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  1. Metal Gear Conversion

    For some upcoming games I'm planning on running a Metal Gear campaign using the New World Of Darkness rules. I would have thought someone beat me to the punch with making a conversion, but as it turns out either my google-fu is weak (which it probably is) or nobody has done such a thing before. My idea was to just use the main rulebook, the armoury books and maybe Dogs of War for the military aspects of it. It would really just be reworking the merits system into something more suitably Metal Gear (mostly replacing the supernatural stuff with Metal Gears technology and..supernatural stuff), with games more geared towards stealth. I also was looking for/planning on a Resident Evil conversion, but that's a bigger challenge.
  2. Is this legal? WoD indexer project

    Well, if you don't try and sell it, I suppose it'll fall under fair use, depending how much information comes in the prgraming. White Wolf has a policy on how much text you can use from their books, and if it's under that amount then you should be fine. On the flip side if you never offer it for download then they have no way of going after you.
  3. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    Huh, I got ten. I as kinda mening what files you got, but I digress. Here is a helpful hint guide: * HEY! Down in front! You're blocking the Screen! * I love getting things for free... * Newsletters are great, I sign up for all I can find! * Customer Service is great, I contact them all the time. * I love the newsletter here, 100's of great items in it! * People should read more, I find great stuff at the library all the time. * I always make sure to update everything I have often. * Please review my hints. It helps me make things better next time. * Publishers can contact you and tell you great things, but you have to let them know you want them to. * I have wished for a lot in my life. Now some have come true!
  4. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    What 9? I got all ten.
  5. Black Wednesday - 1996 and 2011

    Well, it's nice to see that not all of the people laid off have to find new work; or in Bailey's case got laid off from the MMO then immeditetly brought into another meeting to pitch ideas. Still, this definitely sucks that CCP's mismanagement is costing White Wolf. Hopefully if things improve they'll try and rehire the guys they let go so they can keep working on WoD online.
  6. Fighting Style: Tai Chi

    I sense a new fighting game sensation; White Wolf vs Marvel. The only question is who represents White Wolf? I'd say Albrecht, God45, Cop90, Theo Bell, Sasha Vykos, Lucretia, Technocratic thug, etc.?
  7. Well then, you clearly are doing something right. Rock on Libra, rock on.

  8. Halo Top-Bar?

    The Chief is here to help fight those damn spam bots! Hail to the Chief!
  9. My thoughts go out to Mortekai

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother Jimi. You're in my prayers.
  10. global revolution

    Yeah, this is going to fizzile and die long before September 2011.
  11. Questions about the battle

    I'm calling it now; all who don't contribute to the battle will get rick-rolled. It might be mildly amusing.
  12. Questions about the battle

    Calm down guys, I'm 99.9% sure that the email was a joke, considering Mort's history and the amount of work it would take to punish everyone who didn't contribute. For all we know the 30 day removal will mean that our forums get turned pink or something. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
  13. Forum staff?

    Plus how many staff members can say that White Wolf took notice of thier character sheets? You're like a living legend here.
  14. A complete WW items database

    Great idea boss.
  15. Just noticed this little section. *pokes*