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  1. Campaign books for nWoD

    *Cough* Reign of the Exarchs *cough* Fall of the Camarilla *cough* Also, as said, the Promethean books have a five-part chronicle.
  2. Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark Sheets!

    Great work as usual.
  3. BBC Series - "Hex"

    Hex wasn't a BBC show -- it was on Sky (British satellite/cable network owned by the same guy who owns Fox). As for the episodes, the economics of British telly mean that six-episode seasons are the norm. Always has been. As it happens, the second series of Hex went to about 12 or 13 episodes. So there's like 19 episodes over both series. It's wildly uneven, and keeps changing format. It starts wonky, gets better and then gets really poor. You can tell why they cancelled it.
  4. Sell me on The Loyalists of Thule

    When I first wrote them, someone -- I forget who, another writer -- compared them to Giles from Buffy, only he's got an Ahnenerbe (sp?) ornamental dagger hidden in his desk. What about that isn't ace?
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    The full, Executive Edition is now available.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    Am already working on the full, Nu-Improved version. And that means NuGrafixx!
  7. My son is sick again.

    Good to know.
  8. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    Am I? I don't reckon I am, really. I'm just having laughs at the Man's expense. Still getting out of the game game, though. But thiss was something that I needed to write: my own personal idea of a good time.
  9. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    It got plugged on io9.com: http://io9.com/5095325/kill-mickey-mouse-i...e-brand-slavery
  10. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    I would really appreciate it, actually. Just to see how people who aren't, like, my mates get on with it.
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    Actually, you know what? The more I thought about your comment, the more that I thought that you were spot-on accurate, and the more happy I was about that. Seriously. Best review it could have had.
  12. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    That's not wholly untrue.
  13. ANNOUNCEMENT: MSG™ now available

    Yep. Tasty and only slightly carcinogenic.
  14. My son is sick again.

    So sorry to hear that, Gone. It's hell when your kids get sick. Our thoughts are with you.