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  1. This Is How You Mystagogue!

    This is both an amazing discovery on its own and wonderful story fodder, too. I need to search and re-read my Planetary collection, now.
  2. Mage: the Awakening Second Edition

    Wow! Long time no see, Libra! Skeloric... I hadn't heard that name in years... I feel old and young again at the same time. Isn't that weird? The hallowed halls of Shadow N Essence. Good times. Finally and on topic, yes! Mage 2nd edition is a work of genius, praised be DaveB and his crew of mystery-obsessed writers. I'm reading it right now, nodding to myself every few paragraphs and suppressing childish giggles of pure joy. It's that good!
  3. Imago and Mundras

    Mmm... I'm thinking out loud here, but it would be neat to ask for mudras during rote casting and othewise ask the players to describe the imago when their characters cast improvised spells... Nice!
  4. Storytelling System Lite

    Again, Have you checked the link? Aspects are a bit complicated to explain, but they are extremely easy and fun to use. I've already tried them last weekend in a home-made Dresden game, and I've loved every bit of them. You can have a character with a completely mundane Aspect like "Lust for bars" and totally earn the spotlight from some another character with a supernatural Aspect like "Bad Juju master". It all depends on how creatively a player decides to use an Aspect. It´s like the Buffy TV show, when one chapter may be all about Buffy being the star while the next show is all about Xander, for example. Regards, ZOOROOS
  5. Magic and Knowledge

    Both approaches are correct, from my point of view. See, I really like the idea of mysteries as a revelatory truth earned after great toil and reflection. A mage doesn't do magic with the same part of his self than he does math or poetry or karate. Magic is Will manifested, not mere wish-making. And Will is not just a force, is analogous to Reason in the fashion that both are used to take control of the world. While Reason divides and categorizes, commands and communicates, Will exerts and changes, realizes and reveals. To me it's a different way to aprehend the world and it's phenomena, a way not normally accessible to mundane people. That's the whole idea of mysteries anyway. Reason without Will is like a person with a blunt knife and a blurry set of glasses, he can still do what he wants but he lacks the power and precision to carry it out properly. On the other hand, Will without Reason is like a person with a deadly-sharp knife and magnifying lenses, but who's sleepwalking and has no comprehension about what's happening around him. In the end, I think mundane knowledge is useful for learning to better use a mage's abilities, but esoteric hard work is needed in order to gain those fleeting glimpses of Truth that lets the mage hone his magical skills and to properly train and familiarize with his new human center, the Will, so as to let his Reason step back smoothly and let his Will take command and "make" magic when is needed. Just my two cents here. Regards, ZOOROOS
  6. Storytelling System Lite

    Hi Lux, My contribution here is something I've toying for some time now yet I couldn't implement it in my games. You see, I became enamoured with the Aspects subsystem from Spirit of the Century, the more generic FATE system and the upcoming Dresden Files RPG. It's an elegant, versatile, highly narrative subsystem that lets you handle almost every merit, special talent, supernatural power and/or flaw from the perspective of the story, not just from the simulated environment. I, in particular, have been thinking in eliminating XPs, Merits, Flaws, Willpower, Advantages and supernatural powers in favor of Aspects. I'll maybe keep Attributes, Skills, Supernatural stat, Supernatural energy and Morality and use Aspects for everything else. Hell, I could just get rid of Attributes for all I know and still have a nice, streamlined system for rolling dices. Here's a link to the Evil Hat wiki, the company responsible for these games I mentioned. I'm saving some money in order to buy SotC or DRPG, firstly because I love the premises of both games and secondly because I really want to implement Aspects in my gaming table. Well, that's how I'd do it anyway. I hope it helps. Regards, ZOOROOS
  7. Apprentice Rotes

    That was I was looking for, too. Thanks matt! I was also specifically looking for some sort of ruling or mechanics that lets a mage finds the appropriate occult correspondence, in order to avoid unending discussions between players and the ST about what sort of occult symbol would work on what, and then it struck me: by ruling that you need a specific set of occult symbols for every spell you try to empower, the mage needs to research and experiment until he finds the right ones for the right job, sort of speak. At least in my games, I'm planning to ask the players for unique symbols every time they use a novel spell, so as to not to repeat the same pair of symbols over and over again and thus to enrich the roleplaying experience. One question though: do you think that demanding an extra turn to perform the correct symbols in order to conjuring the spell is a bit too much? Regards, ZOOROOS
  8. Apprentice Rotes

    Hi everybody! I was thinking in something different. I'm ok myself with rotes being powerful secrets only created by Masters of the Mysteries. I'd personally allow some sort of rote factor mechanics in improvised spells. I see the use of occult symbolism as a way of refining the Imago by reinforcing it with appropriate symbols and supernal connections, and also as way of reinforcing the mystical mood of the game. I have yet to come up with a full-fledged idea yet, but I'm thinking the options you've posted so I can come up with something similar... Regards, ZOOROOS
  9. Just got Mage today

    Just a little clarification. Covert spell don't trigger paradox roll, except for Sleepers witnessing improbable acts of magic, just like Deflare said. But if your spell triggers a paradox, remember that even if the total penalties to your paradox pool reduces it to zero or below, you still will be rolling a chance die, as per the regular rules on dicepools. So, if a paradox roll is called, there's always a chance for rolling it, no matter how much mitigating factors you get for your roll. Rotes are not as useful for Covert spells than for Vulgar ones, that's right, but you still have to take into account that it usually has a larger dicepool, don't demand a non-ruling-Arcana mana cost and it has a subtler resonance. I hope it helps. Regards, ZOOROOS
  10. What would you do?

    Hi Wild Thing, I will try my best to help you out, though you seemed to have written this in a rush and is a bit difficult to understand, though it's a really nice setting. So, I'm guessing that your game is set during WWII, is that correct? And that you have presented Nazis and a powerful artifact already. Now you want to create a Mage game thematically linked with Tarot's Major Arcana, with a theme about buried secrets and well-crafted lies, in a back-stabbing political arena where your identity is diluted by the hard choices you are forced to make, and with the Free Council as the main antagonist, a new, aggressive sect that's slowly getting a hold in Venice magical scene. Even your player characters have a wagon full of secrets in their past. So far so good. I've just edited this part in order to clear everything up in my head. The Consilium is, metaphorically speaking, ruled by the Devil, the Emperor, the Empress and the Justice cards. It's a very down-to-earth, authoritarian yet practical council, with materialistic leanings. Really nice stuff here. B-) Well, if I understand this correctly, the PCs were sent to recover a stolen grimoire suppossedly in hands of the Free Council. Ergo is making an army of satanists (all Sleepers?) in Venice as a way of defying the more "classical" magical styles of Concilium mages. And it seems the PCs are in a difficult situation, surrounded by an armed group of libertines and mistagogues commanded by Azrael, Diavollo's apprentice. Now what I don't understand is what Mars has to do with all this. Have I missed something? A few ideas: First, a little Google-Fu on The Empress: The Empress tarot card meaning According the the lecture, Mars may be possessive of her own power and secrets, even overprotective with her apprentices, trying to mold them into an idealized version of herself: Hermetic mages with a subtle combative inclination and an insatiable thirst for secrets. She does not want the Free Council gaining any foothold in "her" city, so she's trying to lure them to her side with a few grimoires passed "under the table", in order to expose them later in a deal-gone-wrong scandal involving Diabollo's apprentice, Azrael. She knows Azrael is being courted by libertine agents, but instead of exposing him right away she's given him an opportunity to "borrow" from her Athenea so he can congratiate himself with the Free Council. Then she planned sending Marcus after the trail, hoping he'll discover the deal and bust the entire operation. She's manipulating Marcus, even exposing him to grave dangers, in order to properly "teach" him, while at the same time spying on him for any sign of rebellious attitude. An alternative version of the idea above could be that Mars just wants to be the next Hierarch at any cost. She knows about Diavollo's legacy and their lust for conflict, so she's convinced his apprentice, Azrael, that "converting back" ex-diamond mages will pleased his master greatly, and has provided him with grimoires for luring libertines in and a bottom-line mysterium cabal to assist him. Azrael is more clever than she thinks though, and is planning a libertine raid on Mars' Atheneum. The thing is, Mars would never give away one of her precious tomes for nothing, and has planted a cursed grimoire between the rest of the books given to the libertines. The cursed grimoire has a spirit of jealousy bound in it, and is already souring the alliance made between libertines, mistagogues and Azrael. She doesn't care for the linchping mistagogues, she wants the deal busted by Marcus and Azrael exposed as a traitor, a terrible setback for Diavollo. So in the final scene at the square all hell gets loose, and the factions start backstabbing each other thinking there's no turning back once the PC cabal discover them. I have a third idea in mind, however it's not fleshed out enough for posting yet. I hope any of this helps you, Wild Thing. Regards, ZOOROOS
  11. Hello! Here they go some ideas: - I agree with etu in that it'll be really cool a book about nomadic packs and their lives. The core doesn't help much in this fashion by overemphasizing craving territory too much. - A nice, epic chronicle book, ala Reign of the Exarchs or Fall of the Camarilla, maybe portraying a major spiritual upheaval that both the Pure and the Forsaken are trying to control. - A book on cities an urban shamanism. I think it's always interesting to see more material helping us portray the urban spiritual landscape, maybe even a spiritual version of Damnation City... that would be super cool... - A NOVEL. A MUCH-NEEDED, INTERESTING AND COMPELLING NOVEL. Why should we conform ourselves with Three Shades of Night only? Well, that's what I could think of right now. Regards, ZOOROOS
  12. Awakening during game in progress

    The mysterium book actually has something to say on this matter. It talks about how to run a game for mages who are newly awakened, and having their magical training be the actual chronicle. Page 63, sidebar: I hope it helps. Regards, ZOOROOS
  13. Asian mages

    Also, Tome of the Mysteries has a chinese cabal, complete with its own mythos and magical practices ready to rip-off for your chronicle (even with a chinese Adamantine Arrow equivalent). The only character portrayed is its leader, Cai, but it seems what you were looking for. Regards, ZOOROOS
  14. pattern scouring

    Hi everybody! Here's a nice solution for this particular issue, taken from the MET: Awakening corebook: Hope it helps. Regards, ZOOROOS
  15. Seers of the Throne

    They Have Met Your Little Sister At School. Chatted A Little. She Even Thinks They Are Cool. Another unnerving thought. Really scary stuff.