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  1. bloodlines

    I don't think I have one. Not a favourite anyway. I forget the bloodline's name but there was one that was based on being a suicide and being brought back. They intriqued me but no one runs a Vampire game around here anymore so never got a chance to try it.
  2. Sale: WoD and Requiem books

    Unfortunately nothing went, so I am being forced to open up the auction to the US.
  3. In a desperate attempt to clear some space in my house I am flogging off those nWoD and Requiem books that I don't use and are just taking up dust space. Unfortunately they are all limited to the UK because of a series of bad experiences earlier this year posting to the US which cost me money. Thanks for taking a look. My Ebay page World of Darkness: Mirrors World of Darkness: Mysterious Places World of Darkness: Dogs of War World of Darkness: Immortals World of Darkness: Ghost Stories World of Darkness: Book of Spirits World of Darkness: Antagonists Vampire the Requiem: Coteries Vampire the Requiem: Nomads Vampire the Requiem: Mythologies Vampire the Requiem: The Blood
  4. UK Book buying.

    I tend to order from www.leisuregames.com They provide a fantastic service. Never had a problem.
  5. Danse Macabre Tiers

    Not necessarily but that style worked very well for the old WoD and it can still work for the new WoD. But your example of Something Wicked is good and I don't have a problem with that, it's different taste and that's all good. The old look of the "gothic punk" WoD strikes a good resonance with a lot of players though.
  6. Predator's taint

    I've not liked Predator's Taint from the moment I initially read it when I picked up Requiem. It just feels like a tacked on mechanic with no real need for it. I think it's better off used as a means of asserting dominance pro-actively rather than something that happens just because two vampires who have never met meet one another.
  7. Danse Macabre Tiers

    I think I know what you mean. For a time In got very jaded by just how come the paranormal is in nWoD. Every book has more and more, but yet it makes little sense that so many disparate "things" exist. Even simple mundane sourcebooks such as 13th Precinct had paranormal elements everywhere and it doesn't feel right.
  8. tv and/or movie

    I own the Kindred: the Embraced DVD set. It's not WoD but it's an enjoyable if short lived TV series. It has it's issues at times but I enjoy it.
  9. tv and/or movie

    I'd love to see it happen but I think Libra is correct on all fronts.
  10. Requiem for the Masquerade

    After a few months I have some time to start devoting to this again. Just a couple updates and corrections for now, including the basics on the Circle and the Ordo.
  11. It says "...open any door, despite locks, security systems or baricades...". That says to me that it would work regardless of a retinal scanner.
  12. Temporis in Vampire: The Requiem

    It was a bit of a silly power. Hardly in keeping with the whole vampire feel. I only used it or saw it used as a ST's plot toy. I wouldn't bother converting it but if you do, good luck.
  13. The Danse Macabre

    Has Danse Macabre actually been released yet? I thought that for now it was just a PDF purchase.
  14. Vampire Translation Toolkit

    After reading it mentioned in recent threads and having no idea what the hell it was I bought the PDF and for me it was perfect. Trying to recreate the old Masquerade under Requiem has been difficult but with this I can import things over much more smoothly. It's a good addition but is it anything special? No, not really. If you want to combine bits of either game then it's a handy dandy addition. Haven't tried a game conversion yet but hoping to do so soon.
  15. Requiem for the Masquerade

    I disagree. While it may not add to the personal horror element (which is overrated anyway) it certianly does not give us world-spanning ninja clans. But you are entitled to believe that if you wish. The global conspiracy that was the Camarilla of Masquerade made a lot more sense to me than the independent and cut off city states of Requiem.