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  1. Words from Thomas Jefferson

    The founders were of course, flawed. But they really were great men as well. These people could have seized much greater power then they did. Just look at the many of the other countries in the Americas after they threw out the Europeans. They penned the Articles of Confederation, and then later the Constitution, with the expressed purpose of chaining the government, not the people. Contrary to the belief of many, they weren't all racists. The 3/5ths compromise in Article 1 Section 2 was intended to blunt the power of the slave states. Essentially, slavery was sabataged by that very document. Washington could have taken absolute power several times during the War of Independence (proper name for it, it wasn't a true revolution), and willingly gave up power after two terms. Adams, after losing reelection to Jefferson, did not make any attempts to hold power. Unfortunately, we have gotten away from much of the wisdom of the founders, and the government over the years has blatently acted outsided the bounds of the Constitution. The current crop in DC, in both parties, are especially guilty of it.
  2. Asia in the nWoD

    dammit, i meant to type "really isn't plausable" yeah, but islam does not put the emphesis on jesus that christianity does, i understand that the sanctum isn't christianity per se, but it still grew from perhaps the most significant event in christianity. i don't see muslim vampires joining the sanctum, for a couple reasons. for one, chances are many of them would simply see the sanctum as vampiric christianity, so they wouldn't be interested. second, many might find the teachings of longinus to be disrespectful or blasphemous against jesus. remember, muslims are against showing disrespect towards any of the prophets. i still say the 5 big ones should be mostly kept to the americas and europe.
  3. What the hell is wrong with people?

    unfortuneatly, showing disregard for historical sites or cultural sites is not a new phenominon at all. though i know what you are saying about many in this generation having no clue about history or the world in general. i had a sergeant in my platoon, who, when we were a couple days from pulling into civitivechia italy, and we were discussing that rome was gonna be crowded cause it was the week of easter, was surprised to find out that they had easter in italy. i realise it isn't a vandalism story, but, i felt like sharing it.
  4. Asia in the nWoD

    honestly, i don't think lumping islam, even a vampires version of it, with the lancea sancum is really plausable. i really think a muslim based covenent like the oWoD ashira would b appropriate. after all, look at the problems many humans of those faiths have with each other, you think vampires would be any different? never mind throwing judaism into the mix. the lancea sanctum would be a major covenent in countries like the philipines. i do agree with you about the circle. while, don't get me wrong, there are all sorts of smaller faiths in the far east, not every asian is a buddhist, after all. i am inclined to think that practitioners of those faiths would spurn the circle. the circle's practices are pretty much pre christian european.
  5. What the hell is wrong with people?

    it was an awakened risen pooka mokole mummy abomination with true faith who was born under an eclipse so he counts all five auspices, they are the only ones gutsy enough to pull it off........
  6. Leno

    he had two people on there impersonating obama and clinton having a debate. whatever your political stance, you have to admit it was funny as hell.
  7. Head ache players

    ok, i know all you STs out there can think of at least one player off the top of your head who made you want to scream. i am not talking about that dude who always seems to roll enough damage to sink a battle ship, with 3 strength and 3 brawl, or the one who comes up with very unique ways to solve a problem you have presented them with. nor am i talking about the new player who simply takes a little bit of time getting used to the idea of RPing. no, i am refering to the guy who comes up to you in school, and wants in on your transylvannia chronicles dark ages vampire game. the game is currently in the early 15th century. he presents you with a true brujah named batman, and has a kevlar cloak and a kitana. a couple days later, he presents you with another character, a city gangrel, named wolverine. then there are the players who insist on going the opposite direction of the rest of the players, no matter what. like after the convention of thorns in preveously mentioned chronicle, a the player of a ventrue night chooses the camarilla, after ALL the other players chose sabbat. mind you, the tremere had repetedly PISSED off the PCs. not to mention the group included a salubri warrior, a free gargoyle, a lasombra, and an assamite (also important to note that the whole group took part in the attack on the tzimisce antedeluvian, and the lasombra participated in the storming of the castle and aided in the diablerie of lasombra). and the ventrue himself took part in the massacre of the villiage of thorns. the characters were firmly entrenched with the sabbat. the final one i have is when i ran a werewolf the apocalypse game in the barracks. one of the players talked to his girlfreind non stop on the phone, and would walk outside to talk to her in the middle of the game, and simply tell us "just play my character so he can get xp". werewolf, cause the pack set up, is such a pain to play with non commitant players. we eventually kicked him out of the game. so lets hear your stories.
  8. 10000 bc

    just wondering if it is worth watching. anyone?
  9. Can someone assist me with writing some descriptions ?

    Mage the Ascension? my mistake. yeah, we do need to know tradition.
  10. Can someone assist me with writing some descriptions ?

    well, where is it being set? boston? washington? mexico city? tokyo? these things are kinda important. and do you want background, roleplaying descriptions, and/or physical descriptions? what orders or paths are we looking at? i can come up with character ideas all day, but i need a frame of reference.
  11. Can someone assist me with writing some descriptions ?

    well, what game? what is the setting? we need something to work with.
  12. Online RPG forums

    thanks alot.
  13. Stupid moments

    NICE!!! wrong city, right hotel, love it!!!
  14. Stupid moments

    yeah, don't feel bad mr gone, my buddies and i did the same thing when we were in rome looking for the pantheon
  15. Online RPG forums

    been looking for a good forum based rpg to get into. i had found one a while ago, i just can't find it anymore. any help?