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  1. !mpacts little gallery

    More updates, Top-to-bottom = newest to oldest More to be found at the blogspot over at http://studiocolrouphobia.net/ Above, three cropped wip's Cover for Skrapyard ( http://www.precinctomega.co.uk/ ) two commissions Pen and Paper sketch Three commercial commissions for Fantasy Flight Games, Hand of Corruption, book for their Black Crusade RPG http://www.fantasyfl...Black%20Crusade
  2. !mpacts little gallery

    So time flies. Here are some things I have been up to: Poster for F.A.C.T.S. 2011, a huge convention in Ghent, Belgium. Work in Progress, Minotaur being assaulted by Centaurs. WiP for a miniature skirmrish game called Skrapyard. Almost done with this so expect to see the fully illustrated one shortly. WiP of a personal painting, Ahadi. Lately I am doing a very traditional take on all my painting, this is the first parts of what is called a "dead layer", where you paint in the greyscale (warm and cool shades of grey really). This is my sister in law on the back of a dragon. Gift. She likes dragons so I painted her sitting on one. We had to trick her into photorefs for this, asking her to sit whilst we checked how to set "good lighting" on the new camera.. She was baffled with the final painting. Reinventing a character. Illustration of Arbaal the Undefeated, a Warhammer Fantasy Battle character. Personal painting. .Three Renegades. Speedpainting/colour and light study. 1/2-1 hour per character, relaxationpainting in between jobs, to practice colours and lights. Very quick paintings. I/We have a new online webpage at www.studiocolrouphobia.net where we have a blog. I say "we" because the studio contain me and my wife though lately it is mostly my art that appears anywhere since I do this 100% and my wife's stuff aren't really out of NDA's. I try my best to be on forums once in a while but I am quite poor at it so forgive me for the time that passes between these updates. Cheers, David
  3. Wow, almost a year passed. Incredible!

  4. !mpacts little gallery

    Thank you, -t- : It sounds interesting, at this moment I am really swamped with deadlines though, so its not something I could take on, at least not as a "hey you want to paint this as a favour" kind of thing. Commissions I still have a few slots open for, but even there its getting thick. Cybercat, cheers, things are working out well. Heres an interpretation of WAR.
  5. !mpacts little gallery

    Hello, and thank you for your kind words. I have been inactive for quite a while. My eyes where fixed surgically a very long time ago now, and appart from a pause for about two months I have been working continuously. My absence is more to the fact that we moved country during last year. The main reasons where that my wifes mother was deteriorating in health and that my wife landed a killer job in her home-country of Belgium. After the surgery, there was no way we could decline the joboffer she got, and so we moved August last year, after having spent almost half a year preparing and saving so we could afford the trip. Almost three months ago, all the final debts of mine where finally paid and, thanks to Peter K., Jagash and others, managed to start my freelance illustration company fully. I work freelance for Fantasy Flight Games and other RPG companies, as well as console games companies and book publishers. On the side I do private commissions. During my absence I have painted a fair amount of images and I'd like to display some of them here in the gallery. I think you will find that I have evolved somewhat. Not much of what I paint is of WoD or nWOD type, so I hope you will give me some leniency. David Oh, and how much gore can be displayed here? I have some quite gory stuff that I am painting at this moment but Im not sure if that is okay...
  6. A complete WW items database

    I hadn't even seen this topic...I think just about anyone interested in WW-games should/would like to see something like this Mort.
  7. It's that special time of year....

    Just a little heads-up. Thanks to some friends both here and on other places, Repo-man wont be coming for my computer until end of February. I'm also getting more commercial work done during January and so it looks like I dodged a bullet to the head with a little help from my friends. Jagash- thank you. The rest of you guys: Thank you! a smile helps a long way when one is feeling down.
  8. happy that Januaryschedule is picking up- also sketching on stuff for Jagash and some stuff for Fantasy Flight Games...

  9. It's that special time of year....

    Thank you Jason, I sent you the email. Obviously I would be forced to man up and prove to you the value. I am confident that I can do so. Chiggs? I never heard that one before... reminds me of the "Ketchup!" story but I never heard that one before..
  10. It's that special time of year....

    Thank you guys! The funniest I have found so far myself is this: Which demands a certain age to be fully understood...
  11. It's that special time of year....

    Yay, Unicorns that fart clouds and puke rainbows! it did indeed!
  12. So I need to rant. Excuse me and feel free to ignore, or read and be amused, horrified or anything else, I just need the ventilationspace. For some of you it is known that I had a few healthproblems a way back, being in a coma in the hospital and had vision-problems. With the aid of friends, and also members of SnE (some of which are interchangeable with friends, others whom I have high regards for), me and my family managed to stay afloat and eventually the situation got better. Health was solved as far as could and most of the bills where managed. It's been a rough two years but we are seeing the end of a tunnel here. A lot of this because my career as an illustrator is kicking off. So obviously, Murphy's law has to come into count. Catch 22 galore! I have been studying and working as an artist at the same time. In my country we have the luxury of being able to get a student-loan when studying, part of this is actually loaned and part is a governmental grant. But this is only allowed for a certain amount of weeks unless special circumstances are in place. I was due to have finished my studies in January next year. Student-loan ended in October. For two years, the officials at the centre for Student-loans, as well as guidance councillors at my university have told me that since I studied at 200% and would only need ten extra weeks, there where circumstances enough to get loans till the end of the year. Murphy strike one: In October I get a letter telling me that unless I get terminally ill, or my children or wife get terminally ill, there are no circumstances. End of Student-loan/grant. Murphy strike two: To be able to support myself and my family, I now need to get an unemployment fee. To get this I have to sign out of University, thus I cannot take out my degree, ten weeks short of time. Murphy strike three: The unemploymentfee is, a ) late- payments take thirty days because of some error they had in June, b ) not coming till January because I had to send in completing facts, something they didn't let me know till yesterday. Murphy strike four (I'm already struck out at this time, but lets move on, why not?): As a consequence of this, I am not able to pay all bills, the bills I CAN pay are fixed because of illustrationwork I do. I work on a PC and paint digitally. However- My PC is bought at a downpayment-rate, because my old one broke down when I needed it most I was forced to buy a new one and could not afford to cough up the 1000 Euro to buy a new one- Right now, I'm waiting for the repoman to come in two weeks- not able to pay bills = the total sum is now needed to come in, with intrest, and if that doesn't happen on time they repossess the PC AND send my bills on to the bailiffs (where the bills value will increase with about 80 Euro) = David doesn't have any means of gaining money at all since no PC = no illustration for clients. Sorry for the melodrama- just need the vent. Obviously, if anyone know anyone who need an illustration and can pay a 20% upfront then I would be very glad- I'm short 200 Euro to be able to send the repoman home till end January and any money I can get in soon for work is going to help solve some of the problems. Otherwise thoughts on me and my family will go a long ways. So who got something to cheer me up? I'll take anything- Images, links etc... anything to make me smile is good!
  13. So I posted a little something in the gallery, and realized that the size of the image is HUGE when you click on it. That's not needed, so obviously I wanted to change the uploaded file to a smaller sized one. Only to find out that when you hit "edit" you cannot alter the uploaded image. So I hit the "Use Full Editor" button to edit the image and.....nothing. Firefox, Explorer, nothing. Nothing happens. So I'm figuring this could be a bug and therefore I am right here, noting it down. I got cookies enabled and java allowed, nothing on this website is blocked and I am on other IP Boards and there it works just fine.
  14. !mpacts little gallery

    And I finished it. Still all digital. This painting is supposed to be something mythic, something mystic and something magic. I find that it has some traits that make me think of Ireland or Scotland, and thus I call it "Aeos Danna". Interpret it however you will. The image is watermarked, sorry about that. I have been thieved upon before. Photoshop CS3 6 hrs
  15. !mpacts little gallery

    Two WIP's... Make out of it what you will. All digital.