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  1. Hello!

    Welcome to the darkness that is known as SnE!
  2. New Member

    Welcome to the darkness that is known as, SnE!
  3. I think a new user group would need to be created in order for this section to be utilized. @Saint Michael, due to your status as Procurator.. you are able to utilize the section. Its something that I will also place on the @Mortekai "To Do List".
  4. Anyone still play the old games?

    I still have my disc, but play it through Steam more than anything.
  5. setting: Las Vegas, once the pride gem of the Camarilla hold upon the Western coast. Unconquerable for many years by any other faction. But that would only last for so long, before a corrupted.. power seeking Toreador obtained the title of Baron. The first few years seemed to go smoothly, but that was just due to Baron Anthony was learning the ropes and that of those that stood behind him. As time continued to pass, Anthony wanted more.. including getting into the casino business. This action would upset both the ArchBishop and remaining Elders. Anthony became too flashy and was on the verge of breaking the Masquerade, remaining quite powerful which lead to jeopardize both the Camarilla’s and Sabbat’s presence within the city. His meetings within the Rothsteins were unknown.. but could have been regarding ghosts, old gangster money and rumors of mysterious treasures buried within the Vegas deserts. With Anthony being willing to jeopardize so much, it would lead to his down fall.. being murdered. Each faction seemed to have a good reason to do the deed. But just which one, was the question that remained. The Sabbat seemed to gain more presence within the city, making them the lead faction. But as Vegas was within the Anarch Free States, that would raise enough concern for all factions to try and obtain control of the territory. play location: forums, chat and Discord url: http://www.sinfulafterdark.com/
  6. Amaranth

  7. Anyone still play the old games?

    From what I've heard and seen on a Discord channel, Bloodlines still seems to be going strong. I think there are some players waiting for a newer came to come out, I would love to see one for both PC and consoles.
  8. Member Teams

    I dunno, what would we consider "teams"? Almost like separating what gerne each member likes best?
  9. OMG we're back?!?!?!

    I'm pretty much always here, to say the least. I'm still doing my web design stuff, despite no longer working with someone I consider a very dear friend that has helped me through out the past several year, @Mortekai in that aspect.. but know that he's there if I run into a snag with something.
  10. Anyone play D3 anymore?

    Well now, that sounds interesting.. will have to check that out the next time I log into Battle.net, my username there is SataricEarth. site note: Search for the Clan by pressing shift+o and within the English (British) servers. Took me a bit, but I was able to locate it. Just waiting my approval from the big guy now. And just like here, I'd be the second member. Hee hee..
  11. And so we return again

    Once we get things up to date with the current White Wolf material that we want posted and shared, I am going to start looking at reaching out to other areas to promote SnE further. This would include places on Discord and other chats that might be being used for White Wolf gaming. Going to try and bring new life here and make it all flourish once again.
  12. Greetings

    Welcome to the darkness that is Shadowessence..
  13. Renaming the forums

    I got in touch with @Mortekai on Facebook and he gave the approval for the name change. I went ahead and made the changes already, so no worries on driving yourself bonkers @Saint Michael. LOL!
  14. Renaming the forums

    I would highly suggest that we ensure that @Mortekai is alright with this prior to any of us Procurators messing around with the forums. Where I am not against this idea, I would just like for us to ensure that the "Big Guy" doesn't already have plans.
  15. Is there anyway to get SnE more active again?

    Thanks, I will look into it later and handle it.. but a search for SnE on Discord should bring up the server. Updated the invite, it was marked to not expire.. did the same with this one, hopefully it will continue to work. If not, I might have to contact Discord. invite: https://discord.gg/99VBVpA
  16. SnE on Discord

    SnE Discord Channel The above link is the invite to the official SnE channel on Discord. Let's see if we can not expand SnE a bit further.
  17. Happy Birthday Mortekai!

    Subject says it all, without a doubt. Happy Birthday @Mortekai!!
  18. Is there anyway to get SnE more active again?

    I am talking with @Mortekai concerning setting up a Discord server for SnE. This would allow us all to chat, and even invite others. Also talking about bringing back Nexus: the Dark City as a RP setting for SnE. If we can keep SnE as a resource and interactive site, along with maybe adding something for players.. then it might help bring more activity. It is worth a shot right now at least, otherwise.. we just simply need to push to promote SnE where ever we can. Add it to other forum signatures and even any sort of emails in which are either White Wolf or World of Darkness related.
  19. So where do we stand now?

    I am all for a SnE Discord channel, and I'd be willing to move my Vegas setting to it if there was enough interest. I can setup a server for SnE if @Mortekai would like, or I will leave it for him to handle.
  20. So where do we stand now?

    Things right now with White Wolf are being reworked, or so its been said.. I have not truly seen any sort of change since the new site went into effect. I adventured on to Discord to see what was up there within the WoD setting, and there appears to be some good attention. I've started pushing with my Las Vegas setting again and attracted a couple of players through Discord. I'm more focused on the 20th Anniversary Edition for my game setting, but the Chronicles of Darkness seem to have a interest on Discord as well. But none the yes, @Mortekai.. I think bringing SnE back and focusing on both the old and new focus direction in which White Wolf is going. That is just my thoughts, I will advertise as much as I can for SnE. I already have it listed on my Vegas site, and if I can get a forum feed setup on my Discord server.. it will promote SnE that way as well. In other words, I will do everything I can to assist with SnE and bringing it back.
  21. Good to see the site back up!

    And it can be done, as its been done in the past. Things for the WoD setting has changed.. but we will thrive once again. Besides, Mortekai.. you just can seem to get rid of me my friend.
  22. Long time and Back again...

    Welcome back to the darkness, Blood Lore.
  23. Help spread the word

    That should be corrected now, if not.. please let Mortekai know ASAP.
  24. White Wolf Publishing Changes Hands Again

    Nice, can't wait! Really trying to get back into WWRP, as I've missed it and it just makes more sense than the Free Forum RP that I've been doing as of late.
  25. And lo, I have returned!

    Welcome back, Sahajiy! As for BattleNet stuff, if you don't already have me.. feel free to add me: SataricEarth@yahoo.com I may not be on it a lot, but I do try to get one here or there. Needing to get LotV so I can test it out before its release, but otherwise.. tend to jump on for a little bit of SC2 and HotS, plus a couple custom or random games. If anyone is on Xbox Live, I can be found on there as well under the gamertag of: SataricEarth.