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  1. I'm having a strange love/hate relationship with the corebook. It took me two full days, which is a rather long time for me. (In comparison, reading Promethean was the work of 3-4 hours, although I did gloss a bit on the powers and refinements-I'll have to go back and read them.) It's an awesome game, and a lot of story potential is there...but I can't quite find the fire of creativity that I have with other games, like Mage. OTOH, my partner is desperate for me to run Changeling for her, so all of my other plans have been shelved until I can run a game. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and roleplay. Woe is me.
  2. Selling Magic

    I know it's not really a concrete statement, but I'd say just as much as you could get for them. After all, con-men in our world make quite a living offering to cast spells for others: I'd imagine mages that were willing to try such a thing would work similarly. In fact, due to Disbelief/Paradox, it would probably be easier to do mostly con-games, with a little magic to back you your claims to your suckers clients.
  3. The Abyssal Watchtower

    I think it was referred to again in Intruders: an actual mage is discussed who Awoke to an Abyssal watchtower and how it contributed to the creation of an Abyssal manifestation. Small hints, I know, but it does give more ideas of the effect of such an Awakening.
  4. [Actual Play] The Rotten Apple

    Like blood in the water..this is gonna be fun!
  5. This Morning

    That is so cool! It sounds like he has a very creative mind. It's fun watching family members growing up, isn't it? Particularly when they share interests.
  6. Drink my blood and you'll be CEO!

    Hmm...I'll have to check my schedule...*waits .5 seconds* Sure! I'm free! Now, to help plan the takeover of the world! I'll bring the refreshments.
  7. Very nice work here! Definitely a nice layout, and the writing seems very strong so far.
  8. The Member Team

    Woohoo, returning member! Yay! Welcome back.
  9. Is the Soul eternal in Mage?

    And I suppose that if someone rules that the lifespan of the soul is an issue, you could (partially) steal the lifespan of the victim before ejecting them from their body, provided it doesn't damage the flesh itself. Yup, it sounds like a lot of good ideas are running around in here. I really like the Cryptologos attainments! That is a really nice idea, and one that could be an awful lot of fun in play.
  10. The Free Council Book Spoilers

    That is such an awesome image Lankin! I think I might use that sometime. Yeah, there is a definite advantage to the Legacy aspect of things, DM. Still, out of the two I think I would go more for the Free Council rote. (Hmm...so want this book...)
  11. The Free Council Book Spoilers

    That is a good point, but since a spell like that would require a lot of forethought and planning, I would think any good villain would incapacitate the victim and take him to a Demense (made with his own soulstone: hey, we're burning Wisdom here!). That should take care of the vulgar nature of the spell. EDIT: Unless they are a Sleeper...I think. Not sure about that-do Sleepers still have the ability to invoke Paradoxes in Demenses when unconscious? I don't have my books near me riow...
  12. The Free Council Book Spoilers

    Wow. With a spell like that, you've got to pity the Tremere even more. I mean, if you're willing to resort to eating souls for immortality, why not just do the body-snatching route? Keep your soul and get a new appearance every few years: the ultimate makeover! (And I can hear my Naruto-fan players plotting already...)
  13. Learning to Love Awakening

    You and me both Libra.
  14. Learning to Love Awakening

    If we don't spellcheck our work a little, I'd imagine poor Vampir's head would go "BOOM!" At least, that's what I tell myself. However, you are right about the Guardians book. It's a well-crafted book with excellent writing, but I just can't really get enthused about it yet since I don't care too much for the Order. Once the other Order books come out, I'll be okay: I just keep reading it now, and going, "But why couldn't have you been one of the others!" I think it's developing a complex.
  15. [Actual Play] The Rotten Apple

    Poor attention addict, DM! But I'll say it for you: this is awesome! I fully admit not realizing Morgana was an NPC: she always feels like a distinct personality seperate from the rest of your chronicle. Nice job there! I look forward to reading more details about your campaign, and seeing what you've got planned. So don't worry: you always have at least one fan on the sidelines (and probably several more lurking in the shadows.)