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  1. Some music

    Hey guys and gals! Just want to promote a friend of mine, Jonathan. He recently started to upload videos of him playing on the piano, and I must say: he is MORE than "quite good". Still, not enough people give some feedback to his music, and so I come to you. Jonathan and I would love to hear comments from the musical/artistic talented people on this forum. We would appreciate it Please, try to ignore the in some parts crappy sound quality. The camera wasn't the best
  2. Linkin Park: Explained

    *true LP Fan is* ...but this vid made me laugh. Somehow, they're right
  3. Warhammer

    Hmm...gotta look into that game then...
  4. DnD 4th Edition

    Better start saving money for the tremendous amounts of books then. This time, I don't want to be the only kid on the block that doesn't understand poop of the D&D rules
  5. Warhammer

    Oh good ol' Warhammer... Started with 40k, building a small (1000 points) Eldar Army of the Craftworld Alaitoc. Gawd, love their special unit! Had some very entertaining games, since most of my friends also played 40k and I got to test my army against different armies, from Blood Angels and Dark Angels Space Marines to Chaos, Tau (which are a pain in the ass) and Dark Eldar. Then I started collecting a Warhammer Fantasy army, but never got more than 500 points for my little Dark Elves. Also, most people that started Fantasy with me, quitted the game after two month. So, I lost my lust to play. Recently, a GW Shop opened here, and for a while I had the urge to start playing again. But then I took a look at the prices, and went all like: WTF?! A box of 20 Eldar standard soldiers (forgot their correct name...Guardians?) costs 10 bucks more than when I played 2-3 years a go! I'm a poor student, I can't afford this! Unless I would finally get a job... Nevertheless, it is an entertaining part time, and if you don't have to play against some spoiled rich kid, it is also very good for your strategic and tactical visions on things
  6. wii friends

    Oh God! Still have to add my Wii number! I am such a lazy bum
  7. A cause worth fighting for

    Love it! <3
  8. Off to the land of the Vikings!

    Starting tommorow, I will be gone for a three-week trip to Norway. To be exact, I will stay in Dalen, in the region called Telemark. I hope me and my companion have some luck with the weather, since we plan to do some hiking. Well, don't get this place dirty and dumb while I'm gone. See you again at the 1st of August
  9. Off to the land of the Vikings!

    Ahh that's so not true! Every fjord is special in it's on way... Yes, I just dropped by to say hello, and to prove that internet really exists in Norway. Unbelievable, right? No, the real reason is to promote my blog http://garou-san.livejournal.com (I know it's ironic that I'm member of the Vampire group, and my blog is called Garou-san...no questions please ) where you can find some of the pictures I take here. Sorry for the bump P.S: This place is full of roleplayers...but they never even met the WoD. Gotta change that
  10. sandchigger is a hottie!

    I thought all of Chigg's genius was bound to his facial hair...
  11. Well thank you ;) You rock too ^_^

  12. Very Unbusy Today ...

    I had a philosophical discussion with my dog.
  13. Let's talk about hype

    I'm totally over this! I LOVED Starcraft, I played it till my fingers bled, it was the summer of '99...or something like that. You will see in front of my local MediaMarkt when this is released...somewhere in 2010

    First: Team America is a divine work of pure brilliance. Second: I love Optimus!
  15. But We Can Do Better Than This ...

    Money to use for a research that proves that Chigg is nothing but a Borg, who tries to assimilate this forums..,
  16. My girl forced me to! That outfit was killing me!
  17. Wedding Bells for the Kemster

    Another one diving into the Unholy Union;) Congratulations man, I wish you much luck and many, many happy years
  18. Im thinking of starting a PbP game

    You're really full, aren't you? I really would love to play in a W:tF game...ahh well, good luck to you guys
  19. Lord of the Rings Online

    So, this very attractive Lord of the Rings Online box at my local gamestore was flirting with me yesterday. After two years of extensive and deep-going World of Warcraft, I feel like it's time for a new MMO-addiction. But before I buy a game that is worth nothing, I rely on the experienced and smart opinions of SnE's finest gamers. So, anybody here who can give me a good reason to buy this game, or an even better reason to keep playing my level 70 Troll Shaman on one of the many WoW servers?
  20. Lord of the Rings Online

    Prices sound quite acceptable. Guess I will give the 14-day-trial a chance. Still, LotRO is an option...
  21. Lord of the Rings Online

    Talking 'bout subscription: how much do they charge? And what subscription "packages" are there?
  22. Shadownessence.com T-Shirt Slogan

    SnE: Honey, I Awakened the kids!
  23. Tragedy and Human Stupidity

    I know plenty vegetarians, but most of them frown upon the Vegan lifestyle. Most simply because they can't accept the limitations such a way of life includes, others for the simple reason that they find it stupid. Stupid because they don't think an animal feels "pain" when a farmer milks it once a day on a animal-fair manner. We Humans are the animal that stands on top of the food chain (in most cases), so we somehow have the right to use "lower life forms". I don't mean this in some "WE HAVE ALL POWER! ALL HAIL US!!"-way, I mean this in a lawful way, living in a kind of symbiosis with other animals (yes just accept it, we humans are animals too. Maybe the most cruel of all). We give them food, shelter and care, and they give us their milk, pelt and even their meat (okay, the vegetarians didn't say anything about the meat, but I like to add it). I don't blame all Vegans for this accident, but I blame these parents. Give your kids the CHOICE. Show them the different paths they can take in life, even food-wise. It might hurt you when your kids "kill innocent lambs", but they're also individuals. Not something you can put into the same drawer as yourself. A few years of cell will do these parents know harm, no matter how much they loved their child. Muffle's opinion over.
  24. Lord of the Rings Online

    Did it really suck THAT bad? I heard quite some nice stories from some players. Then again, those players never played the tabletop game... And Skel: EVE Online sounds interesting, yet I need more deep-going information before even trying it. What makes EVE special? What seperates it from all the other MMO's? Any unique features? Storyline? Immersive gameplay? "Sell" the game to me
  25. Where does your nickname come from?

    Well, the nickname Muffle was born in a quite dumb way... After my brother got his own WoW account, he wanted to play together with me. So I had to make a new character. I made a Dwarven Paladin, but he lacked an impressive, majestic and yet aesthetic name. I needed something, everyone could remember. Something that even made Ragnaros tremble in fear. And so I found it: M-U-F-F-L-E!!! Each letter filled with passion and righteous fury, ready to avenge those that could not avenge themselves! ... or something like that.