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  1. Metal or Wood?

    I voted for Geppetto, the Lineage of Wood. I think the fact that the wood boy story could be related to a darker presence in times past; one of horror, death, and darkness; is so very fitting to the world of darkness. Especially considering the current format of the story today. I can just imagine so many possibilities with this lineage. The Man who could not have a son, who birthed him using wood. A boy who would never grow, stuck as something hated by so many. People who find themselves hating this boy for no apparent reason. A reaching of destiny. Future prometheans listening to the story, and having their dreams either lifted or crushed by a children’s story. And those are just some ideas. I am sure you could work in ones that are much better.
  2. Very much looking forward to this month.
  3. Promethean Sidekicks

    I really love the idea of Imbued being companions to Prometheans. Imagine if you will, a Promethean who cannot find his place in humanity, only to find that the only companion that can stand you is a creature so much like you, yet even more removed from Humanity, with not even the same chance of redemption. A tragic companion. Much like Moonglum to Elric in a way.
  4. Changeling References

    Some other books- Bedlam Bard series from Mercedes Lackey. Although most of the Fae Eric deals with are Seelie, some are not, and I really enjoyed them. Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist. Loved this book. If I recall, there was some stuff in A Wizard Abroad by Diane Duane(Interesting series. Started with So you want to be a Wizard) Allison Baird has two books. The Hidden World and The Wolves of Woden. Have not read them...yet.
  5. Pistols and Shotguns

    And if any of you read the Demon trilogy, there is a point where they talk about the mob being made of men who would either try to destroy or control a supernatural if they found one to exist. Now who says some crew somewhere might not have discovered a vamp with a little muscle, not the greatest smarts, and who is a bit pliable. I can just imagine one of the Triads with a bit of supernatural power in the ranks.
  6. A brief introduction

    Thank you all, it's been a wonderful welcoming.
  7. These Cults of Ours...

    Well, being new here, I felt I would like to contribute a thread. Basically, what I am looking for is posters taking a few minutes(Hours, days, whatever) to develop a mortal-led cult that can be inserted into different types of Chronicles. I suppose that I shall start in the vein of proper contribution. The Lokean Knights These men and women hold no true relationship with the Norse God Loki, and do not worship him in any way. Instead, they hold to the ideal that without Chaos, there cannot be improvement, self realization, or growth. As such, the Lokean Knights collect together men and women with talent, a drive to cause change, and more often than not, a belief that they are better than most of the world. The Lokean Knights perform rituals in red robes edged with black and orange, and have masks shaped as faces made of fire. They can be identified on the street by gold medallions showing a man consumed by flames, and a tattoo of a flame on the inside of their right wrist. The Lokean Knights have oft been responsible for small bombings, hackings, scandals, and other events to spur on riots and chaos.
  8. What Type of Drink Are You?

    According to this, I'm Jack... which is eh, because the only whiskey I drink is scotch.
  9. A brief introduction

    Thank you both. This seems like a fun community.
  10. Hungover

    I've never had a hangover, no matter how much I drink. I think it's due to the incredible amounts of water I drink at the same time. My buzz never lasts as long as everyone elses, but I don't suffer the day after.
  11. Some Time Off

    Good luck and well wishes to you. I hope the new year brings you many joys... And I was going to post some sappy ass shit about not knowing you, but looking forward to it, and you post in the middle of me typing. You ass. I think I'm going to like you.
  12. Happy New Year's Eve

    Happy Birthday Cain, even though I know you not. Happy new years eve, and a happy new year to everyone. As for me, I have some brandy, some single malt scotch(Glenfiddich), some Absente(Refined Absinthe-Made with a southern wormwood), some Mead, and a few other various alcohols in my cabinet. I'll probably drink Brandy or Scotch tonight.
  13. A brief introduction

    Well, I went on a small posting spree as I just discovered this site. And then I figured I'd best say Hello. I've mainly been posting in the newWOD forums, and the Demon forums, as well as dropping some poetry in the Writing forum. I hope to get to know you all, and hope I can contribute alot.
  14. Save the concept

    Well, as a player, a great spin would be the Sleazy Car Salesman Type, with product in his hair, a big toothy smile, and such an "honest" face that everyone knows to distrust him. Do a few small betrayals so the other players are aware, and damage does not ruin the game for everyone. As an ST countering that type of player... Allow the first information trade to take place. Then, have that person betray the player. Let the player escape with no reward, and within an inch of their life. Give the player a small chance for revenge or redemption. Usually that fixes it. My 'unsavlvagable' player concept: The Street Hardened Sociopath that kills bad guys, good guys, children, and little kittens just because he can.
  15. ELN returning

    You have a personal horde of demons? Cooooool.