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  1. Hello!

    Welcome to the darkness that is known as SnE!
  2. New Member

    Welcome to the darkness that is known as, SnE!
  3. I think a new user group would need to be created in order for this section to be utilized. @Saint Michael, due to your status as Procurator.. you are able to utilize the section. Its something that I will also place on the @Mortekai "To Do List".
  4. Anyone still play the old games?

    I still have my disc, but play it through Steam more than anything.
  5. Amaranth

  6. Anyone still play the old games?

    From what I've heard and seen on a Discord channel, Bloodlines still seems to be going strong. I think there are some players waiting for a newer came to come out, I would love to see one for both PC and consoles.
  7. Member Teams

    I dunno, what would we consider "teams"? Almost like separating what gerne each member likes best?
  8. OMG we're back?!?!?!

    I'm pretty much always here, to say the least. I'm still doing my web design stuff, despite no longer working with someone I consider a very dear friend that has helped me through out the past several year, @Mortekai in that aspect.. but know that he's there if I run into a snag with something.
  9. Anyone play D3 anymore?

    Well now, that sounds interesting.. will have to check that out the next time I log into Battle.net, my username there is SataricEarth. site note: Search for the Clan by pressing shift+o and within the English (British) servers. Took me a bit, but I was able to locate it. Just waiting my approval from the big guy now. And just like here, I'd be the second member. Hee hee..
  10. And so we return again

    Once we get things up to date with the current White Wolf material that we want posted and shared, I am going to start looking at reaching out to other areas to promote SnE further. This would include places on Discord and other chats that might be being used for White Wolf gaming. Going to try and bring new life here and make it all flourish once again.
  11. Greetings

    Welcome to the darkness that is Shadowessence..
  12. Renaming the forums

    I got in touch with @Mortekai on Facebook and he gave the approval for the name change. I went ahead and made the changes already, so no worries on driving yourself bonkers @Saint Michael. LOL!
  13. Renaming the forums

    I would highly suggest that we ensure that @Mortekai is alright with this prior to any of us Procurators messing around with the forums. Where I am not against this idea, I would just like for us to ensure that the "Big Guy" doesn't already have plans.
  14. Is there anyway to get SnE more active again?

    Thanks, I will look into it later and handle it.. but a search for SnE on Discord should bring up the server. Updated the invite, it was marked to not expire.. did the same with this one, hopefully it will continue to work. If not, I might have to contact Discord. invite: https://discord.gg/99VBVpA
  15. SnE on Discord

    SnE Discord Channel The above link is the invite to the official SnE channel on Discord. Let's see if we can not expand SnE a bit further.