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  1. Whatcha listenin' to?

  2. Stoicism in Cowboy Bebop

    Stoicism in Cowboy Bebop
  3. Whatcha listenin' to?

  4. Whatcha listenin' to?

  5. Whatcha listenin' to?

  6. [RSS]Give it up for the mistress of Time and Mind!

    This link, she no worka...
  7. Whatcha listenin' to?

  8. Whatcha listenin' to?

  9. Whatcha listenin' to?

  10. Whatcha listenin' to?

  11. Altered Carbon

    I saw the trailer to this on yt and it looked really interesting. I'm glad it was worth the watch. I'll have to check it out at some point soon. Incidentally, I've been watching some of Lost Girl and while pretty tropish and cliched (WHAT ISN'T IN THAT GENRE AT THIS POINT), it was enjoyably acted, written and produced and I felt it was a very good fit with Changeling.
  12. Good to see the site back up!

    And I say to myself, so glad Bebop Cola's baaaccckkk...
  13. It's been a long, long time

    I remember you!
  14. Trinity

    Gentleman Gamer's Endorsement for Trinity (in the style of Macho Man Randy Savage)
  15. Anyone still play the old games?

    Does it give any specific error text when you attempt the install? What OS are you using?