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  1. I made a Cruac Ritual!

    I think this could be used as a method for finding worthwile new Ghouls or New Sanctified. IDK about the suspicion. Most ppl would look at you pretty funny if you were wearing blood for eyeshadow.
  2. Fangs, sweet fangs

    I think in the first "A Hinger like Fire," it gives the description of one of teh Nos having too thin and very long teeth? now that I think about it, a lot of Nos actually do tend to have the description of too long and too thin teeth, with similar fangs.
  3. Somewhere, out there, was some kind of .pdf magazine and it included a new (i think) gift for ways a werewolf could just get money. Anybody read/seen that? linky please?
  4. What Parent Clan would work best for NWoD Tzimisce? Discuss it here http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index....showtopic=12396
  5. Vampires and backstabbing

    There are several reasons: 1. As they age into the hundreds, they statr to forget details of history (fog of eternity) they can start wars on false premises (especially after waking from torpor) and the other guys word could possibly be just as crewed up as the firsts'. 2. Many vampires (particularly the Invictus) always want more power and influence and they do this through backstabbing, cheating, lying, technicalities and teh like. 3. Most elders play teh Danse Macabre (Dance of the Dead), mostly because they get bored. What are you going to do with the rest of forever? They often resort to "playing" with each other by remembering teh tiniest of insults and accusations and hatch plans that take deccades to finally be acheived.
  6. VtR Rebuild sheets...

    I also saw it here at the White Wolf Forums. I haven't stopped using your sheets since I found out about them. Thanx 4 making a VII sheet, I had been looking for one and I figured it was too new. Will you/ could you make seperate Akhud, Betrayed, and Sleeper sheets? The first two are at least very different in their sorcery and magicks (ahranite sorcery vs. teh Seven Scepters).
  7. Belials Brood serving demons

    Yeah, they actually journey to nepal and talk with Martunza, the all-knowing buddhist monk of something or whatever... They're not just sitting there. But back to teh original q?, the closest we've found thus far is the Akhud, and they do have an initiation rite (it doesn't tickle). Just know taht it is common belief when an Akhud dies, not having succeeded in killing all other vampires in the world, his soul is consummed and owned by teh Demon Shaddad for unrelenting torture and pain.
  8. Use of Religious Books in V:tR

    Funny you should mention that! yesterday, I was talking to my roommate about buying the Satanic Bible, and he told me not to. When I said I don't believe any of it, he said that he does and he used to be into it, sid he thought it made a lot of sense and he sorta followed it for a while and he doesn't wanna start it over or go back. So, ask your players Ladies and Gentlemen, about what they think of incorporating this stuff!
  9. Belials Brood serving demons

    Doesn't, just shows that there is a spiritual journey that can be talken for power and is awarded by a higher power. Guess I was veiwing what Zenten sid as two seperate questions. 1.Can vampires have a spiritual journey? 2.Can Vampires directly serve a demon/devil and expect to get power and results? Is it my understanding that siad mage go on a spiritual journey and do good things? (IDK, don't know/read mage)
  10. Belials Brood serving demons

    Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll........kinda. Look up Golconda in the Vamp Book. The spritual Journey of enlightenment and a possible final transcendence of sorts. Soooooooooooooooooooo, yeah, it's not the same. But it's kinda close. The Akhud or Ahranites of VII were given their Vampiric Power from the Demon Shaddad and humanity in exchange for fighting off the Camirillas who were attempting to invade and destroy his city, Irem, or Iram to Wikipedia. His female counterpart was the leader of teh Akhud for sometime and gave the line Leadership and direction(whose name I forget) and effectively married Shaddad as a show of alliance. The Demon eventually began to make himself apear as a god and gather a following (later known as teh Listeners) that incuded human sacrifice (which is the base for Ahranite Sorcery). She finally recognized him as evil beyond restoring, and with 7 of her apprentices, stormed the Temple of Shaddad and killed all his followers. After realizing that she couldn't destroy him, she trapped the Demon in a constant sleeping-state with herself also being in a torpor-like existence (their flesh is twain, if one wakes up, so does the other) with a rune that looked like "VII". I think 4 of her apprentices died, and 3 went crazy. The 7th, who say teh most was insane beyond all reason. The Demon prevents them from being seen with teh predators taint, being mind read/controlled, giving up information willingly to betray other VII, and the inabiltiy to diablerize or be diablerized. Sooooooooooooooooooo, they got a kewl demon. But the standard issue Vamp doesn't have any access to awesome demon stuff. 'Cept maybe the Crone, whose goddess deity is banished from heaven, and I believe the definition of a demon is an angel who has fallen from heaven, if you could consider the Crone an angel (she is subservient to a higher power(s), and therefore an angel?) But I doubt teh Circle would like to hear that they practice demon worship.
  11. Tzimizce origin Clan?

    Admit it, Vicissitude has got to be the kewlest discipline the Tzimizce have, and the protean is the closest that it comes to. The difference between the two is the Protean tries to resemble nature and natural forces whereas Vicissitude is controlled by the mind for becoming what the Vampire wants to be. You could consider making them their own clan. It is said they are the most uncommon type. Don't make them a bloodline, make them a rare clan.
  12. Use of Religious Books in V:tR

    Eh, like it said in the description, " I don't intend to offend" Who knows what all of you believe in? It's the INTERNET! Does anybody have links/ISBN's/Book titles to any other good reference materials not already listed? so far, we got: The Necronomicon The Satanic Bible The Vampire Bible The King James Version of the Bible The Communist Manifesto Collections of ancient Greek Myths The Torah (specifically about Lilith, the "first" wife of Adam and original Succubi) OWoD Ashen Cults The Golden Bough
  13. Use of Religious Books in V:tR

    I should clarify: By "resources", I'm not saying they'rethings that the characters just "have" or have access to. Instead, they are held in the same respect as game sourcebooks; material or information that helps create a session or Story Arc.
  14. What is your belief in incorporating Religious books into your campaign and using them as Resources? Specifically for the Herd Merit when declaring it to be a Blood Cult of a Vampire God, which is referenced throughout the V:tR book. And I'm not talking about the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, which I do reference quite a bit. I have recently purchased this: The Necronomicon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/038075192...=books&v=glance and have found it somewhat useful, at least in cryptography with the mystery of VII. and I am considering purchasing this: The Vampire Bible http://www.vampiretemple.com/bible.html and this: The Satanic Bible http://www.booktopia.com.au/featuredbook1....okid=0380015390 NOTE: I view these books as resources. I do not actively practice nor do I believe in Satanism, or the Occult worship of any "Dark" or "Evil" God(s). I do not follow the left-hand path nor do I associate myself with those that do. I do however enjoy study of such beliefs for my own understanding and use throughout life, in games, and as becoming a fully rounded person. Thus said, what are your opinions of use of these books or those similar to them in game?
  15. Dementation and VII

    Thank You, driven here by WW little problem, i've found i actually like the Style of this site more. neweyz, what kind of difficulty rating would you apply to a Vampire in the Requiem system for Dementia effects? (also, it is my understanding that difficulty is considered automatic successes for the victim, and if the attackers successes don't exceed them, then the atacker fails. [i have never played V:tM or Dark Ages, my players love it though, and they reference it all the time...so my wealth of knowledge is restricted to NWoD .])