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  1. Censorship

    Wait, you cant agree with me. That goes against the basis of my screen name. And yeah, thats my dealie too. Sad part is though, I bought all of the ToJ books and I LIKE them, especially Apocalypse. I just wish there was less "heres an idea" and more canon stuff.
  2. My Sister is om IMDB!!!

    Congrats for her Zenten. And uh... Chigg... have I ever told you how youre my bestest friend in the whole wide world?
  3. More Spidey madness!

    I was kinda in denial for awhile there. It took me a bit to remember that the movies seem to mostly follow the Ultimates line of comics, so Eddie doesnt have to be the musclebound psycho he normally is.
  4. Censorship

    Hey there fluffy, no using my line. First thing I said was that it was a matter of debate. Actually, Ive never gotten into an intelligent debate about it, lol. Especially since most of the people I spoke to were like "WW BAD FOR ENDING HULKS FAVE GAMELINE! RAWR!" I never felt that way. Just didnt like the ending we got (the replacement of 2.0 is another issue entirely). Ah, but see, thats my point. Its the final publication Im griping about. Hell, I have all the post gehenna books and I love them to fricking pieces. I just think the last one was weak as all get out. Here's my gripe with how they ended it. They force feed metaplot on players for however long. It becomes the subject of entire books. But when it all comes down to the wire, the metaplot kinda became a "ehn, whatever fits you guys" sorta thing. I like having concrete answers in front of me. It doesnt STOP me from doing anything, I will take their ideas and run with them. If I dont like the Kuei-Jin being what they are, I can and will make them fluffy bunnies from hell, out to get your damn candy bar, and I will have fun doing it. BUT, I dont like the concept of there never being a true resolution to at least something out there. I like the open ended part of the endgame to the WoD, yes. I dont want their ideas on a cool game to run, because it doesnt apply to me. I will never, have never and wont ever have the drive to use a preset scenario, and frankly, its more of a hassle to go and pillage through a bunch of scenarios for a few good ideas rather than if they had just given a "this is the canon explanation" and let me golden rule it to hell. The hell use is all their prattling about the golden rule, if they never give you anything to golden rule other than the base systems and "use your imagination." I dont have a problem with using my imagination, but I despise cop-outs like that. Yeah, but this is part of my problem with the WoD. Its always about introducing the K3wL new mystery of the month, with nothing ever really getting explained. Thats all fine and damn dandy, but in the endgame Id like a little more resolution to some of the 3,138,961,128.4 unexplained plot threads than "use your imagination." Indeed it is. I dont need their stuff to work wonders or make entirely new gamelines out of their template theyve established ever so kindly for me (like my Wan Xian game if I can EVER get myself to finish it). I just happened to think that the way it was ended was pissy.
  5. Censorship

    I will NEVER agree with this for one reason and one reason alone. I dont care who you are or who you write for. I dont care how many people piss you off or whine that your new rule screws over their 4th generation ravnos/tzimisce abomination child of gaia who is also kin to a redcap of the seelie court. I dont give a damn about any of that crap. When some of these writers post to forums or speak to people IRL, they are some prickly SoB's and frankly I dont have a whit of respect for that. If I havent done a damn thing to someone I dont expect to be put in the same boat as the "witless mob that populates fandom." THAT is why theyre nto like you or me. There are plenty of them who have no damn sense of decency. I know thats not the point of this topic, but if youre going to go on rants about the stupidity of the fans, remember that some of these writers, devs and company people can be flat out asses too. And not in the "Haha" way either. I think that is a matter of debate. My beef with the ending of the WoD is that it seemed to be too sloppily done. They tried to end it without giving you any concrete answers (to keep the mystery or some rot Id suspect) and instead of oodles of information on the end times, you got half a book of half assed story concepts that kinda work, but if your game doesnt quite head that way, then youre not using them. Mostly a waste of space. I wish that if they were going to end a game world they would have put forth more concrete stuff and less coulda beens. That would have been more useful than a few storylines. Well said. Edit: Felt the need to clarify the first comments as naysaying WW writers can lead to much attack, even from mods on forums.
  6. More Spidey madness!

    Oh man, that makes the dork in me so horny.... er... uh... Nevermind.
  7. nsfw

    .... I love you. Im forwarding that to my mother.
  8. Explain your avatar!

    You die dead. I hope someone slips cold iron up your... ehem... So anyways, how bout them pokemon?
  9. Explain your avatar!

    Chigg... you die so hard for that. I kill you dead. Besides, hes got this weird psychic radiation thing going on. Thats too hardcore for pokemon.
  10. Silent Hill Movie, games and graphic Novels

    There are some spoilers here. Be ye warned. Its simple. Shes the first example you get of just how mind screwed these people are. I highly doubt she talks how she does because shes mentally retarded. I got the impression that we were looking at a cult who, feeling they had survived the apocalypse by their faith, blindly and quite insanely delved into their forefathers ways and simply lost themselves in it. They were beyond fanatics. They were so deluded and so far beyond just being too devoted to a cause. We're looking at people with the mentality of inquistors there. All it takes is saying "she was evil!" to justify ANYTHING that their leader does. I think the girl being.. slow as it were, was more of a way of having her get killed gruesomely. She chose to do something foolish and paid for it. Like NOT running like hell as things changed.
  11. Explain your avatar!

    Mine is the main bad guy from the PS2 game, Galerians: Ash. His name is *gasp* Ash, and hes a psychic type guy who gives off enough radiation to kill people via exposure. A friend decided to spice him up (as I was using him as my avatar in this online game I play Darkthrone) and she gave me this, him looking all bloody like. Soooo yeah, blood and radiation makes me horny.
  12. Promethean Spoilers

    Sounds like the Homunculi from the Bygone Beastiary... Coolness. This ones interesting me. Now to just jump the hurdles I have with the 2.0 system itself and get into this game if its good, lol.
  13. Ravenloft

    Also, dont forget that in some domains, the big baddies might not give a damn if youre a goodie two shoes so long as youre not affecting them. If youre a werewolf hunter in a land of vampires, you might be the lords best friend and have rank in his lands. You might possibly be a threat to him (possibly.. he is a near god afterall), but youre even more useful if left hunting. Now if you were a vampire hunter, you would likely either be chased down and run out of the domain (if not flat out killed) or the lord might not even consider you a threat to himself and just ignore you until you got too diesel. And by then, like Morrigan said, the mists might just keep saving your hide just to torment the darklord. Also, making a way that they come from different domains can explain how each survived their own lands and leads to them becoming a force of good. Ive had parties seriously suffer, fight on, one party even defeated a darklord and one group escaped (big drama with the paladin sacrificing himself to the evils of the demi-plane so that the group could use Azalins device to escape). Hmm.. maybe thats why Ive always liked Ravenloft more than the other settings. More oppurtunities to roleplay up the whole good vs evil thing even within a characters personality. Very WoD-ish.
  14. Worst thoughtout bloodline

    While this might not be that situation, Id argue that. Even if some shitty concepts could be run with and used, there are a damn good lot of them that dont need to be done. Take for example, Id stab the fighter with a 4 intelligence in the face ( ) because he would annoy the hell out of me with being useless for anything other than "smash! Hurt!" It can be played, but that doesnt mean its a great idea.
  15. Ravenloft

    Darkon is the one that wipes your memory I think... The one with Azalin. You come to think that you always lived there and that things there are "just how they are" and youre cool with that. Dont bother with that (unless yorue going to golden rule it and change how it works). My best advice is to make them from a core world (Faerun, Krynn and Greyhawk worked for me) and play through an adventure or two. Then put them on the trail of a big psycho killer. They dont even have to be that strong of an enemy, just crafty enough to dodge them. When the mists come to claim said baddy, snag them too. This gives them someone to go after in the realm and you can use that to lead them into worse. For example, in my game, the PCs were in Faerun (Suzail to be exact) guarding a dignitary from Waterdeep. He was watching a theater troupe perfrom when a level 1 thief assassinated him by pretending to be a serving girl. She stabbed him in the face with a poisoned blade (dont get much deader than that) and lept out a window, got on a prepared horse and ran off. The players and some soldiers gave chase. The ranger tracked her for a few days as they pursued her. They eventually caught up to her at night and subdued her easily (she surrendered knowing shed die if she fought back and hoped to escape on the road back to Suzail). That night the mists took them as they walked and they ended up in Sithicus. Long story short they ended up siding with the theif so that they could use her underhanded knowledge to fight the baddies there and make an escape from the realm when Lord Soth was distracted. The CE theif was actually accepted into a party with a ranger, paladin and cleric who were all LG, by necessity. Worked out quite awesome for roleplay.