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  1. Vampire: the Masquerade Team

    Send a PM to the Vicillus. He'll set you up. One of the reasons things went slow is that I got the messages long after I resigned.
  2. Vampire: the Masquerade Team

    You haven't, however it's on its way. I have just spoken to an Admin, so I guess it's a matter of hours, or, perhaps, days at the most.
  3. Morlandus

    I'm so very glad you're doing better. I'm out of dancing bunnies, so you'll just have to settle for a plain "very glad to hear you're doing better". A big "thank you" mental note is hereby sent to the doctors who got you back(1). And to Estelle, who seems to be quite a woman. May all your troubles seem pointless in comparison and all your days be happy from now on. (1) Even the speech therapist, (s)he is only human.
  4. Morlandus

    ::drunkandseeingpinkelefants :thumbsup (and that's from someone who hates smilies) I agree with all and hope you keep us updated on him.
  5. Morlandus

    ! He's.... That's really bad. In fact, really really bad. I hope that whatever causes this quits bugging him right now. When (I'm an optimist by default) he recovers, please tell him that it's okay not to save the world just these next days. Give him my best wishes. Twice.
  6. Resurrection

    Absolutely great to have you back. In your absence, the Setites have taken over the shop and are making shifty deals with everyone. You are sorely needed! And this is from a Vampire man. Otherwise, I'm glad you're back. Hope you take things in your own pace, though. Sounds like you're quite busy.
  7. Hello

    Welcome, and, as RadioHaglaz said, whaff iff youw faffovowit wame ewer? I'm a Masquerade man thhrough and through. Whatever your preference, do come and visit us at Masquerade. And bring crumpets!
  8. The Ashen Doll

    Trust me, if I see any True Brujah Abomination with Hedge Magic and thaumaturgical skills, I will do unto him what God did to the Sodomites. Welcome to the forum!
  9. Backing into the deep shadows

    Wow. I'm sad to see you go, you had so much potential that was about to take place. I can only hope that you'll get your traction and that things generally work out for the best. If you change your mind, do contact me, should you want to retake your position as elysium member.
  10. ID 0265-1163-0331-1348

    both my e-mails have gotten a recipt/comment from you, including samuel_cramer@hotmail.com. I used another, though, through the atual order.
  11. Greetings

    Hi, Sha! Glad to have you back, we've missed the French angle. I fear I should warn you all, she has a sharp wit and a sharper tounge.
  12. The Return

    Sounds interesting, do share! Even if you don't do the best of them all, Vampire
  13. Greetings

    Welcome, Avenger! I'm completely old-school myself, so if you happen to be Vampire (or werewolf, should I get the time), I will look forward to many interesting discussions with you!
  14. I heart unicorns.

    Oh, we'll be really glad to have you, WynneL Welcome!
  15. Introduction are in order

    Welcome from me too! As said earlier, we got good DA and Changeling places. Just watch out for Temple, he's, you'll find out No, actually both he and the rest of the crew are easy to wrk with and very good at contributing.