far from that point, whether higher or lower, sees the Werewolf develop new difficulties. Too high and entering the Shadow becomes harder, even impossible, and it takes real effort (and Essence) to Shapeshift. Too low and the Werewolf gets stuck in the Shadow, denied access to the Physical World, and becomes burdened with Spiritual bans. Harmony is no longer a Dice Pool for anything. Everything about this sounds perfect to me. Werewolves will have Breaking Points that go each way, too much weight on either side of the scale will tip it. Physical and Spirit, Wolf and Man... focus too much on any one and you will become too much like it, to the detriment of your connection to the others. I love that. It is exactly what I think Werewolves deserve.
  3. Seeing as how I am poking back around, I figure it's time to get back on the clock. Queue the Idigam Chronicles design quotes!

    1. Libra


      Something to look forward to.

  4. We've started a game and I'm still wrapping myself around the changes. Mask and Dirge are retreads of Demeanor and Nature, so they aren't new concepts to try and work with but they have the same old problem of leaving some concepts scrambling to find just the right description. It seems like the opposite problem of having to shoehorn everything into the previous Virtue and Vice mechanics but I always prefer creative freedom over HAVING to pick something when nothing fits. Touchstones leave me wanting. In trying to "convert" some of my VtR characters I am finding many who seem likely to have items or places as Touchstones. Those aren't impossible, by any means, but they are supposed to be rare. Minor nitpick, easily fixable. Mechanically, I hate the 4-die swing between having one Touchstone and having none. I like the changes to Blood Potency and Humanity, simple but meaningful. By now we have all seen the changes to the Disciplines, I imagine, but I am equally enjoying the changes to Covenants. All of the various Merits that let a Vampire do more with their Covenant Status are fun. Carthian Law and Invictus Oaths are WAY easier to enjoy. Coils are very different in presentation but no less unique and the addition of Scales are a nice touch. I'm a little put off by the changes to Cruac and Theban Sorcery, as they appear gimped, but the fix seems easy enough.
  5. And We Are Back!

    I'm still bouncing between God-Machine and Blood & Smoke (and browsing the blog posts for Idigam) to absorb the changes but I like most of them so far. Kicked-off a new Vampire game to try them out. I need to read Demon but I figured I would get too distracted from setting up a new group (who want to play Vampire).
  6. Obtenebration

    I was never a fan of the original Discipline. While thematically sound, it didn't really offer any means to do what the Khaibit were supposed to do. It handled manipulation of and synergy with shadows elegantly but it offered next to no means to interact with the Ghosts, Spirits, and other entities. I recall more than a few attempts to address this lacking here on SnE and Obtenebration is probably one of the most house-ruled Disciplines I have run across. Night Sight has always needed a lot of work, imo. Heightened Senses had a much greater scope and no cost while the only unique factor, the limited ability to see into Twilight, was only accessible under the condition of utter darkness. Functionally, that meant a Khaibit all-but HAD to have Shroud of Night to put the only real benefit of Night Sight to any reliable use. The rest of the Discipline was fine, if a bit expensive to use. Excepting, of course, that it still didn't allow much utility in combating entities. To me, the Discipline should always have been a stronger connection between shadows and the Shadow.
  7. I didn't want to clutter up Libra's other topic with item-by-item discussions, so... Knowing Your Own I think most people started glossing over Predator's Taint after the first few times they used the mechanic in play. Not that it was without merit as a thematic but it just seemed so all-or-nothing. This new rendition as The Predator's Aura is rather a tip of the hat to how most people were portraying the Predator's Taint anyway and it is certainly a better offering. The Lashing Out options is more fitting, in my opinion, and offers more than just figuring out who gets scared away or picks a fight. My only complaint is that there is no drawback and only costs a Willpower if the Vampire Lashes Out at another Vampire. Personally, if you are stirring your Beast to action then you are risking it slipping its leash, especially given the very useful benefits of successfully applying one of Lashing Out Conditions. I would say that a simple Frenzy check wouldn't be out of the question, to make sure that the Vampire can keep a firm grip on their Beast.
  8. Requiem Devblog

    As I brush off the dust and get my game back together (and poke my head in around here for the first time in years), I have to say that, for my part, these changes are very intriguing. Initially, taking some of the changes in parts quirks the ole eyebrow in "Why the fuck would you do that?" confusions... but as a whole things do very much seem to flow together better. I think Rose mentioned somewhere in one of those posts about trying to make the Disciplines more organic and I definitely see that in these progressions. I like it. Question, though, the references to Conditions, Resolutions, and Beats are obviously some shift to new mechanics since I cracked open a book. Is that in the God-Machine stuff that I have yet to locate (and am about to go looking for in ernest)?
  9. Blood Buffing during the day

    With this and with the Humanity cap for interacting socially with Mortals, I say use some reasoning rather than applying hard limits blindly. For me, the general rule is that the Vampire's own Traits cannot build a pool higher than the caps but Equipment or Conditional bonuses can. To me, it makes no sense that the limitations of Humanity should effect the impact of items or the environment. So a Humanity 4 Nosferatu is a heinously creepy fuck... that stack of cash he's pushing across the desk to bribe the detective is no less enticing for it. Just because the sun is up and sapping the Daeva's otherwise impressive Strength and Weaponry down to his Humanity of 5 doesn't make that sword he's swinging any less sharp. So, the direct answer to your question is no, blood buffing cannot violate the Humanity cap. As for the Oath of the Bloody Hand, all it does is allow the holder to use the Vitae inside in addition to what they could normally spend per turn on their own. There's nothing in the daytime Humanity cap preventing that use, only the size the dice pools. So yes, you could still benefit (and suffer) from the Oath during the day.
  10. Hollow Refliection

    For a short while I played as the Reflection of a Nosferatu Hollow (nothing says Hollows have to Shadows ) who lost her memory during the Post-Mortem Embrace. The Reflection, however, remembered and, purely on creative license, it was decided that the Vampire recollected more of her past the closer she was to her Reflection. It made for great fun for what little time it lasted.
  11. I was looking for something else in old posts and I found this bit that I thought may shed a little more light on the topic. From one of the old developer chats...
  12. Smell of the Shadow

    I would not say that the Shadow has a distinct smell of its own so much as Resonance and Essence are so much closer than in the Physical that it creates a distinctly noticeable sensation. For example, in the Shadow of a meat processing plant they would smell the animals and the blood but they would also detect the Spiritual facets of the place... Slaughter, Industry, Consumption, etc... Not so much a "*sniffsniff* Hey, this guy smells like the Shadow." as a "*sniffsniff* Hmm, did that guy smell a bit too much like Decay to you?"
  13. Elder Duel

    But that isn't REALLY what he did. From the NPC making one charge, all that he learned was that he was faster. It was three seconds. He didn't assess his opponent at length... he avoided one attack. Unless your summary was truncated. Grappling in nWoD is rather obnoxious. The NPC would have rolled as his action to establish the Grapple with no effect other than this establishment of close contact. The PCs next action could have been to break free OR perform some overpower move of his own. Assuming that the break attempt failed or that he was not pinned himself, then the NPC could have performed a maneuver of his own. In this way Grappling, without the Fighting Styles or outmatching your opponent, seems to favors the target by giving them the first real opportunity to put the Grapple to use.
  14. Requiem mythos

    You keep making these kinds of statements about what something IS and I can't help but find your opinions insanely short-sighted and flawed. There is more to Requiem than Covenant politics. Vampire is about predation. You can ditch Covenants, as you mention about the other games, and still enjoy Vampires struggling to hold power over their peers and surroundings. Politically, you have conflict between Covenants and within them. You also have the same with Clans. With Coteries. And with individuals.Then you see how those things influence a given city's population. I don't really know how to help you in your quest for antagonists whenever I have pointed out how Vampires HAVE antagonists. And saying that the game lacks purpose has no merit as Werewolf or Mage (or any of the others) have no single purpose either. Werewolf, for example, can focus on antagonism between players and humans encroaching on their territory or Spirits reaching across the Gauntlet or neighboring Forsaken packs or attacking Pure or corrupt Bale Hounds... or Vampires unsettling a Locus with blood magic or Mages meddling in the Shadow. There is no one overriding antagonist. None of the games have a single purpose. It is up to you to define a purpose for your individual Chronicle. The sky is the limit. There is no nitpicking. I'm presenting counterpoints to your statements which you keep downplaying. /shrug If you enjoy your limitations, who am I to insist that you not? Whatever floats your boat...
  15. Elder Duel

    Well, essentially the PC just Delayed until the NPC charged and then moved out of range. That he did this just to set up his own charge in order to use his Fetish seems kinda... pointless... since he had the Initiative and could have just made that charge as his first action, instead of avoiding. But in terms of outcome, yeah, mechanically this was about the only way that it could have happened in this situation. Higher Initiative has the control which is why I opt for the option to reroll Initiative every turn of combat when the fight is small enough not to make it a headache.