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  1. Whatcha listenin' to?

    Hank, or George, or Lefty, or Patsy, the Carter's, Merle, ... One of the big reasons I like Fallout: New Vegas so much. Old country, old blues, Big Band, Frankie, old mexican country. I'm an old fart, This is the music I grew up on. Then Rock-a-Billy came along and then Rock n' Roll which amalgamized(?) a lot of the old genres into a great new sound. There's some great new stuff but most of it is just noise to me. Again, ya' gotta remember, WWII still had almost a year to go yet when I was born. It's what you listen to because that's what your listen to, then what you slide into because that's what you like. Each to their own preferences.
  2. It's been a long, long time

    "I remember you", wasn't that the opening line in a song? It's good to see the old timers coming back to roost. Like a murder of crows.
  3. MK, anyone?

    I've been looking for some activity here for a while, when the site was still up before and now again. Still none to be found, I can't even access the Dragon's Nest. I would really like to run \play a game here in Reno but, all that play any version of Vampire or Werewolf here don't seem to be interested.
  4. Back again, have a question

    I see my Shen tag is back, to whomever is responsible thank you.
  5. Anyone still play the old games?

    I like this line of thinking as well. I also have it installed from GoG. I have my own conflicts of interests with Steam even with thousands of hours playing Fallout 4 and Skyrim. And, yeah popular is a very relative and personal opinion term. Bloodlines is a very popular game in "my" library of games.
  6. Back again, have a question

    Thanks Proto-Kemuel->Deathwalker, glad to see you around again as well.
  7. How rare are the old books now?

    Sad\glad to hear of your situation zeroninja. At my age I keep reminding myself that everyday I wake up is a great day, at least I know I still have options. And my best friend for 47 years, wife for 44 yrs, is still making this trip with me. And, it will be up to our kids, all 40+ now, to decide the fate of all my books, including 1st edition paperbacks of all my Edgar Rice Burroughs novels among my now 6 very large bookshelves. How bad I am about my books is: I loaned a few to a brother to read and when he finished them he gave them away to others to enjoy( what he chooses to do with books he reads). I no longer loan him any of my books.
  8. How rare are the old books now?

    I have quite a few Masquerade and Apocalypse books myself but find it more and more difficult to find others I don't have. Then I wonder if it would be useful for anything other than nostalgia and/or pride in having as complete a library as possible of those two old venues, which I still like better than the new. I personally never entertain the thought of letting go of ANY book in my possession. I have many bookshelves stuffed to overflowing and boxes full of many genres of literature and text books and diy and lots more. Books are the only thing I truly hoard.
  9. It's been a long, long time

    Thanks Libra, sounds par for the course for them. I personally still like them better than Google though.
  10. Back again, have a question

    Thanks very much guys, I think I got it done. At least I see the image.
  11. It's been a long, long time

    Thanks Mr Shade, I know you will get to it asap. Meanwhile I won't worry about it anymore.
  12. Back again, have a question

    Thanks Mr Shade, I will wait for it to not be broken anymore.
  13. Back again, have a question

    So i'm back again after being notified by Mortekai that we still exist. My question is: how do I insert an avatar in my profile to be displayed in my posts? Sorry for not being computer literate enough to figure it out myself. Paz, Agatana
  14. Shadownessence in 2018

    I agree Loyalone, it would be a shame of catastrophic proportions to see this Grand Old Lady disappear like the Cappadocians.
  15. It's been a long, long time

    I am pleasantly surprised to find this dark corner of the web still exists. I've missed the old days, especially since I quit LARPing locally because of the bullshit within the community which I absolutely refuse to tolerate. And because of some personal and health problems of the tabletop group that I loved to play with I no longer do that. At 73 and counting I'm still hale and hearty and play a lot of V:tMB, Fallout , and Elder Scrolls. Glad to see a lot of old friends still around, thanks Mortekai for notifying me that we're up and running again. As an aside notification, I use Firefox as my web browser and they notified me that this not a secure siite. Any idea as to why that might be? Gung Hey Fat Choy, year of the Dog. Agatana