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  1. Biggest recent news ever for World of Darkness!!

    Also, here is the Keynote on it!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8qsxNt3f0Y
  2. The day I never thought I'd see has finally come!! https://kotaku.com/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-is-getting-a-sequel-1833479366 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYvWfDxhm_s
  3. Mr Gone's Patreon

    You're very welcome! You've definitely earned it!!
  4. Whatcha listenin' to?

  5. Mr Gone's Patreon

    Sharing this here cause Gone's likely far too busy to use this site much at present, and I'd like to see his site not only survive but thrive. It's high time he got paid something for his constant due diligence in both making excellent quality sheets that even White Wolf themselves prefer using and doing so of his own free will, in his spare time, for nothing, while paying to keep a site archiving all of his content!! Thus, he has finally made a Patreon to help keep himself afloat in doing this sort of thing!! Please support it if you can!! I would, but as many here may know my living situation is and pretty much always has been tenuous at best. Also, if he or the other mods have any objections based on either him wanting to be the one to upload this or it being too much of "advertising" for the site, please let me know and I or any other mods can take the post down, straight away!! Just give me a heads up notification msg if you do while I'm away!! Thank you!!! https://www.patreon.com/mrgone
  6. Yay!! Congrats, bud!!
  7. Did you find a new home for your stuff since Tumblr was destroyed?
  8. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, my friend.
  9. Fed Shutdown Petition

    Below is a link to a petition to shut down the Federal Reserve for good. I doubt it'll go anywhere, even if it reaches its signature target, and yet, it would be the single best step to purging the corruption from this country ever, so I have signed it and am sharing the link. Sign if you wish: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/aftf_p_1
  10. Whatcha listenin' to?

  11. Rest in Peace, Stan Lee

    Oh wow, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse as far as the world goes... This is just sad. SMH I guess I'll step away from the state of the world now...this is pretty sick....
  12. Rest in Peace, Stan Lee

    Rest in Peace, Stan "the Man" Lee, you are Legend, and will never be forgotten. You are already sorely missed, having coauthored at least most of the Marvel titles in existence, cameoing in almost every film ever produced by the MCU, and regaling your readers in the excerpts or as you sometimes called it, "the Bullpen." Spider-man and the X-men are among my favorite comics of all time, and have remained so since discovering them as a young boy, at the age of nine years old. May your Legend live on, as your work has inspired generation after generation to right injustices and stand for ones own principles. "With great power, comes great responsibility"...a nd so many other maxims, have defined your superheroes and enabled the telling, through comics, of some of the most fantastic and yet intriguingly human stories of all time, and I always felt that was a big part of Marvels universal appeal, even when compared to DC comics, whose stories were awe inspiring but whose characters were akin to gods and archetypes rather than men, like Peter Parker, who still had to make rent by photographing himself, and so on. Along with giants like Jack Kirby, your work has inspired a nation or maybe a few, and I only hope someone remains at Marvel to take up your torch for you, rather than let it fall into the hands of crony corporatism like so many have. R.I.P., STan! Nuff said!
  13. I wish newcomers to gaming all the best in enjoyment of the games and so forth, the fact remains that social justice warriors have nothing to do with social justice nor equality in any sense of the word. Instead, what it is is toxic misandry, which I find just as distasteful as toxic misogyny. I also do realize playing the blame game is unbecoming. You're right that I shouldn't have put my heart and soul into any one fandom. That said, I don't necessarily see it as "Old Guard" vs "New Guard". There's actually far less differences in commonalities between my generation, Gen X, and further generations, like Millenials, for instance. The key issue is that these commonalities and the need to welcome newer gamers of any stripe should remain, but that's not what's occurring. It's not some "gradual replacement of the old guard" but instead, a coup by identity politics advocates who hate what has been built so badly they feel the need to tear it all down and dehumanize anyone who enjoyed it, including censorship of the entire internet if possible, which I have never, and will never, tolerate nor agree with again. No one's sitting there telling women to "go make me a sammich" except maybe in Halo chatrooms or voice gaming with 14 yr olds and frat boy demographics. Most including myself are welcoming of women joining "the hobby" and tend to enjoy their commentary and perspectives. Instead, everyone is bending over backwards to walk on eggshells just lightly enough, and be just tolerant enough of the absolute hatred spewed by sjws whether man or woman, towards men and whites, that maybe, the sjw in question will either feel satisfied that they are not ignored or victimized, or at least go away. It never happens. Instead, they merely double down, and doubly so if ever called out on their bs. I don't want to bring politics into the forums generally, least of all as an admin of any sort. So you're welcome to disagree and no one is bound to agree with me. All I'm stating is what I've seen happening over and over for most of my life. For instance, if I had a want to create my own comic, I would simply do so, make a cool enough character concept, draw out some scenes and panels, etc until I had a relatively fleshed out first issue or strip, then try to gain exposure for that piece. I would not sit there and demand oversight onto a comic established for nearly a century because there's "too many whites" in it or other things, or it is "toxic misogyny" because for one, not everything is written for me specifically, including in my own fandoms I enjoy. For two, if I am not the creator or a significant patron, it's not really up to me what happens with it. That is why for instance, I had encouraged a boycott rather than some call to action to demand changes at Blizzard; it's not my company, and I didn't create these games, but I and you or anyone else do have the right to protest changes we disagree with by withdrawing our support; just like voting and not voting in the elections. You are right however, my friend, in assuming that I was placing far too much emphasis on laying blame when my emotions are my responsibility. All that said, I stand by my statements regarding Blizzard as a whole becoming another EA and regarding SJW trolling, including by Charlaquin an admin. Here is one prime example that affects society as a whole of what I mean, if that helps clear things up: And here's another one from a former social justice warrior: Perhaps this whole entire post was a mistake. Shall I take it down and try to avoid bringing politics into these fora at all?
  14. Hi, I'm making this post to actively state a position on a company I once adored: Blizzard entertainment. Since going with Activision, they've long since started to perform ever more creepy and questionable actions, like illegally snooping on peoples computers who ran World of Warcraft with the Warden Software hidden in its launcher: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2005/10/blizzard_entert.html or blatant monetization as per Hacktivision's "quota" of dollar revenue into micro transactions of any and everything from good items in Diablo III (the auction house killed the game, essentially) to coop commanders in Starcraft II. All this aside, they also put their all into promotion of Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft, effectively cloning Team Fortress 2, Magic: the Gathering and Everquest, with a better interface and skins but essentially largely the same gameplay with minor tweaks. That is all well and good, excepting this: Meanwhile, because of various things from SJW pressure to censor the company because "dudebros heavy metal tropes in thrall and the horde threaten femininity, waaaah" to Activision's EA practices of demanding ever increasing and constant monetization of anything and everything they can get away with, Blizzard has now decided to fully, jump the shark, leading many of the founders and original staff to leave in droves: Aside from disregarding the need for a Diablo 4 to push a cell phone Diablo hack n Slash titled Immortal, there has been blatant hatred from the droves of "younger fans" who've only played largely the aforementioned 3 newer games and none of the older, towards any fans of the other franchises. And largely, Blizzard has and always will continue to, cater to this. Because that's where the new money is: their parents wallets. Therefore, they've taken the relatively soulless route of Disney, not only discarding their franchises entirely for whatever spinoff sells at the moment but actively policing FOR trolls online in their games, as in, GMs, will sit there and use a "quote threshold" as justification for bans and suspensions now, when the reporting system is so new and useless it's never really been enforced until now. So you have 14 to 20 year olds from games like Overwatch and League of Legends filtering into games like Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm, literally telling you "go fuck your mother" and "I hope you die of AIDs" for the slightest mistakes, or throwing whole games for no other reason, then reporting en masse. And Blizzard not only refuses to acknowledge or do anything about this, they actively support them as enforcers! As in, they never get banned or even suspended. Much as cancerous SJW scum like REsplendentFire and her pet admin, Charlaquin, have done to the Onyx Path forums for years now, which is what caused me to leave that site for good. I hate to even mention all of this, as it's all negative and I know most will never ever look into it even if a Blizzard player, only assuming it's all me making stuff up. However, I feel compelled to mention this because the more we as "consumers" or "customers" allow this to happen, it enables its continuance and acceptance. It's for that reason that I will no longer Blizzard anymore. It makes me sad to see one of the greatest pc game companies go the way of the dodo, as far it's fanbase, all for the cause of a few short term profits. And I find their actions very reminiscent of Nintendo's disregarding and throwing in the trash of their fanbase starting at the N64 era, in favor of younger and older audiences. I for one, do not see the point in using fans of a franchise against themselves to "trade up" for more volume of fans in a different bracket. I leave it to each of you who bother to even read this as to what if anything, you feel should be done about this in your own lives.
  15. Whatcha listenin' to?