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  1. happy birthday^^

  2. How many languages can you speak fluently?

    In what country(s) did you receive your first several years of education? Germany Did you receive any language education (beyond your first language) at school? At home? in school: 5th-13th year: English 7th-13th year: French 9th-11th year: Latin 11th year (1/2 year): Spanish at home: nothing but TV and internet (chat) How many languages can you speak fluently? 2.5: German, English and a bit French How has being (or not being) bi- or multilingual affected, shaped, helped or hindered your life? Speaking English fluently is a great help in science...it is the most common language in papers and also among the scientists from different countries (we have postdocs from Poland, Japan, Russia etc.) Not being multilingual affects me in this way: It sucks. I'd like to speak much more than these 2 languages fluently because I love languages but don't have the patience to learn them by myself.. And I wish I had the possibility to learn at least the Russian alphabet at school Would you recommend a mandatory language education program in primary schools – why or why not? The earlier the better: children learn languages much easier and through play and so they get a natural feeling for speaking these languages...especially people who have problems with the structure of a language and vocabular so can get by much more easy.. I'd even start in nursery school! (also with mathematics, science, history, social stuff...in a funny way without pressure) Optional, and almost totally unnecessary: Name/age? 25
  3. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Lacrimosa - Flamme im Wind i so love this band^^ bLlA-zxNV20 [MrGone Here: Fixed your YouTube embed.]
  4. Happy Birthday!

    oh, thank you^^ and: happy belated birthday to you, too
  5. Do You Live In a City?

    i just say: Berlin
  6. Laser cutting a pizza

    very cool^^ but...why do they cut it twice?
  7. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Camille Saint-Saëns - danse macabre
  8. Things to do in Berlin while you're still alive

    well, goths aren't happy: they bear the pain of the whole world.... but it's cool you found serious games
  9. Find your Daemon

    i did this last year....that's Elleron at first, he was a snow leopard...then my "friends" made him be a spider, a ladybug(/ladybird?) and a tiger .... i think i need new friends
  10. Things to do in Berlin while you're still alive

    erm ...well...one from berlin here....but i'm only livin' here, no tourist..:/ - typical places to go are the television tower at "Alexanderplatz", "Reichstag" and the "new" central station...both made of glass^^ - something i found right now: festival of lights, restaurant in the dark - you could try to get a ticket for "Tanz der Vampire" (dance of the vampires)...great musical^^ maps can be found at any bus-, u-bahn and s-bahn-station oh...i think this post is too late: you're already in berlin, aren't you?
  11. just a pointy eared leave muncher ;)

  12. all (tea) you desire, myLady^^ good concerts...erm, at least there are none of the bands i would got to ...i'll be at m'era luna (bands on the left side) in august but that's not in berlin wgt, well, "it's not what it used to be" is nothing i would call "meaningful"...goths always use this phrase...in every situation
  13. Happy Sandchigger Day!

    best wishes from me, too...belated, sorry :/ pirates for birthday sounds great^^
  14. Hello from Berlin

    *lol* joa...ick kenn brego^^ (den kennt irgendwie jeder XD) sören sacht mir grad nüscht